Carol Burnett is well-known as among the majesties of American comedy. Her variety show, "The Carol Burnett Show," ran on CBS from 1967 to 1978 delighting audiences every Saturday night for much more than a decade, according to Woman"s World. However Burnett"s expert success with the decades has not been her just success. After 2 previous marriages, the actress/comedienne seems to have actually hit paydirt v her 3rd husband, Brian Miller.

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Burnett first became a married mrs at period 22 in 1955 when she wed Don Saroyan. That union finished in 1962 and also in 1963, she married Joe Hamilton, according to That marital relationship lasted till 1984 and also produced three children, daughters Carrie, Jody, and also Erin. Sadly, Carrie Hamilton passed far from cancer in 2002.

In 2001, Burnett married Brian Miller, a musician v the Hollywood bowl Orchestra. The pair met in the 1990s, according to Closer Weekly, and also made their romance main soon after the new century began.

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Carol Burnett is 23 years older 보다 her third husband, Brian Miller, and also she frequently credits the age distinction for giving her a long and enduring marriage. She called People back in 2010, "He"s funny and not conveniently intimidated. As we gain older, the gap in between our ages narrows. If you were 40 and also married a 20-year-old, ns don"t think girlfriend could communicate like ."

When Burnett and Miller met, they to be working together on the same project, according to AmmoMama. It was 1993 and Burnett was appearing in a musical in long Beach, CA. Miller was the human who hired the show"s musicians.

The pair would certainly hang out after rehearsals and also shows with the remainder of the cast and crew, yet it was a couple of years later on when they started dating. Castle ran right into each other at the mall, AmmoMama reports, and also the rest is history.

In 2020, Burnett and also Miller entered a brand-new chapter in their lives and also took top top parenthood again once they to be granted temporary custody that Burnett"s grandson, Dylan West. His mother, Erin Hamilton, had actually been struggling with drug addiction and also Burnett and also Miller decided to take it in the boy for the benefits of his mental health, according to USA Today.

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