Anthony Padilla is a 32-year-old American YouTube celebrity and comedian. That is renowned for gift the previous member of Smosh, a renowned YouTube channel the started together with his childhood ideal friend, Ian Hecox.

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Anthony Padilla is no married Yet, yet dating a Wife-to-be Girlfriend, Mykie.

Anthony has actually a very successful life online, and he has actually tried an ext than as soon as to replicate the exact same in his an individual life. He did not have the best structure of how the relationship between a wife and a woman need to be after his parental divorced once he was still young and also was raised by his mother and also maternal grandparents. Still, he has wanted someone to be his wife and also maybe rewrite background by having actually a successful marital relationship life.

So far, by the signs and also signals he has openly common in the current past, we can arguably say the this dream is top top course.

Anthony Padilla more than likely will soon have actually someone he can speak to his wife. In the general public domain, Anthony is in an open relationship through make-up artist and also YouTube star, Mykie. The two began seeing each other privately for five months prior to coming out to declare their relationship in September 2019. Mykie real name is Lauren Mychal.

The chemistry between the 2 is powerful; they are really affectionate and also are not scared to display their love publicly, also to the extent of sharing a kiss ~ above a live camera.


Caption: Anthony Padilla through his ex-girlfriend Kalel Smith

After your breakup v Kalel, Anthony was in a relationship with Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram in at some time in 2015, though much less is shared about it, and also was also linked with an additional lady named Miel Bredow. Miel to be his day from 2015 to 2019, after ~ which the met his present damsel, Mykie.

Kalel blacksmith is a 31-year-old American YouTube celebrity native California. Not lot information around Anthony Padilla’s ex-girlfriend Kalel Smith’s an individual life is known.

Is Anthony Padilla gay?

Anthony is one celebrity that is very open about his sexuality. The is also known to be a totally free thinker and also can accommodate any type of kind the person. Padilla has hosted a wide range of guests in his channel, ‘I spent a day with MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES’ celebrities and gays.

But the fact is, his work-related and personal life are different things, and also then he has made the clear by gift open about his love life. Well, some may argue the he does the for clout.

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That’s just how he earns, as lengthy it functions for him, it must be the the very least of anyone’s concern. Come answer the question, the a NO, Anthony is straight and has not been attached to any gay either yesterday or today.