Motor car crashes are a leading reason of death for children ages 1 come 13 in America. The Tennessee Highway safety and security Office (THSO) strives to mitigate serious injuries and also fatal crashes through educating parents, caregivers, and members of the community about the suitable use of vehicle seats, boosters, and seat belts.

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In 1977, Tennessee ended up being the an initial state to pass a kid restraint law. Dr. Robert Sanders, the Murfreesboro pediatrician known as “Dr. Chair Belt,” play an extraordinary role in the passage of Tennessee’s child Passenger protection Act. He and his wife, Pat, lobbied the Tennessee general Assembly for number of years to pass this legislation. In ~ the time, auto seat use was less than 15 percent, and also car crashes to be the leading cause of fatality for young children.

The law went into result in 1978, sparking legislative efforts in various other states throughout the nation. Dr. Sanders came to be known together the pioneer the this groundbreaking movement. Through 1985, all 50 states adopted a mandatory kid restraint law.

Children under one (1) year the age, or any kind of child, weighing twenty (20) pounds or less, need to be secured in a boy passenger restraint system in a rear facing position, meeting federal motor car safety standards, in a rear seat, if available, or according to the child security restraint device or vehicle manufacturer"s instructions. (Note: If the child safety seat has actually a higher rear-facing weight rating, usually 30 or 35 pounds, it may be ongoing to be provided in a rear-facing position so lengthy as the child"s weight permits. Check the manufacturers instructions accompanying the child security seat for much more information.)
Children age one (1) through age three (3), and weighing an ext than twenty (20) pounds, must be secured in a child security seat in a forward facing position in the behind seat, if available, or follow to the child security restraint system or vehicle manufacturer"s instructions.
Children period four (4) through age eight (8), and also measuring much less than four feet ripe inches (4"9") in height, should be secured in a belt-positioning booster seat system, meeting federal motor auto safety criter in the rear seat, if available, or according to the child security restraint mechanism or car manufacturer"s instructions. (Note: If the son is not between age 4 (4) and also age eight (8), however is less than four feet nine inches (4"9") in height, he/she must still use a seat belt device meeting commonwealth motor automobile safety standards.)
Children age nine (9) through age twelve (12), or any child through twelve (12) years of age, measuring 4 feet nine inches (4"9") or an ext in height, should be secured in a chair belt system. That is recommended that any kind of such boy be inserted in the rear seat, if available. (Note: If the kid is not in between age ripe (9) and age twelve (12), however is 4 feet nine inches (4"9") or more in height, he/she must still use a seat belt device meeting federal motor car safety standards.)
Children period thirteen (13) through age fifteen (15) need to be secured by using a passenger restraint system, including safety belts, conference federal motor vehicle safety standards. Provision is made for the transport of youngsters in median prescribed modified child restraints. A copy that Doctor"s prescription is to be brought in the auto utilizing the modified child restraint at every times.
The driver of the vehicle is responsible for making certain that kids under period sixteen (16) are appropriately restrained and may be charged and also fined $50.00 because that violation of the law. If the child"s parent or legitimate guardian is present in the car but no driving, the parent or legitimate guardian is responsible for making certain that the boy is effectively transported and also may be fined for non-compliance.

Tennessee State law mandates that kids ride in a rear-facing child safety and security seat until they space at the very least one year old and twenty pounds. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises parental to save their toddlers in rear-facing automobile seats until they reach the maximum height and weight for your seat. Infant-only seats have lower weight limits, so girlfriend may be able to purchase a convertible chair (that is both rear-facing and forward-facing) that has actually a greater weight and height limit to keep your child rear-facing longer.
Tennessee state law mandates that they it is in restrained in a forward-facing car seat through the period of 3 and weighing more than twenty pounds. The AAP recommends any child who has outgrown the rear-facing weight or elevation limit for their vehicle seat, should use a forward-facing automobile seat with a harness because that as lengthy as possible, approximately the highest possible weight or height permitted their auto seat’s manufacturer.
Tennessee state law mandates the a kid be border in a booster seat with the age of eight and also measuring much less than 4’9”.If your son is eight years old or younger or measures less than 4’9” they must remain in a booster seat.Both criteria must be met.Your child might reach the age of nine before reaching 4’9”, if this is the case, they still should remain in a booster till they have actually reached the appropriate height. The 5-step test below is a good way to measure if your boy is all set to shift to a seat belt.The chair belt need to fit your kid “belts to bones” where it comes over your shoulder (laying on their collar bone), throughout their chest (laying on their sternum), and buckle low on the hips (laying throughout their pelvic bones). If the seat belt is comes over her child’s neck or stomach, they require to proceed to sit in your booster seat until the security belt fits lock correctly. Load is not a element when do the choice to graduate the end of a booster seat. The 5-Step Test:Does the son sit all the means back versus the auto seat?Do the child"s knees bending comfortably in ~ the edge of the auto seat?Does the shoulder belt cross the shoulder in between the neck and also arm?Is the lap belt as low as possible, emotional the thighs?Can the child continue to be seated like this because that the totality trip?If girlfriend answered "no" to any type of of these questions, your child requirements a booster chair to make both the shoulder belt and also the lap belt fit appropriately for the ideal crash protection. *The “5 step Test” was arisen by SafetyBeltSafe, USA.
Tennessee state legislation mandates the your child must sit in the rear seat (when available) till they turn 9 years old. Children age 12 and also under should ride in the earlier seat of the vehicle whenever possible as the back seat is the safest place for children. Automobile manufacturers likewise display warnings versus allowing kids to sit in the prior seat because of the peril posed by wait bags.
The ago seat is constantly the safest place for your child. If there is no other seating available, position the auto seat as far ago from the dashboard as possible and turn off her air bags. NEVER place a behind facing car seat in prior of an airbag.A child may ride, in an age, weight and also height suitable child restraint, in the front chair of a car when there are no other seat options.
Do I have to use a car seat for my kid if we are traveling in a taxi, tourism bus, or various other public transportation?
Public transportation vehicles space exempt indigenous the kid passenger safety law and are not compelled to provide a child restraint for passengers, however if a parent/guardian desires to use their restraint in a taxi climate the taxi should enable them to carry out so.
I am from another state however will it is in traveling with Tennessee. Carry out I need to abide by your CPS laws?
Provision is made for the transport of children in medically prescribed modified kid restraints. A copy the Doctor"s prescription is come be lugged in the automobile utilizing the modified son restraint at every times.
Tennessee legislation does not permit 15 passenger vans come transport youngsters to and also from school (i.e., they space not come be offered as a institution bus). If they room being offered for a non-school connected event, 15 passenger vans loss under the exact same child passenger safety laws as typical passenger vehicles. Passenger vans have a greater rate the rollover than other vehicles, learn more about castle here: The is encourage by the Tennessee son Passenger security that 15-Passenger Vans be supplied cautiously because that adult use only.
Tennessee state regulation states "passenger motor vehicle" means any motor automobile with a manufacturer"s gross automobile weight rating that ten thousand pounds (10,000 lbs.) or less, that is not offered as a public or livery conveyance because that passengers. Therefore, children transported in RVs under that weight limit room under the same child passenger regulations as any kind of other vehicle. Children transported in RVs over the weight limit are exempt from the laws, yet it is still recommended the restraints be used where applicable. Parents likewise should be conscious that automobile seats have to never be set up on rearward- or side-facing automobile seats. Parents are advised to read the RV’s to produce instructions on the suitable installation that child safety seats.
Yes, read the seat’s user guide or look because that the expiration day molded what on the vehicle seat. If you space unable to uncover one, NHTSA proposal a great rule-of-thumb is come retire seats after 6 years. Materials wear under over time and also may not defend your boy in a crash the means they need to if they are worn out. Safety and security standards also change over time, and an older seat may not meet new safety criteria.

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The dangers of installing a used automobile seat is that: (a) they usually do not come with the manufacturer’s guide, (b) the previous history of the seat is no usually known – has it been in a crash? (c) it can be lacking parts (d) it might be a recalled seat. If the seat has the manufacture guide, you deserve to verify it has never remained in a severe accident, the is not on the chair recall list, and also has all of its components (check the guide). As soon as that information has actually been verified then the seat is agree to use.