In my effort to help prevent hair loss, ns would like to discuss in this blog write-up the signs and symptoms that tell girlfriend it is time to stop relaxing your hair.

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This is no an write-up meant to bash be safe or ladies who use them. The is a overview to aid you identify if you have to be relaxing your hair based on the clues from your scalp.

Before I gain into the reasons why you must stop relaxing your hair, ns would prefer to discuss the benefits of relaxers.

People relax their hair for convenience. It simply makes caring for your hair a lot easier and it is much less time consuming.

Other benefits of relaxing her hair include.

You carry out not need to worry around your naturally curly hair reverting once it is silk pressed.Relaxers sell a irreversible straighter hair style.If your hair is calm properly, takes much less time to eliminate tangles.Your hair is porous and able to obtain moisture from conditioners easily.You perform not need to use a lot product to format your hair.

Now the you understand how relaxers assist with hair maintenance, permit me talk about when it is no much longer safe because that you to relax her hair.

In some cases, if you proceed to relax your hair, you can reason permanent damage to her hair follicles, when this happens, her hair will certainly not prosper back.

Below is a picture of scarring alopecia ~ above the peak of the scalp. Scarring causes the hair follicle opened to close. This causes permanent hair loss. This kind of hair loss deserve to take ar from years of relaxing her hair. 

Scarring Alopecia in ~ The Scalp

Here space six signs it is time to avoid relaxing your hair.

You have actually an itchy, sensitive scalp.

If you suffer flakey scalp troubles such as dandruff, dried scalp, seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis you are a candidate to shift from calm to organic hair.

Your scalp might itch often when you have actually any form of flakey scalp disorder prefer the ones discussed above.

If you scrape this itch and get a relaxer, the will contribute to burning throughout the relaxer application.

Constant burns or scabs on the scalp bring about permanent hair loss, specifically if you destruction or shot to remove the scab.

Your scalp might be red and feel sore in ~ times. This wake up you feel is caused by inflammation. When the scalp is inflamed for long, it leads to permanent hair loss.

If you notice your scalp is always itching, feeling dry or tight, girlfriend should take into consideration transitioning and also find out exactly how to alleviate inflammation on her scalp.

The inflammation signs current on her scalp allow you recognize it is time to prevent relaxing your hair.

These signs include.

Excessive itching the the scalp.Dry scalp that peels. Specifically along the nape and the hair line.Chronic dandruff.A scalp the feels choose it is ~ above fire often.Burning or tingling of the scalp.

Does it do a distinction if you usage a no lye or perceptible scalp relaxer?

No lye be safe or sensitive scalp relaxers have actually a reputation for gift gentler on the scalp. Salt hydroxide be safe (lye relaxers) are well-known to burn the scalp quicker.

When you usage a no lye relaxer (sensitive scalp relaxer), the irritation is delayed because that a small longer 보다 a salt hydroxide, lye relaxer. No lye relaxers have the right to still harm the scalp if left on lengthy or used on to the scalp rather of the hair.

Relaxers are irritants and need come be inserted on the hair v care. Chemicals must be avoided once there are other underlying troubles with her scalp. Numerous clients who avoid relaxing your hair who have flaky scalp, notification less itching and dryness once they protect against using relaxers.


Two action Mixing No Lye Relaxer

Tips to help reduce burning during relaxer service.

One the the reasons relaxers burn is due to the fact that it is placed on the scalp during the application process.

When relaxer is applied, the technician need to make sure the relaxer does no touch the scalp. Relaxer will certainly touch the scalp during the smoothing action of the organization but you need to only feel slight irritation.

Your scalp should be based prior to relaxing the hair. Basing the scalp create a protective obstacle on the scalp to alleviate burning and also protect the skin.

If I have a customer that has sensitive scalp, I usage a the majority of base on the scalp which helps relaxing their hair feeling comfortable.

You have to make certain the proper relaxer is offered for your scalp. This has the best pH and strength that the relaxer.

I warn clients no to brush, or comb your hair former to obtaining a relaxer touch up.

What is the different if you want a sleeker look there is no a relaxer?

You can shot a smoothing treatment prefer Avlon’s structure Release. The is one amino acid-based therapy that temporarily softens curls and last about eight weeks.

The treatment is penetrated right into the hair by warm of a blow dryer and also flat iron. Back it will not make your hair as straight as a relaxer, the will assist your hair be more manageable while you transition or once all the relaxer is all grown out. You can click here to read much more about the Affirm structure Release.

Are you space experiencing hair loss?

Common types of hair ns I check out that are triggered by relaxers are traction alopecia and central cicatricial centrifugal alopecia. Both varieties of hair loss cause permanent hair loss.

What room the signs of hair lose in connection to relaxers?

Small pea sized bald spot the is on the optimal or crown the the scalp. Typically, this bald spot has little to no hair follicles. Occasionally you execute not notification the bald spot since it is so small.Hair wrong that continues to grow and also break off in the same spot. Usually this not correct takes place in the nape, crown or middle of the scalp.Thin hair or hair breakage along the hair heat or top of the head.

If you have actually one the these patterns of hair loss on her scalp pictured below, you have to stop relaxing your hair immediately.

Hair loss and also hair breakage at the crown that the scalp.


Hair loss at the holy places of the scalp

How carry out relaxers cause hair loss?

It can be the stamin of the relaxer the was too strong for your skin.The hair and also skin are made up of protein, and relaxers while softening the curls, breakdown the protein great of the skin and also hair. This is why good care must be acquisition while applying relaxers so the they execute not touch the scalp during the applications process. As soon as smoothing the relaxer, it must not remain on the hair or scalp previous the allocated time. (Usually ten minutes)Relaxers are chemicals. Chemicals space irritants. Once the scalp is exposed to irritants for long periods the time, hair loss, depending upon the human will result.

What have the right to be excellent if relaxer reasons hair loss?

Stop be sure immediately and find out whether or not your follicles in question are active. If the follicles are energetic there is a chance to aid restore the hair, however if the follicles space destroyed, you deserve to only protect against relaxing your hair and retain the hair you have left. Schedule a hair loss consultation with a dermatologist or trichologist if you are influenced by hair loss.

Your hair texture does not need a relaxer.

Many that us are under the impression that we have hair textures that space not easy to manage in its natural state. Although there are herbal hair textures the require more time come take treatment of, numerous textures deserve to be relaxer totally free and manageable. The an essential is to have actually patients and also do your research study to find out what commodities work ideal for her hair.

I know that relaxers do it easier for numerous to take care of their very own hair however you must think about your hair texture and also skin type. Take it a break for ten weeks or more and check out if your hair is reasonably easy to manage without a relaxer. If you notice you can maintain your hair through the excess new growth, you space defiantly a candidate to walk natural.

You need to be regular with her hair care routine, and make sure you trim her transitioning or organic hair every 2 to 3 months. Keep herbal hair manageable by structure the proper amount of humidity in the hair and using a heat resource such as a steam boat or hooded dryer to pass through conditioners.

Do girlfriend use permanent hair shade often?

If you prefer coloring her hair with permanent color or lightener, (also recognized as bleach), you should think about having only one chemical instead of the two. Relaxers break the hair down to a weaker state, as soon as you add permanent shade or bleach to your tranquil hair, the will come to be even weaker.

Every time you include relaxer or color to her hair, you are taking it to a weaker state, which have the right to lead come hair breakage. If you favor to shade your hair rather of be safe it, you would certainly be a candidate to transition. If friend should pick the 2 chemicals.

Ask because that an ombre technique. This way the color can be hand painted follow me the hair shaft, having great distance between the color and area that needs to be relaxed during retouch applications.

You have extreme breakage, limp, brittle hair.

If you have actually hair breakage, girlfriend should uncover out why your hair is breaking and make sure the hair wrong stops prior to you relax her hair. If friend relax her hair if you have breakage, the damage could end up being worse. If you have actually hair breakage and also want come know exactly how to reduce damages click here.

Your hair requirements to be solid and in healthy condition prior to you be safe it.

Hair loss and also hair breakage in ~ the crown of the scalp.


You stay protective styles all year.

If you prefer to wear her hair in a protective style with hair added, you do not need a relaxer. Braiding calm hair reasons hair loss due to the fact that relaxed hair is fragile. The manipulation the the scalp if cornrowing, twisting or crate braiding adds stress and anxiety to the scalp and also this is how traction alopecia is caused.

If you room transitioning and also want to shot a protective layout while you flourish out your relaxer, wait until you have actually at least two months of brand-new growth at the scalp before you do a protective format with braids or twist.

Always take division in in between protective layouts to make sure you stop hair loss. Protective formats should be excellent one to two times a year, for a holiday or unique event. If you only wear your hair in extensions, braids or twist, friend have restricted access come cleanse her hair properly.

Especially for expansions that are braided and then sewn in. The setting on your scalp under a weave is dark and also moist. This creates excess bacteria to grow on the scalp. Hair follicles can come to be infected and also this problem is dubbed folliculitis.

When the hair follicles space infected for long without treatment, long-term hair ns takes place. This is particularly true if you space waiting mainly or month to shampoo your hair while you wear extensions. Folliculitis can additionally take location when you wash weave however do no let the monitor or cornrows dry properly. Often you will smell a mildew smell that allows you know your tracks did not dry properly as soon as you take it your extensions down.

If girlfriend wear protective hair styles to camouflage hair loss, ns recommend using a tradition wig that will permit you come have accessibility to your scalp and fit the dimension of your head so the you execute not need to worry about the wig sliding off or no fitting your head properly.

Allow this short article to assist you decide if you should still relax her hair. There room so many choices today to assist you maintain organic hair, for this reason relaxing your hair is no your only option if you want a sleeker look. Preventing hair ns is for this reason much an ext important than convenience.

If this article helped you please share it. Allow us prevent hair ns together.

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Are you considering transitioning from tranquil to herbal hair? If so, what are some factors why you want to walk natural?

Comment below.