Considering the fact that the almighty Snoop Dogg is pretty much the unofficial king of weed, it’s safe to say that he smokes most cannabis. But how much does he actually consume?

Snoop newly revealed in an interwatch just exactly how much he sparks up, and also while the answer is shocking, it’s not precisely surpclimbing. Especially given that 48-year-old hip-hop legend has said in various other interviews that he can’t also function properly without taking a hit prior to obtaining out of bed in the morning.

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So, what’s the golden number? On an average day, Snoop Dogg smokes about 81 blunts! He also sparks up eexceptionally single day, which adds up to over 500 blunts a week, and over 2,000 a month, cementing his standing as the ultimate dogg-father of weed. That’s gotta collection some type of people document. 

Are you at all surprised by how much weed Snoop Dogg smokes?

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