Grocery prices have actually fluctuated so lot over the years the we often ask ourselves why. Over there were significant events that took ar over the 1970s the may shed some irradiate on why food prices to be the way they were, at the very least for the decade.

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In the summer of 1971 during his presidential re-election campaign, Richard Nixon applied a wage and also price frozen in order to excite potential voters. By the time he winner the choice in 1972, he serene the freeze, i m sorry made grocery store prices shoot up. In 1973, the inflation rate reached one all-time high of 20 percent in one year, which caused stay-at-home moms to organize protests in ~ supermarkets. Over there was also a boycott on meat native April first to April 8th. Nixon at some point re-imposed price controls later on that year.

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Groceries steadily enhanced proportionally come income, and the household income was lower (the minimum hourly wage in the 1970s to be $2.10, if you can believe it!)

Here’s a failure of what various food cost each year (and don’t forget to visit our article on food price in the 1950s and in the 1960s !)



To put it right into perspective, $1 in 1970 would be approximately $6.55 today.

Some the the most famous grocery items were:

Cheese logsCarrot cakeMeat loafGelatin saladMacaroni saladTrifle







There was a climb in vegetarian cooking, however vegetables were regularly canned and also rarely organic. This was likewise the year the government started to call for nutrition labels.