It’s no surprised that the need for talented and also quality models, of every types, is rising. This upward trend has female and male models across the country asking us if they have what that takes to become a promotion model. What is the average height of a female model? What is the mean model weight? and what are the median model requirements?

The TSM Agency, among the top model staffing agencies, reviewed their considerable database of over 30,000 models come answer the question, What room the mean height and also weight that a model, both female and male.

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Agencies often receive concerns from modeling candidates wonder if they have actually the physical features to be thought about for promotional model jobs. Male and female models alike questioning “am i tall enough? What space height and also weight demands for my height?” or, “how lot does the median model weight?” Our an extensive analysis compiled the data from every male and also female models in comprehensive database to provide the answers.

We to be curious to find out the averages ourselves and also created the enclosed infographic to share ours findings through you. A website the specializes in infographics even discovered our information interesting enough to re-publishing it.

The infographic below provides a visual representation of the physical makeup of our database, including exactly how models compare with the general populace on some vital attributes. The mean model height. The mean model weight. The mean model measurements. We have compiled data for both male models and female models. Inspect this the end for more services.

This information is advantageous for individuals who are wondering if they have actually what it take to enter the ar as a masculine or mrs model. That is necessary to keep in mind that models that are in the sampled database have applied for spokesmodel, trade present model, auto present model, bikini model, or brand ambassador positions; not runway, fashion, or print. Those looking to staff or rental models may find the information of interest as well.

Many feel that a model has to have particular attributes, like big breasts or a height taller than average, to be successful. The statistics contradict this notion. For example, our model’s breast dimension is smaller sized than the nationwide average. To check out the models sampled in this post click here.

Let’s look in ~ our typical model heigt, weight, and also other measurements



We can’t vouch because that blondes having much more fun, but we have the right to tell you this, much more blondes are models.

2% that the world’s population have BLONDE hair, if 28% that models have actually it.BLACK is the many common color in the world, however only 18% the models have actually black hair.1-2% that the world’s populace has RED hair contrasted to 4% the modelsBROWN hair is the 2nd most common hair in the world, yet the most common among models v a 50% representation.


A gender void is common amongst professions, and modeling is no exception. 94.8% of advancement models space female while 5.2% of models room male.

Guys, friend can come to be a model, however the job methods are fewer and farther between for you.



Models eye colors matched carefully with the general populace of the united States.

BROWN: 48% of models versus 41% the the united state populationBLUE: 23% the models matches 32% that the us populationGREEN: 15% that models versus 12% that the united state populationHAZEL: 14% the models versus 15% the the united state population



The stereotype the busty female models has been wrong upon review of our data. The average American bra size has increased indigenous 34B to 34DD in the critical 20 years. Us speculate much of this is because of the boost in obesity. Only 6% of woman models have actually a DD cup size.

The median female version breast size is a B cup in ~ 38% the models. C cup come in 2nd place through 32% that models having this cup size. 15% the models have actually a D cup, and 9% have an A cup.


According come Plus design Magazine, two decades ago the median fashion design weighed 8% less than the average woman. Today, she weighs 23% less. The CDC list a healthy and balanced female weight, at median height, as being between 108-144 pounds. 87% of mrs models weighed between 100 and also 150 pounds. Fine within the healthy and balanced weight range.

As for males, the healthy range was started at 121-163 pounds. 46% of male models to be within this selection with the bulk falling in the overweight category. Us speculate this being due to greater levels of muscle mass among male models and also an over average height.



75-100 9%

101-125 59%

126-150 28%

151-175 3%

176-200 .7%

201-225 .2%

over 226. .1%

Now for the concern you all desire answered, what is the median model weight?

The median female version weight is 114 pounds.


75-100 2%

101-125 4%

126-150 17%

151-175 39%

176-200 30%

201-225 6%

over 226 2%

The median male version weight is 167 pounds.



Promotional model ethnicity varied significantly from the US population with just 51% gift Caucasian compared with 72% that the united state population. 24% of promotion models noted their ethnicity as other. We have no means of learning whether they room of combined race, various other races, or made decision not to answer the question.

African American and also Native American depiction were in line through the United claims Census Bureau v 12% and also 1% that models, respectively. Asian models were also in line v the Census findings at 4% matches 5%. Hispanics to be under stood for with 8% versus 16% of full models.


The id that modeling is for younger world is correct, though some models are still functioning jobs into their forties. The is essential to keep in mind that models younger than 18 space not accepted for promotional location at the TSM Agency.

61% of models were between the period of 18 and 32.34% the models were between the period of 23 and also 2727% that models fell between the ages 28 and also 32.Models end the age of 43 room 2% of our sample group.



One the the most typical questions agencies receives around height. “Am i tall sufficient to model?” What is the median model height? promotion modeling different from high fashion jobs. The fashion industry generally requires a elevation over 5’8,” so your odds of obtaining work in this field are slim to none if girlfriend are much shorter than that.

Promotional modeling is a bit more forgiving, and height is no as important as experience, personality, interpersonal skills, and also looks. 44% of mrs models were shorter than traditional modeling requirements, being under 5’5” tall. 43% of models were in between 5’6” and 5’10” tall. The median female model height is 5’7″.

Male models to be of mean to over average height as well, with 52% of castle being in between 5’6” and also 5’10” tall. 50% were in between 5’11” and also 6’4” tall. The mean male model elevation is 5’11”.

Averate female design heights:

Under 5’ 2%

5’1” – 5’5” 44%

5’6” – 5’10” 52%

5’11” – 6’4” 2%

Over 6’4” 0%

The average female model height is 5 feet and seven inches tall; 5’7″.

Average male model heights:

under 5’ 0%

5’1” – 5’5” 2%

5’6” – 5’10” 43%

5’11” – 6’4” 50%

over 6’4” 5%

The typical male model elevation is six feet tall; 6′.



Your opportunities of functioning a promotional version job increase significantly if girlfriend live in a larger city. It provides sense, larger cities hold an ext trade shows, and conventions and brands commonly market to major markets.

The top five states where models live, in stimulate of greatest to lowest:1. California2. Brand-new York3. Illinois4. Georgia5. Nevada

The top 5 populous states, in bespeak of highest possible to lowest:1. California2. Texas3. New York4. Florida5. Illinois

The top 5 model staffing cities:1. Ras Vegas2. Orlando3. Chicago4. New York5. Atlanta

The largest 5 cities save 16.5% the the model populace and incorporate Los Angeles, new York, las Vegas, Chicago, and Atlanta. How amazing Atlanta to be the fifth most populated city for models while gift the 40th biggest city.

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We were able come share the median female version height and also found some interesting information on breast size, and also showed mean model measurements and weight. You may see all of our male and also female version in the infographic below. Hopefully, this data helps give aspiring models a far better idea the what it takes to come to be a promotional model. If friend are currently a model, you have the right to see where you autumn when contrasted to her peers.

Model height and weight needs are vague in this industry. Castle vary depending on the job and client’s preferences. The following time you ask you yourself “am i tall enough or is my load in line v that of models?” recognize that you must not let this numbers avoid you indigenous submitting to a brand ambassador or peak promotional design staffing agency. Go ahead and also take a chance, you never understand unless friend try!

Were there any kind of findings that surprised you? permit us know your thoughts!(Click on the image to watch the full-size promotional version infographic)