Ah, the classic potato salad. It’s among the many iconic picnic dishes, and surely one that will please just around anyone at her table. Particularly when holiday or picnic season come around, potato salad appears to it is in something we all have at the very least 2-3 times a month.

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There’s simply something around it, therefore creamy and filling and also delicious !

But just how much have to you make when serving a totality table ? What if the totality family and their pets and neighbors come ? well then you might want to recognize just exactly how much potato salad to offer per person.

We’ve obtained the answer best here, along with how to make sure your potato salad come out just right. And also yes, we’ve taken into account potato salad as a side dish, and as a main dish. We just love you favor that.


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How much potato salad per human ?Potato salad tips

How lot potato salad per person ?

You have the right to serve about 0.4 pounds the potato salad per person, or about a cup if using that measurement. This is because that potato salad as a next dish, not as a key dish.

Assuming you’re adding almost as lot meat or main dish, you can comfortably serve half a lb of potato salad because that each human at her table. So for 10 people, you’d need 4 pounds, or 64 oz, or about 10 cups.

If serving just potato salad

If every you’re serving is simply potato salad, maybe with a little of greens on the side, you’ll have to up the serving to 0.6 lb every person. That’s 1.5 cup of potato salad.

Some families just love potato salad and also would eat the on the own, so if her friends and also family are choose that climate you may have to serve this much.

Keep in mind that no matter exactly how you serve potato salad – as a next dish or key dish – there will always be someone asking for seconds. Therefore you may want to chef as lot as 30% more

What come serve through potato salad

If you’re wondering what to serve through potato salad there’s a few options friend have. For one thing, this is a usual picnic or barbecue dish, for this reason feel complimentary to add grilled meats, grilled corn, and a summer salad on the side.

Another alternative is with roast beef, favor brisket or maybe at a Thanksgiving dinner.

If you’re going to a vegetable option, you can make your potato salad with just vinegar and olive oil, and skip the mei (or usage vegan mayo). Then you can include grilled oyster mushrooms, or cut thick slabs the extrafirm tofu and throw them every on the grill.

How to do potato salad much more filling

You can make potato salad method more pour it until it is full by including some flavorful ingredients. Here’s a few examples that what come use.

Bacon bits, they add an ext flavor and some nice shade to her potato salad. If you’re planning on serving just potato salad then adding bacon is going to make it even an ext filling, and it won’t be a bland potato meal.

Peas, corn, or chickpeas space all viable options. Cook them lightly, and also they’ll ass a exorbitant sweet and also earthy flavor.

Mushrooms, especially if really well cooked and also possibly browned. You’ll never get crispy mushrooms however they can build some yes, really beautiful colors, and also deliver part extra protein.

Add boiled eggs, don’t it is in shy. They include a most flavor and texture to potato salad, and the egg yolk make everything even creamier.

Don’t include watery veggies favor cucumbers, tomato (unless tomato paste), zucchini, aubergine or the likes, together they will make the salad also thin and also you’ll acquire a swimming pool of juice at the bottom.

Of course, don’t forget to include plenty of seasoning ! Play around with spices favor chili flakes, cumin, onions, garlic, turmeric, curry, and herbs favor rosemary, dill, cilantro, celery, or basil.

What’s the best potato for potato salad ?

For potato salad you’re walking to require waxy, for sure potatoes. Several of the ideal firm potatoes room Yukon gold, red potatoes, yellow fin, Anya, Charlotte, Cornish kings, Jersey Royals.

These potato will keep their shape and also stay sensibly firm even after cooking. They’re done in about 15-20 minutes after the water has started boiling, but you can like to avoid them a little faster.

After you drain them the residual warm will chef them with a tiny more, so prevent them 2-3 minute sooner 보다 normal.

Of course if you’d favor a creamier, an ext ruffled feather potato salad you have the right to use floury potatoes yet you risk turning them right into mush. If a softer potato salad is more your layout then go for it.

Potato salad tips

A few tips to get the perfect potato salad always help. To be fair the perfect potato salad doesn’t exist, it’s all in what friend like. You’re going to dress it and season it but you like, it is in it through mayo or v a irradiate vinaigrette. And also it will be amazing !

Before you get to the ideal dressing and seasoning though, let’s talk about the finest tips for making certain your potato salad is just right.

Cut potatoes prior to boiling, that ensures also cooking

To make sure your potatoes are cooked evenly and also you don’t obtain mushy strays, reduced them before cooking. This will ensure you get all your potatoes cooked v at the very same rate, and is actually simpler than cutting warm, cooked potatoes.

This is specifically true because that the waxy potato type, which have the right to be really sticky and also cling to the knife as soon as cooked.

If you want to store the skins on please do, they include some pretty color and flavor. Just be an extremely sure to scrub lock clean !

Mix once potatoes are warm, no hot

Whether you dress you potato salad v mayo or v vinegar and also olive oil, us recommend you wait a bit. Warm potatoes will certainly absorb few of the sauce, which is nice, but it won’t look good in the end.

A warmth potato will certainly not chef the egg in mayo, i beg your pardon is a bonus, and it won’t make a watery chaos of all the dressing.

If you prefer your potato salad warm, save the dressing and seasoning at the very least minute. If you choose the salad cold you can also dress the potatoes cold.

Let potatoes dry before mixing

Whether you dress the potatoes heat or cold, be certain to allow them dry. This way letting castle cool a little, but additionally using a strainer. Let all the water drip out of the strainer, and also make sure the space no water pockets.

A dried potato (not an extremely dry, but just not wet or moist) will absorb the dressing and seasoning lot better. If you’re worried around them acquiring too dry, ar aluminum silver paper loosely ~ above the peak of the strainer.

Or, you could just do a slightly diluent dressing and let the potato sit in it for about 10 minutes.

Add vivid seasonings and garnishes

We eat v our eyes an initial is what everyone says, and also it’s true. If we don’t favor the means a food looks, us won’t really want to eat it. So we recommend you include some nice seasoning or garnish to her salad.

For example pops of color against the creamy potatoes can be: chili flakes, corn, chopped herbs, a sprinkle that pepper and pink salt, peas, fried mushrooms, a drizzle the bacon fat, or also just arranging a set of lettuce leaves under the salad, so it looks presentable.

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A bit of shade variation go a long way, for this reason don’t be fear to usage it !

If you’ve got any other food curiosities be certain to inspect the related posts below, we’re always adding an ext food truth to make her life that lot easier.