Ted Nugents performs throughout the Thrills in the irish Hills festival in ~ Jackson county Fairgrounds in July 2012.

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(J. Scott Park | benidormclubdeportivo.org)

JACKSON, MI – Ted Nugent is in the news because that an weird reason once again.

The Michigan-born rocker, outdoorsman and political activist’s to represent had remained in negotiations v the city the Longview, Texas, to do at a fourth of July celebration. City officials opted to pull the plug ~ above the concert, regardless of the decision costing the city $16,250.

Negotiations to be far sufficient along because that the promoter and booking agent to demand the city pay at least half of Nugent’s $32,000 booking fee, which officials agreed to do.

City spokesperson Shawn Hara said the Longview News-Journal why the decision to be made.

“(There were) a selection of reasons. Cost, structure, is the the ideal musical act for this type of event – a city-sponsored, family-oriented overall event,” Hara said.

Nugent received plenty of an adverse attention in February for calling chairman Barack Obama a "subhuman mongrel" during a project swing for Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott. Nugent later apologized.

Ironically, the critical time Nugent, a previous Jackson ar resident, carry out in Jackson that was part of an inexplicable concert situation.

Nugent was booked to title the first of two concerts in ~ the Thrills in the ireland Hills festival in ~ Jackson ar Fairgrounds in July 2012, which the did.

The concert special Nugent and former Kiss member Ace Frehley offered so poorly, however, the promoter attempted to renegotiate terms through Lynyrd Skynyrd, which was scheduled to headline a concert the adhering to evening.

The band declined to lower the agreed-upon performance fee and didn’t display up, leave the few thousand fans who did purchase tickets disgruntled and frustrated.

Nugent still owns 300 acres of building in western Jackson County, i beg your pardon is offered as a hunting ranch, recognized as Sunrize Acres, and a part-time residence for the rocker and also his family.

Nugent"s main residence is Waco, Texas.

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