When the UK switched come decimal coinage in 1971, that was chose that words ‘new’ would certainly be had in the denomination on few of our coins to avoid confusion between the brand-new decimal coinage and also the old currency.

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By 1982 the coins were no longer new so the word was dropped, and the 2p design changed from ‘New Pence’ to ‘Two Pence’.

A typical misconception is that all ‘New Pence’ coins are rare, but in fact nearly 1.5 exchange rate of these coins were initially issued in 1971 and circulating mintage numbers from decimalisation to 1981 (after which the architecture changed) space actually every in the thousands of millions:

As you deserve to see native the graph above, no 2p coins were issued for circulation in between 1972 and also 1974, so if you uncover one of this in your readjust it will certainly actually be taken the end of a Proof set, not intended for circulation.

1983 ‘New Pence’ Error 2p

After the design readjusted from ‘New Pence’ to ‘Two Pence’ in 1982, a mistake was made throughout production of a small variety of 1983 coins…

These coins were actually struck with the old inscription – ‘New Pence’.

1983 2p mule in The great British Coin repertoire set. Credit: Lee Holt

Whilst it’s not known precisely how many of this error coins were struck, in 1983 2p coins were only struck for commemorative sets and also not issued for circulation. Proof seems to imply that impacted coins to be issued as component of distinct souvenir to adjust that also did not go into general circulation – return if these sets were damaged open and also spent then you might be in v the opportunity of recognize one in her change…


How much is it worth?

If you’re lucky enough to uncover a 1983 ‘New Pence’ 2p in your change, not just does the rarity the this coin make it an ext collectable, but the coin was also struck in uncirculated high quality – definition it won’t have actually the scratches and blemishes that circulation coins.

This means a collector would certainly most most likely be willing to salary a little much more to obtain hold of one ~ above the secondary market.

The separation, personal, instance 1983 2p coin has been recognized to sell for £500 – £700, but the 1983 coin to adjust have been known to market for end £1,000 on the secondary market!

If you execute decide to look for this coin ~ above the eBay and also other second market sites, beware the fraudsters feather to pass off a ‘New Pence’ 2p from any kind of other date as a rarely coin.

The image listed below shows a 1971 2p coin detailed for £2,000! back this coin might be considered an ext collectable as it was the first UK 2p ever before issued, this also means that nearly 1.5 exchange rate 1971 2p coins to be struck, making the the most usual 2p coin issued.

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Remember that it’s the 1983 variation of the coin which to be struck in error and also this is the one you have to be looking out for.

Have you ever come throughout a 1983 ‘New Pence’ 2p coin? allow us understand in the comments below!

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