Most the the time, replacing your strength steering pump will just take a tiny over an hour come do. Expect to pay between $100 – $250 or therefore for job costs ~ above this job. The components are where you will certainly really have to pay the end though. You will pay everywhere from $150-$600 for most power steering pumps and also the other parts essential to change an old pump.

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Power Steering Pump cost Comparison

The many influential part of the price to replace your power steering pump is the parts, which can have a pretty an extensive price difference between different manufacturers. We’ve built up some instance price varieties for this repair from part leading garages and parts suppliers.

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$255 – $641


Parts & Labour12 months$231 – $559

Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$288 – $680

Pep Boys

Parts6 Months$130 – $387


PartsLimited$147 – $544


PartsLimited$168 – $610

What Is a strength Steering Pump Replacement?

The power steering pump is designed to send power steering liquid through the car’s systems when you revolve the steering wheel. It permits you to return the automobile easily and gives you incredible regulate that you would not have otherwise. As soon as that pump starts to malfunction, however, you space going come run right into some problems. Your vehicle may come to be harder come steer and you may have actually trouble maintaining it under control.

When it is time to replace that pump, you might be concerned about the price or you might wonder what the procedure is for taking out the old pump and also putting in a new one. We have you extended there, and also we will tell you how much you have the right to expect come pay and also what it will certainly take to gain your power steering pump replaced.

Benefits the a power Steering Pump Replacement

Power steering liquid is crucial if your automobile is going come be simple to steer and also control. There is no it, you will have to fight v the steering wheel and really put power behind making basic turns that would certainly not generally require much effort from you.

If your pump is malfunctioning, then the liquid will still be there, however it i will not ~ be sent to the steering system. Making certain your pump is replaced once it demands to it is in not only makes your car safer ~ above the road, yet it likewise gives girlfriend a much more pleasant and also smoother driving experience. You really won’t understand just just how easy power steering makes controlling your car until you have to live without it. And also once you carry out experience that, girlfriend will want to ensure that your pump is replaced right away. Be certain to have your power steering pump replaced with a brand-new one as shortly as that starts to offer you trouble.

When should You have actually the strength Steering Pump Replaced?

How will you understand when it is time to change your strength steering pump? Your first indication might be that the steering wheel is challenging to turn. You might still have the ability to turn it, but it will require more force than usual. If you watch power steering liquid on the floor underneath her car, then you recognize for certain that your strength steering device needs a repair.

The liquid can be clear, pink, brown or many other colors, therefore make sure you know what kind of liquid you space dealing with prior to you run to conclusions.

If you room concerned about the means your power steering is working and you aren’t certain what the difficulty is, friend should have actually it viewed by a mechanic. Have them take it the auto for a test drive and also give your opinion on it. As soon as they examine the power steering system, if they see a difficulty there, it needs to it is in addressed ideal away. If you space not may be to manage your auto easily, you can end up in an accident and damage yourself and also your car.

How to adjust a power Steering Pump

Your mechanic will start by inspecting the strength steering system. He wants to discover out what is the trouble precisely and determine if the pump or some various other component of the system needs to be replaced or repaired.Once he has determined that it is the pump in ~ fault, he will take the end the power steering pump and place the new one in. In numerous cases, this will be complied with by adding in strength steering liquid to change what may have actually leaked out. If contaminates gained into the fluid still in the power steering tank, then the tank may be bled out to eliminate the contaminants.After the new pump is in place and the liquid is replaced, the mechanic will examine the belt because that the strength steering system and also the reservoir. That will also inspect the pinion system and the rack. As soon as a power steering pump is damaged, it can sometimes reason problems with other parts the the car, and also the mechanic will want to ascendancy out damage to those various other parts.Finally, the mechanic will inspect for any kind of leaks and also give the automobile a test journey to ensure it is steering properly.

How to save Money on a power Steering Pump Replacement

Your crucial to conserving money top top this work-related is going to be making use of aftermarket parts or purchase your own parts and also bringing them into the mechanic. Currently you can not usually carry out that at a dealership. They room going to call for that friend let them usage their own agency parts.

But if you go to a personal mechanic, you might be permitted to choose from a selection of components or friend may have the ability to bring in your own parts you have sourced and also have them download it for you. The won’t save you top top labor, yet it can save friend in shipping and parts costs.

Of course, you have the right to do the repair yourself, but you desire to be careful about working top top your automobile if you space inexperienced v this certain kind that repair. Girlfriend could speak to in an skilled to overview you with the procedure or at least watch one instructional video clip that concerns your car’s model.

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Sample Power Steering Pump instead of Costs

Below space some sample power steering pump replacement expenses for few of the more widely owned vehicles in the country. Prices are indicative that what you deserve to expect to salary for your brand that car, or a automobile of a comparable size.

Ford F-Series$197 – $251$144 – $185$341 – $436
Chevrolet Silverado$189 – $241$175 – $406$364 – $647
Ford Focus$126 – $161$141 – $173$267 – $334
Toyota Camry$150 – $191$204 – $409$354 – $600
Toyota Corolla$150 – $191$204 – $409$354 – $600
Nissan Altima$94 – $121$246 – $298$340 – $419
Honda CR-V$39 – $50$392 – $622$431 – $672
Honda Civic$213 – $271$183 – $256$396 – $527
Honda Accord$71 – $90$155 – $349$226 – $439
Ford Fusion$150 – $191$121 – $145$271 – $336

Power Steering Pump prices Submitted By our Users

Compare her quote come other people from about the nation to make sure you are obtaining the finest deal. The mean for power Steering Pump is $465