The price of 1 liter (1/4 gallon)of gas in Dubai is $0.58 (Dirham 2.15) This average is basedon 18 price points.

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The price of 1 liter (1/4 gallon) of gas inDubai is $0.61 (Dirham 2.23) This average is based on 25price points.

which country has the cheapest fuel? Venezuela in South America has the world"scheapest petrol at an average of 8p per litre - compare thatto the UK, where a litre of petrol costs an average of 142p!Egypt and Saudi Arabia enjoy similar prices.

Furthermore, how much does a gallon of gas cost in Paris?

Company Matches Nation City Price in USD Regular/Gallon
Sweden Stockholm $5.80
United Kingdom London $5.79
Germany Frankfurt $5.57
France Paris $5.54

How much is a gallon of gas in Israel?

With Israel"s average price for gas at $8.28 pergallon ($2.12/liter), it constitutes 8% of the average Israeli"sdaily income to buy a gallon of fuel. Israel ranked eleventh in theBloomberg Gas Price Ranking, with fuel in the country costing$8.28 per gallon (3.9 liters) on average.

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How much is a gallon of gas in Kuwait?

Kuwait Gasoline prices, 16-Sep-2019
Liter U.S. gallon
KWD 0.105 0.397
USD 0.345 1.306
EUR 0.314 1.189

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Where is the cheapest gas prices in the world?

Cheapest Gas Price by Country
Venezuela. Venezuela, while overall a rather impoverishednation, is rich in oil reserves and fossil fuels, and uses thatparticular wealth to provide their people with virtually freegasoline. Iran. Kuwait. Nigeria. Egypt. Malaysia. Saudi Arabia. The United Arab Emirates.
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How much does gasoline cost in Venezuela?

A liter of 91-octane gasoline currentlycosts 1 bolivar, and 95-octane gas costs 6. Bycontrast, a single egg in Venezuela"s hyperinflation-ravagedeconomy — estimated by the IMF at 1 million percent in 2018— costs 200,000 bolivars. A dollar on the black marketis currently trading at 3.5 million bolivars.
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What country pays the most for gas?

The country with the most expensivegasoline in the world is Zimbabwe, where a gallon ofgas costs $12.64, more than 50% higher than the nexthighest priced place. The Zimbabwean dollar is virtuallyworthless and the U.S. dollar has been legal currency in thecountry since 2009.
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Where is gas cheapest in the US?

Top 10 states with the cheapest gas prices
Mississippi: $2.372. Jackson, Mississippi, USA cityscape atdusk. Louisiana: $2.383. Alabama: $2.389 per gallon. South Carolina: $2.409 per gallon. Arkansas: $2.439 per gallon. Texas: $2.452 per gallon. Tennessee: $2.461 per gallon. Missouri: $2.518 per gallon.
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Does Iraq have free gas?

The majority of the known oil and gas reserves inIraq form a belt that runs along the eastern edge of thecountry. An estimated 20 percent of oil reserves are in thenorth of Iraq, near Kirkuk, Mosul and Khanaqin.
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Why is petrol so cheap in Venezuela?

Venezuela"s heavily subsidised domesticgasoline prices should rise to international levels to avoidbillions of dollars in annual losses due to fuel smuggling,president Nicolas Maduro has said. Venezuela, like most oilproducing countries, has for decades subsidised fuel as abenefit to citizens.
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How much is a gallon of gas in Iraq?

Iraq Gasoline prices, liter, 30-Sep-2019
Liter U.S. gallon
USD 0.627 2.373

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How much is gas in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, the price of gas is $4.17 pergallon.
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How much is a gallon of gas in Norway?

Norway Gasoline prices, 16-Sep-2019
Liter U.S. gallon
NOK 16.773 63.493
USD 1.873 7.090
EUR 1.701 6.439

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How much is a gallon of gas in Canada?

If the price per litre goes from $1.55 to $1.60as predicted, the cost for a gallon of Canadiangas will be $5.00 in U.S. funds. Gas in Whatcom Countyis now about $3.00 per gallon. Above the national average of$2.81 per gallon, but about the same price asgasoline in Seattle or Portland.
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How much is gas in Italy?

In Italy, you buy gas by the liter, whichis far smaller than a gallon. Check this site for updated prices– as of this writing, gas in Italy costs €1.447per liter (diesel is €1.258 per liter), which amounts toroughly €5.48 per gallon (about $5.99 with today"s exchangerate).
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Is fuel free in Venezuela?

For Venezuelans who make it to a gas pump withfuel, filling a tank is basically free. Drivers tipgas station workers a small amount, but there is no real fixedprice to fill your tank with the government keeping gas priceslow.
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How much is gasoline in the USA?

In 2018, about 142.86 billion gallons (or about 3.40billion barrels1) of finished motor gasoline wereconsumed in the United States, an average of about 391.40million gallons (or 9.32 million barrels) per day.
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Which country has most expensive petrol?

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How much is a liter of petrol in USA?

Divide that by 3.78 to get liters and you end upwith $0.65 per liter. In California, a gallon ofpetrol is $3.59 per gallon. Again convert, and you get $0.95per liter.
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What is the price of 1 Litre petrol in USA?

Working with the regular price of $3.30 pergallon, R10.20 exchange rate for 1.00 US$ and 3.8litre = 1 gallon, the Fin24 user pays $0.87 perlitre price. For regular grade petrol, he pays R8.88per litre.

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Is petrol cheaper in England or France?

The price difference between France and theUK for diesel is around 6 cents in favour of France, butpetrol is about 10 cents a litre cheaper in the UK,so if you drive on petrol try and fill up before you headabroad. Remember that in almost every country our prices are anaverage for supermarket prices.
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