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Susan B. Anthony dissension errors and also varieties are extremely collectible — and some are quite rare!

Do you know which rare Susan B. Anthony dollar space worth looking for?A surprising number of Susan B. Anthony dollars have value as errors and varieties, and we’re going come look in ~ these rare dollar and also what provides them valuable.

Facts about Susan B. Anthony

The Susan B. Anthony dollar coin had actually a quick run of simply 4 years of production — from 1979 with 1981, and also then a single-year encore in 1999.Yet, there were several notable varieties and errors developed during the time.Although numerous collectors tho haven’t taken on the “SBA” dollar or “Susie B.” as a notable collectible, over there are many who have. And those who execute quite reap the many exciting opportunities offered by this series — the nation’s first small-size dollar and likewise the an initial regularly turn United says coin to function an really woman.None that the Susan B. Anthony dollars to win in the 1970s, 1980s, or 1990s contain silver- — all were made from copper-nickel clad compositions. Those more, many of the worn SBA dollars you come across, possibly in pocket readjust or from vending machines, space worth only challenge value. That’s right… most circulated Susan B. Anthony dollars did you do it ever discovered or may discover in the future room worth simply one dollar.But that doesn’t median this many unusual of contemporary is entirely worthless. Quite the contrary. What complies with is a finish guide come Susan B. Anthony disagreement errors and also varieties, and their values.

Susan B. Anthony dollar Errors & Varieties

For a series that ran just a couple of years in total, the Susan B. Anthony dollar gives plenty that pizazz come please range and error collectors.In fact, over there are conveniently a fifty percent dozen significant varieties — not to mention every one of the garden-variety errors that can keep a collector busy searching for a lifetime!

7 Susan B. Anthony dissension Varieties

Let’s kick off through the varieties, and — gee whiz — there are several Susan B. Anthony dollar ranges worth a pretty chunk that change!Here space 7 that the most noteworthy Susan B. Anthony dollar arrays you need to look for…1979-P narrow Rim DollarThis is the many common type of 1979-P Susan B. Anthony dollar. Once you encounter a 1979-P dollar, it’s most most likely to it is in the 1979-P narrow Rim — additionally called the 1979-P Far date Susan B. Anthony dollar. These space worth confront value if worn and about $2 and also up in uncirculated condition.While the 1979-P small Rim SBA dollar no worth an extremely much in usual circulated or uncirculated grades, that nevertheless a distinct selection from that is scarcer, an ext valuable 1979-P wide Rim dollar counterpart (below). Thus, it’s precious collecting on its individual merits — particularly for those who want a complete collection of Susan B. Anthony dollars.
1979-P vast Rim DollarIn so late 1979, officials at the United states Mint decided to widen the in salt of the Susan B. Anthony disagreement to modify its appearance. This resulted in a scarce variety known as the large Rim or Near day dollar.

While the more comprehensive rim was supplied on all Susan B. Anthony dollars that come after, it’s seen on just a small variety of 1979-P disagreement Though over there is no mintage number recognized for the 1979-P vast Rim dollar, the total variety of surviving specimens is more than likely fewer 보다 25,000.The 1979-P vast Rim dollar is in high demand and also is valuable even in circulated grades. A circulated 1979-P wide Rim dissension is precious $5 come $8, if uncirculated specimens trade for $25 and up.1979-S Proof form I DollarThere room two varieties of 1979-S proof dollar — and the kind I is the an ext common.What distinguishes a 1979-S kind I dollar indigenous the 1979-S kind II, and also how much are this worth?The 1979-S type I evidence dollar (which was sold to collectors in the 1979 United states Mint proof set) shows what numerous collectors speak to a “blobby S” mintmark.

The vast bulk of the 3,677,175 evidence dollars made that year room of the kind I variety. The 1979-S form I dollar is worth about $3 to $5 in common proof grades.
1979-S Proof kind II DollarThe 1979-S form II proof dollar is much scarcer than its type I predecessor.So just how do you understand if you’ve gained the kind II?It has actually a much clearer “S” mintmark. When the “S” is clear, the ends of the “S” seem to connect to the center of the letter v slightly raised areas, providing the turbulent appearance that the number “8” — with two clear holes near the top and also bottom segment of the mintmark.The 1979-S type II proof dollar is worth around $30 and also up.

1980-S proof Repunched Mintmark Dollar

This selection is not frequently known exterior the circle of Susan B. Anthony dissension collectors. But it’s significant enough to cite here.The 1980-S repunched mintmark proof dollar mirrors the blotchy remnants of one more “S” to the reduced left of the primary “S” mintmark.Not numerous of this show up in the marketplace, though once they execute they can take anywhere from $100 come $500, relying on their condition.1981-S Proof form I DollarMost 1981-S proof dollars are the form I variety — i m sorry is really simply the 1979-S type II “S” mintmark.Of the 4,063,083 proof dollars struck in 1981, at the very least 80% to 85% are type I dollars.

1981-S Proof form II DollarThe rarely 1981-S kind II Susan B. Anthony disagreement is absolutely worth looking for in any type of 1981 United says Mint evidence Sets friend can acquire your hand on. (These were created in the last months of 1981 and number somewhere between 500,000 and 700,000 specimens.)Extremely sought after, the 1981-S type II evidence dollar is distinctive native the kind I through its clear “S” mintmark through bulbous serifs. The “S” mintmark has a perfect clear outline all the means around.Most 1981-S kind II dollars are worth $120 and up.

6 Susan B. Anthony dissension Errors

As with any coin, the Susan B. Anthony dollar can be found with errors. However, many Susan B. Anthony dollars to be struck without notable flaws — for this reason significant errors in this collection are rare!

Here are 6 Susan B. Anthony dollar errors you might come across…Clipped PlanchetsIf girlfriend ever discover a Susan B. Anthony dollar with what appears to it is in a straight edge or a crescent-shaped cut on one side, hang onto it. It can be a clipped planchet error.Susan B. Anthony clipped planchet dollar errors space worth $20 or more.Multiple StrikesMultiple strikes occur when a planchet gets stuck ~ above the press in between the dies for at the very least one extr and unintended striking. What results is a coin v multiple images of the exact same design — periodically they’re oriented in the exact same direction, while various other times, the architecture will show up at different angles.These differ from doubled dies — i m sorry are produced during the dice creation procedure and show doubling of the architecture on the die and also then imparted on every coin the strikes.

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A Susan B. Anthony dollar through multiple strikes is worth at least $500.Blank PlanchetsHow do you call a blank Susan B. Anthony disagreement planchet from the of any other coin? quite simple… the the just United states coin made from copper-nickel clad the has a diameter of 26.5 millimeters and also weight that 8.1 grams ~ above a coin scale.These Susan B. Anthony dollar empty planchet errors are worth at least $100.With a price tag like that, do yourself a favor… If she looking to buy together a Susan B. Anthony dissension error coin, be sure to purchase it native a trustworthy coin dealer!Off facility StrikesNot too many Susan B. Anthony dollars to be struck turn off center. Those that were room quite rare.Most that execute surface display an off-center strike of at least 5% come 10% and also can range in value from $150 come $500 or more — depending on how considerably off facility the win is.BroadstrikesA broadstrike occurs when a coin isn’t retained inside that collar throughout striking. As soon as this happens, the coin typically flattens out past its typical diameters and also doesn’t have actually a created rim.Broadstruck Susan B. Anthony dollars generally lack a fresh rim and likewise don’t have their reeded edges.These scarce errors room worth $50 come $100 apiece.Wrong PlanchetsThese rarely errors take place when a coin indigenous the same- or smaller-sized denomination winds up getting struck v a architecture from a various denomination that a physically broader coin.In the case of the Susan B. Anthony dollar, it’s feasible for the style to have been struck on planchets native the Lincoln cent, Jefferson nickel, Roosevelt dime, Washington quarter, or the Sacagawea dollar. Planchets for the golden dollar (which debuted in 2000) were already on hand when the critical Susan B. Anthony dollars rolled turn off the presses in 1999.Extraordinarily rare errors, dorn planchet nearly always trade for hundreds or also thousands the dollars. One 1999-P Susan B. Anthony disagreement struck ~ above a Sacagawea dollar planchet marketed for $16,800 in 2020. Meanwhile, a 1979-S Susan B. Anthony dollar developed on a dime planchet fetched $10,062.50 in a 2004 auction.

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