Parakeets make good pet birds. They room small, pretty, and also come in a range of colors. Ns didn’t know much around purchasing a parakeet, and also I wanted to find out more. Below is what ns found about buying a Parakeet from among the most popular pet stores, Petco.

9 points to know prior to buying a Parakeet in ~ Petco:

The age of the Parakeets in ~ Petco range from under 4 months old to over 1 year old. Parakeets in ~ Petco execute not come trained.

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Parakeets at Petco tend to it is in cheaper 보다 from a personal breeder.Petco only sells specific breeds the Parakeets.

Buying a parakeet deserve to be intimidating particularly if you’ve never ever owned one before. If you space interested in learning an ext on all these topics store reading.

1.The period of Parakeets at Petco Ranges

Many time when human being go in to buy any type of pet, they desire them the youngest they can gain them. The younger one animal, the much easier it is to get changed to a new environment. But, uneven dogs and also cats, the a little more challenging to phone call the period of a Parakeet.

Parakeets at Petco can come in together young as previously than 4 month old, and usually continue to be there until they room purchased or die, so how have the right to you call if the parakeet you are acquiring is brand new, or older.

While it is almost impossible to identify the exact period of her Parakeet if no one preserved track, there room a pair things you have the right to look at to recognize the approximate age of the Parakeet.

First, you can look in ~ the forehead.

The an initial thing you deserve to do once determining the period of a Parakeet is to look in ~ the stripes or bands patterned ~ above the forehead and also all the means down it’s neck.

When a parakeet is very first hatched it has stripes across it’s forehead. At about 4 month the parakeet molts for the time, losing countless of that is feathers, after this happens the Parakeet no longer has actually the bands top top it’s forehead.

Parakeets v the stripes top top its forehead room 4 months old or less, while parakeets who perform not have actually the stripes on their forehead room older 보다 that.

The following thing to look at is the shade of their eyes.

When parakeets are first hatched lock have totally black eyes. Make it an overwhelming to distinguish in between their iris and also their pupil. The older they get, the lighter your eyes will get.

Parakeets who have actually light colored eyes are most likely older 보다 eight months, if parakeets through dark or black color eyes space under 8 months. The lighter the shade, the enlarge they tend to be.

Another thing to look for is the band on their leg.

Sometimes the bird from Petco will have a tape on their leg when you buy them. If the band claims ABS on the this means they to be registered through the American Budgerigar Society.

The band acts together a birth certificate, and also the shade of the band will tell you as soon as the bird was born.

YearColor of Band
2017Dark Blue
2014Pastel Green
2011Dark Blue

For more information on colored bands go to

Last however not least, take them to a veterinarian.

If girlfriend still aren’t exactly sure ~ above the age of her Parakeet, take it them come the vet. As soon as your vet go a examine up on her bird, castle should have the ability to tell girlfriend the approximate period of her feathered friend.

2. Parakeets at Petco perform Not Come Trained

This is a huge question among Parakeet buyers, execute Parakeets at Petco come trained? The answer to that is no they carry out not.

The Parakeets indigenous Petco room purchased indigenous a breeder, and put into stores. No one of the Parakeets space handled or trained prior to going ~ above the floor. If girlfriend are in search of a pre-trained Parakeet, climate Petco isn’t the ar for you.

Training her Parakeet to be a pets by gift held, no to bite, or also tricks may take a couple of weeks, especially due to the fact that they are offered to life in a small cage v a most other Parakeets.

Here are a couple of training tips when managing a new Parakeet.

Give lock time to adjust. They are most most likely going to be stressed, and a little scared when they acquire to their brand-new home since it is unfamiliar. Give them a few days come just obtain used come this new environment and also relax before you shot to handle them. Begin spending time v your Parakeet. Bring them treats, sit exterior their cage and show them the they have the right to trust you. Don’t shot to rush training, or acquire frustrated when they don’t love you appropriate away. The takes time.

3. Parakeets native Petco may Take a While come Adjust

As we’ve questioned in vault sections, your Parakeet is walking to take a little while to readjust to their brand-new home, and also that’s okay. Parakeets have the right to live as much as 18 years, there is no rush once they an initial move come their new home.

The conditions that Parakeets live in in ~ Petco aren’t have to the best for a bird. They are retained in cramped cages with up to 15 other Parakeets.

They need to share whatever including food and toys. Castle are also constantly being watched, barked at, and rattled. They space in loud, high-stress environments.

When you take a Parakeet house they may still it is in scared, stressed, and also defensive. They will certainly be perplexed on whereby they are and where everything else went.

It will likewise take a while for them to acquire used to an owner, together they are not provided to being tackled by people, or having actually time spent with them.

This is why that is best to shot and buy your Parakeet as young together possible. The younger they space the easier it will be to get them adjusted to a new environment. They will certainly be much more likely come trust human being quicker, and also disband their defensive tendencies.

Don’t be worried if her bird doesn’t immediately trust you or love you, together a link takes time v a new Parakeet. They simply need time, and also the capacity to realize what is going on.

4. Parakeets at Petco room Cheaper

Parakeets at Petco are much cheaper 보다 buying from a personal breeder. In ~ Petco, they just sell an extremely common breeds of Parakeets and don’t put much time right into making certain they have actually the best Parakeets.

While private breeders have actually a wide an option of parakeet species, that space personally bred v much more consideration and quality.

What this means is that Parakeets at Petco are going to it is in cheaper. When you might not have as many options or information around breeding native Petco, friend will conserve a quite penny.

The Price that Parakeets in ~ Petco is $21.99, while private breeders can variety anywhere from $50 come a couple hundred dollars.

5. Parakeets need Extra Accessories

Even despite Parakeets are cheaper in ~ Petco, they room not the only thing you have to buy. Especially if you have never had actually a parakeet before, and are starting from soil zero, it is going come be quite expensive come make certain your brand-new parakeet is happy.

First thing you require is a large enclosure.

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As much as you might want it to, friend cannot have your Parakeet simply fly roughly your house. They might escape, obtain injured, and destroy your things. For this reason the very first and most essential thing you require to acquire is a big enclosure.

Parakeets require a most room to fly around and be happy, therefore the enlarge the better. Petco sells these enclosures best in the store, therefore you can get every little thing the very same day.

You can additionally get a cage cover because that nighttime to make the cage dark, but a blanket works simply as well.

These cages cost around $40 in ~ Petco however don’t be afraid to find one girlfriend like much more at a various store or even on Amazon. I’ve linked the cages from Petco here, and also a similar one top top Amazon here.

Another thing you need is Bird Toys.

Parakeets invest a the majority of time alone in your cage which can get an extremely boring, especially if they space the just bird. Bird toys room a great way of maintaining your Parakeet happy and occupied throughout the day.

Get them playthings that they deserve to climb, tear up, or peck at.

Make certain the playthings you buy space made for tiny birds and also don’t have anything they could potentially obtain stuck in, cut on, or throttle on.

Petco dead a range of toys for her Parakeet as well which you have the right to buy. A Petco employee must be able to aid you with what toys are best for your bird, and also which toys are not an ideal for her bird.

6. Parakeets require a Clean Environment

Parakeets need a clean living environment. They spend many of your time in a cage, i beg your pardon can obtain dirty really quickly. A Parakeet that has to live in filth is much more likely to obtain sick, i m sorry is why the is vital to save it’s living room nice and also clean.

Some procedures to require to ensure the your bird’s cage stays clean is come first, have actually an absorbent layer on the floor the the cage. This have the right to be made of hardwood chip shavings (linked here), or also just newspaper. This will prevent puddles roughly the cage that they go in, and also spread roughly the cage. This can easily be readjusted once a week, to keep the cage fresh.

Another that requirements to be maintained clean is their water. Not only do they drink their water, however they likewise bathe in it. This renders it get dirtier much quicker.

They should have actually clean, fresh water every day. This means transforming their water at least once or double a day, or much more as you check out fit.

7. Petco just Sells details Breeds the Parakeets

There room over 30 species of Parakeets that have been discovered. One thing that is essential to establish is that Petco just sells 3 breeds of Parakeets.

These breeds include the Blue Parakeet, The eco-friendly Parakeet, and also the fancy Parakeet.

The Blue Parakeet has a white head, and a light blue body. They have actually black bands or stripes on your head going every the method down their neck. They likewise have black accents on their wings and also tail.

The eco-friendly Parakeet is very similar looking come the Blue parakeet, but instead that white and blue, that is green and yellow. The eco-friendly Parakeet has actually a yellow head and a lime green body.

They have black/dark brown bands or stripes on their head going all the way down your neck.

They also have black/dark brown accents on your wings and tail. This accents space darker 보다 those the the Blue Parakeet.

The an elaborate Parakeets come in both white and also blue, and also yellow. Lock are more of a solid color and also lack the dark accents the the Green and Blue Parakeets have. They still have actually light grey bands on your head and neck yet they space much less prominent.

8. Parakeets have actually a specific Diet

Parakeets have a specific diet. When they have the right to technically simply live turn off of birdseed, the is not as healthy for them. They need a selection of diffent foods.

First thing, lock do need birdseed. This must be the staple of their diet and can it is in purchased appropriate at Petco. They must be fed around 2 tablespoons the bird feeding a day. This deserve to be adjusted depending ~ above if your bird is a small bit bigger, or a small bit smaller sized than average, consult your vet if you room worried about the part of food.

They additionally need fresh fruits and also vegetables. This can be given to them together a mid-day treat or scattered in v their continual bird food. This will give them variety and aid them remain healthy, by offering them essential vitamins and assist to fulfill nutritional requirements.

Below is a perform of fruits and also vegetables that are ideal for her Parakeet, the they will certainly enjoy:

Apples PearsGrapesOrangesMelonLettuceSpinach KaleCarrotsBroccoliSquash

They can additionally eat and will enjoy various other fruits and also vegetables. They room not just confined to eating what is listed.

9. Parakeets Make better Pets when They Live Alone

While Parakeets have the right to live with other Parakeets simply fine, castle make far better pets once they are the just bird.

When Parakeets are the just bird lock think of you as a member of your flock and are may be to develop a far better bond through you. It’s not difficult to produce a link with more than one parakeet, that will just be more difficult because you aren’t every they have.

Being alone will teach them to be nicer, and far better around not simply you, however other human beings as well.

Related Questions

How lengthy do Parakeets live? In captivity, Parakeets have actually an average life expectations of 7 come 10 year as lengthy as they space in a healthy atmosphere with great care. If cared for very well castle have even been recognized to live approximately 15 come 18 years. In the wild they generally live as much as 20 years.

How many species of Parakeets are there? There over 30 known varieties of Parakeets originating from Australia and brand-new Zealand. Most mean pet stores in the united States only sell around 3 come 5 species.