Whether you space trying to list her retro consoles to make part money, or if you space trying to acquire into the GameCube‘s great library of gamings years later, you’ll need to know what a GameCube is marketing for.

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How much is a GameCube worth? A provided GameCube, top top average, sells because that $69 on eBay, yet the console arrays in price indigenous $20 (for console only listings) to $200 (for complete-in-box systems) relying on the problem the unit is in. Offered units are currently beginning at $118 from third-party sellers ~ above Amazon.

ConsoleeBay (average offered price)Amazon (lowest price)GameStop (used price)
GameCube$73$118$90 (refurbished; at this time unavailable online)

As you have the right to see, provided prices for the GameCube differ rather significantly depending ~ above the problem of the console and also whether or no the device comes in its initial packaging. Also, used console prices can vary quite substantially from retailer to retailer, too.

Despite being a reasonably younger retro console than say the at sight Nintendo or the Sega Genesis, new GameCube systems room still pretty rarely and, as a result, doesn’t yes, really adhere to a “going rate.” Sellers are currently asking anywhere from $250-$400 and up ~ above eBay.

(Please note: Prices and information below are exact as of January 20, 2021. This short article has been and will proceed to be updated come reflect current rates, however prices have the right to fluctuate. Additionally, the information provided is based on the models released in the united States. Models released in various other regions may differ native the prices shown below.)

What is a GameCube worth?


Pricing Overview:

Used: $16-$195Refurbished: $165-$179New (sealed): ~$250+

Pricing At popular Retailers:

eBay (average price sold): $73Lowest price sold: $16 (console only)Highest price sold: $195 (complete-in-box unit)GameStop (Pre-owned): N/AGameStop (Trade-in): N/A

The eBay pricings over are calculated making use of the retailer’s data the units offered within two months vault to once this post was last updated (January 20, 2021).

What about restricted editions and color variants?


When it pertains to color, there doesn’t seem come be much of a discrepancy in price between the various GameCube systems. The indigo, platinum, and jet black color GameCube console all market for about the very same amount (on average) on eBay. ~ above Amazon and GameStop however, there is a slight difference.

Amazon (Renewed):

GameStop (Refurbished):

As far as restricted edition hardware is concerned, the GameCube doesn’t have actually a lot to offer. When the console frequently came bundled through a game, the consoles us were usually the traditional indigo, jet black, or platinum color (at least in the joined States). On exception, however, is the Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness limited Edition GameCube. The being said, intend the restricted edition unit to market for about the exact same as a conventional GameCube system.

Related Questions

Does GameStop to buy GameCube consoles?

No, according to GameStop’s website, the retailer isn’t currently offering save credit or cash because that a GameCube console.

Does GameStop carry GameCube consoles and also games in-store?

Yes. However, they are available in very minimal locations. Again, visit their website to inspect your regional store’s inventory. The being said, GameStop is looking come offer more retro assets moving forward, so mean to see an ext GameCube consoles (and other older hardware) available at much more and an ext physical stores.

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Where else can I buy and sell GameCube games and consoles?

Local used video game stores room typically great places come buy and also sell offered games, consoles, and also accessories. That being said, they deserve to be tough to come by – especially in rural areas. Flea markets and pawnshops are also good resources for buying and also selling, while Goodwill stores and also garage sales can be specifically underrated when it pertains to finding good deals.