The Gameboy Color, released in 1998 was an immensely well-known console and remains to be to this day. There were multiple minimal editions, exciting color variants, and it was double as quick as a regular Gameboy. The Gameboy color has recently come to be popular again, and also even despite yours is more than likely hiding far in your dusty attic, it could be worth a the majority of money. 

The climb in price that Gameboy Colors have the right to be chalked down to a few factors. One, no one have the right to deny the retro game consoles are cool again. They’ve end up being a rare collectible, and picked up v the increasing popularity that Pokemon Go. In fact, the price also steadily enhanced as Pokemon go was simply picking up. Ever since 2016, the Gameboy Colors have been valued in ~ a high price (similar come what you’d pay for a offered PS3 Slim or also PS4 console). Plenty of thought that its prices would certainly go earlier down v the fatality of Pokemon Go, yet here we are in 2021 and also the Gameboy Consoles room still precious a quite penny. 

Before you shot to market your gameboy shade to acquire a little of cash, it’s worth doing some study to discover out the precise worth — typically dependent ~ above the edition and also the cosmetic condition, so the you really acquire your money’s worth! We’d dislike for girlfriend to shed it, especially due to the fact that some gameboys are going because that $700 (that’s more than a PS5). 

And if she planning to buy among them, it’s helpful to know the distinction in price in between a brand brand-new gameboy and a pre-owned in close to mint condition. 

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Game Boy shade Atomic Purple


The Pokemon special Edition Gameboy is hands down the many expensive GameBoy and also the most in-demand console in the GameBoy edition. Yes, the just difference between the Pokemon special Edition and also the regular Yellow Gameboy is the Pokemon theme, but there are hundreds of dollars in distinction in price. 

The greatest price the the Pokemon one-of-a-kind Edition Gameboy ever held was $850 for a Brand brand-new unit earlier in February 2015. One more special point out has to go to might 2013, once a finish Used Unit was going for $799, which is remarkable and also unprecedented for a offered Gameboy color console. 

The lowest price that was ever sold for to be $39 back in October 2013 for a loose unit. 

Here space the current prices:

Loose Unit

A loosened unit and also used one would be in ~ $89.45 on online websites. Despite you can quickly quote higher. 

Complete Unit

At a lining $500 the complete Unit is fairly a splurge because that a supplied Gameboy console, albeit in perfect condition.

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Over there are about 2 sales every year in ~ this price. 

New Unit

As expected, a brand new unit for the Pokemon one-of-a-kind Edition Gameboy would be at this time priced at $799.99

Graded Price

The graded price refers to a console the is brand new and sealed as well as graded by a considered gaming authority. A graded Pokemon unique Edition Gameboy go for around $2,280.

The Bottom Line

Whether you looking come buy or sell a Gameboy Color, you’ll greatly benefit from checking out the prices, because they deserve to vary with different colors and also editions.