Andy Warhol used it together aftershave, the local pigs and cows end in Sweden feast top top the leftover stillage (or “distillate byproduct” if you want to it is in fancy) and, the course, a huge population of the human being is rather fond of it too.

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And, as well as finding creative uses because that the vodka itself, Absolut is likewise a *cough* absolute pioneer once it concerns paving the means for creativity across the world.

Back in 2005, the brand exit a music album loose based about Lenny Kravitz’s “Breathe” together a kind of advancement push called Absolut Tracks. In more recent years, it has curated the Absolut Art collection at the Museum of spirits in Stockholm, featuring 900 Absolut-themed commissioned functions by large names prefer artist Damien Hirst and designer Tom Ford.

If the wasn’t enough, it also launched its own virtual-reality suffer with Canadian DJ Deadmau5. Basically, if yes a new an imaginative outlet ~ above the horizon, you deserve to bet that Absolut has currently put with each other a game plan to handle it.

This vodka’s focus on purity means its rich, full-bodied, smooth and mellow flavours come without any type of artificial colour or flavourings. With its main point Absolut initial 40% ABV Vodka and its 31 equally as delicious flavoured bottles, you have the right to bet the masses will constantly be lining approximately see what this vodka-giant does next.

Absolut Vodka price and also bottle sizes

BottleSizePrice (USD)
Absolut Citron Vodka750ml$25
Absolut Apeach Vodka750ml$25
Absolut Mango Vodka750ml$25
Absolut Lime Vodka750ml$25
Absolut Grapefruit Vodka750ml$25
Absolut Mandrin Vodka750ml$25
Absolut Juice Strawberry Edition750ml$25
Absolut Juice Pear & Elderflower Edition750ml$25
Absolut Juice to apologize Edition750ml$25
Absolut initial Vodka750ml$29

Where to buy Absolut Vodka online?

Absolut Vodka: the story behind the brand

Let’s take a quick look in ~ the background behind the Absolut Vodka brand.

If you not acquainted with the surname Lars Olsen Smith, you need to be.

The old guy displayed on every single bottle of Absolut wasn’t one to cut corners once it came to creating the spirit. Lars identified a new way to distill vodka in 1877 and also used this ability to develop “Absolut rent Brannvin” or, together we know it today, Absolut.

“Absolut rent Brannvin” translates to “Absolutely Pure Vodka” and also was named as such to define the truth that Absolut contains nothing various other than pure, undiluted ingredients.

Lars also wasn’t all set to bend to the rules in Stockholm at the time, which intended that Absolut was originally produced on a adjacent island where a liquor patent wasn’t needed. Anyone who wanted to visit the distillery can do so v a cost-free ferry ride.

Despite Lars’ fussiness, you’ll still find his confront proudly presented at the peak of each medicine-inspired bottle.

And stop talk about those bottles.

The brand, which is one of the few that doesn’t usage labels on its bottles, took motivation from 18th-century swedish apothecaries. This was in contrast to every other solitary vodka brand at the moment — and most in current times — who took their motivation from Russian vodka designs.

Perhaps it to be this distinctive touch or perhaps it to be the crystal clean clarity that the heart itself, but Absolut easily rose v the ranking to come to be one that the biggest vodka brands in the world. Together of current years, Absolut’s Åhus distillery produces half a million bottles a day simply to fulfill the brand’s united state audience. And that’s without taking the remainder of the civilization into account.

Not just is Absolut’s initial Vodka a hugely popular selection worldwide, yet its flavoured vodkas are additionally widely enjoyed, too. Absolut Citron to be the world’s very first commercially available clear flavoured vodka and the brand’s other 30+ flavours, consisting of unusual bottles like Wild Tea and Orient Apple, are likewise delicious options.

But, the best thing about Absolut?

It’s a sustainable brand from beginning to end. Every one of the contents of Absolut space widely uncovered in southerly Sweden (within a 75 mile radius that Åhus in the province of Skåne, if you want specifics) and also the bottles room made indigenous 40 percent recycled glass.

The leftover wheat residue is provided to neighborhood farmers and also the carbon dioxide released during production is bottled and sold to beverage companies. So, if you’re looking for a vodka the tastes an excellent and go good in ~ the exact same time, Absolut is height of the list.

More recently, the brand has actually been transforming old warehouse containers v more an imaginative projects in mind. A creative hub that’s currently been provided to host hackathons ago in 2015, Absolut’s creative Space is residence to lot of of brand-new ideas of just how to reuse the brand’s vodka bottles.

Next on the list? Sustainable, innovative concepts that might be vital in the future. Like everything else they’ve currently done, Absolut is identified to remain one action ahead once it involves creatively shaping the future the sustainable alcohol.

How to drink Absolut Vodka

A casual and carefree spirit, it’s easy to gain vodka in plenty of various ways. The wide variety of flavours accessible from Absolut way you’ll desire to sample at least a couple of of them without any accompaniments.

But, once you’re trying to find a drink through a difference, Absolut’s selection gives many of room because that experimentation. Unlike other spirits, yes no one certain glassware essential – simply make sure your Absolut is served chilled.

The best cocktails come make v Absolut Vodka

The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating cocktails through Absolut Vodka. Use the brand’s initial Vodka together a base for cocktails with solid flavours, or let your inner mixologist bright by playing roughly with any number of Absolut’s flavoured bottles. Together a rule of thumb, let the mixers perform the talking and also only use one flavour that vodka in ~ a time.

Absolut Vodka Martini


45ml Absolut Vodka5ml dry Vermouth1 twist lemon zest1 totality green oliveIce cubes

Keep that classy with a vodka martini with a difference. The Absolut Vodka Martini have the right to be do by filling a mixing glass v ice cubes and including all ingredients. Row gently before straining into a cocktail glass. Finally, garnish through a twisted lemon zest and also a eco-friendly olive prior to serving.

Absolut Bloody Mary


45ml Absolut Vodka30ml Horseradish120ml Tomato juice4 Dashes hot sauce10ml Worcestershire sauce10ml Lemon juice1 wedge lemon1 stick celery

Excellent hangover cure or refreshing begin to the day: you decide. Every little thing your liked circumstance, you’ll uncover yourself getting to for a 2nd one that these. Do an Absolut Bloody mary by filling a mix glass v ice cubes and adding all ingredients. Line together and also pour into a highball glass. Then, garnish through a lemon wedge and a celery stick and wait because that the hangover symptom to disappear.

Espresso Martini


40ml Absolut Vodka20ml Kahlúa20ml Espresso3 whole coffee beansIce cubes

Invented by the famous late bartender penis Bradsell, as an unusual request native a British version in his London bar in 1983, the Espresso Martini is now a certain favourite worldwide. Fill a shaker v ice, shake all ingredients (except the coffee beans) together vigorously prior to straining right into a cocktail glass. Garnish through coffee beans and serve.

Frequently asked questions around Absolut Vodka

How much is a shoot of Absolut Vodka?

It counts where you’re drinking it, yet a shoot of Absolut Vodka is typically one the the cheaper options to order at the bar. As a an international staple, this vodka is a safe selection for a funny night out without spending too lot money. A shooting in the US typically starts about $15. 

Is Absolut Vodka bad?

Absolut vodka is a renowned vodka that combines smooth texture through subtle flavour notes. It’s a good vodka for mixing into cocktails (particularly Bloody Marys) but is also refined enough to enjoy on its own.

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How solid is Absolut Vodka?

Absolut’s initial Vodka has a 40% ABV. All of its flavoured vodkas, favor Citron, Pear, Grapefruit and Lime space all additionally 40% ABV. The brand’s Absolut Juice production line is slightly weaker, through a 35% ABV. 

Is Smirnoff far better than Absolut Vodka?

Smirnoff is a more popular vodka than Absolut yet they’re both really widely obtainable brands and both create excellent vodkas. Smirnoff is thought to be slightly weaker in taste compared to Absolut and is also a small cheaper per 750ml bottle. 

What is Absolut vodka do from?

The main ingredients in Absolut Vodka are water and Swedish winter wheat. Unlike numerous vodkas, Absolut no contain any kind of sugar or flavourings. The winter wheat grow under the swedish snow prior to it’s blended with water from a well in Åhus, complimentary of impurities.