Solid 1936 nickel value reflects the popularity of these old coins also in worn condition. Prove this solid demand room the high values of nice condition Buffalo nickels.

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This day buffalo nickel is fairly elusive in "uncirculated" condition, any type of you uncover has good value. Also, these old nickels were minted at three various locations, every valued separately, with the Denver mint coin as the standout piece.

Next, problem plays an essential role in the 1936 nickel value. Research each carefully, the lot of undertake or absence of that determines exactly how much your coin is worth.

The Buffalo nickel pictured is a really nice "uncirculated" example and is eagerly sought by collectors and also rare coin dealers.

1936 nickel value is noted according to the three various mints in four grading categories.

More about grading your coins below.


The "D" or "S" in the listing suggests the mint that developed the coin. D - Denver Mint, S - san Francisco Mint, no mintmark for the Philadelphia Mint. Situate the mintmark ~ above the turning back under the Buffalo.

With a strong beginning value the 1936 Buffalo nickel is a nice small treasure to uncover in your box of old coins.

1936 Nickel ValueCondition the CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1936 Nickel value Updated2021
1936$0.51 $1.03 $2 $19
1936 D$0.51 $1 $3 $22
1936 S$0.51 $1 $3 $24

The $690 1936 Buffalo Nickel Value

Of the around 119 million 1936 Buffalo nickels minted few survive today in "uncirculated," brand brand-new condition. Of this uncirculated piece fewer still survive with the minimum quantity of nicks, cuts and abrasions. And, that this now elite group, even fewer radiate blazing initial mint luster.

Occasionally a gem 1936 nickel is auctioned and always strong bids are made. But now include to the above list of preferable features, deep gold toning with maroon highlights follow me the rim and bidding is taken up a notch.

Buffalo nickels are avidly gathered and many progressed collections space being assembled. Coins with premium eye appeal always sell at premiums far above published prices.

Grade correctly to uncover Highest 1936 Nickel Value

The second fifty percent of your value examination is judging the condition of your buffalo nickel and determine that is grade.

As checked out in the graph a distinction in "Grade" produces a huge swing in the 1936 nickel value.


Uncirculated: A Buffalo nickel in this condition is in the peak grade in both desirability and also value. The coin was never ever used in circulation. Retaining its original surfaces v no indicators of wear, and also still bright with mint luster. The clues of possible contact and also the an initial to present friction room the Indian"s cheek just under the eye and the i know well of the buffalo.


Extremely Fine: As a coin circulates friction starts to present as a slight loss of detail on the hair braid of the Indian and upper front leg of the Buffalo. Back wear is noticeable her nickel still shows up sharp and also crisp, and a preferable coin.


Fine: In this condition your coin is quiet valued and also collected. Moderate, also wear over the whole surface is accepted. Every the significant design elements are visible. The buffalo is smooth on small portions of the head, former shoulder and hip. On the Indian, the hair just above the braid shows little detail.

Good: Heavy undertake depicts the illustration of this 1936 nickel. The top of the legends top top both the obverse and reverse have actually blended into the rim. Vast areas room lacking information all throughout the Buffalo and also Indian. The date, among the highest possible parts of the coin is faint and no longer bold.

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Buffalo Nickel Value

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