I’ve placed this page together to help you uncover the weights of assorted serving and also pack size of Skittles. Including, straightforward to monitor charts and also information for this reason you have the right to quickly find what you’re looking for.

The fast answer is, one solitary standard Fruit Skittle weighs simply over 1g each at about an typical of 1.1g every sweet. Review on to see more pack and also serving dimension weights and find the end how numerous calories are in every portion.

Weight of One Skittle (in Grams and also Ounces)

Here’s the visual weight of one Skittle together with the conversion weight in between grams and also ounces:

Weight ValueOne Skittle


Weight the a Bag that Skittles

The table below shows the main Skittles fill sizes for various flavors and varieties which are obtainable to buy individually or together multipacks:

Skittles fill typeWhole Pack Content weight
Skittles Fruitsmall bag45g (1.6oz)
Skittles Fruit/sourfamily pack196g (6.9oz)
Skittles Fruit‘more come share’ pouch350g (12.3oz)
Skittles FruitFun-size bag (sold in a 10 pack)18g (0.6oz) every fun-size bag
Skittles Fruit/Sour/Tropical/Chewiespouch bag152g (5.4oz)
Skittles Fruit Giantspouch bag141g (5oz)
Skittles Fruit Giantsfamily pack170g (6oz)

How plenty of Skittles space in a Pack?

I did the research and counted the number of Skittles in a small (one offer pack) and also a family pack and also here are the results:

Small (45g) Pack

I counting 41 individual cones in a 45g snack bag that Skittles. This confirms that the individual weight of 1.1g is correct since 41 time 1.1g equates to 45g.

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Family (196g) Pack

The complete amount of skittles in a 196g family pack is roughly 178 Skittles (this can vary through one or 2 per pack due to the fact that each skittle weighs a slightly different amount).


Skittle load Conversion graph (for lot of Sweets)

If you require to understand the weight of multiple Skittles, then the table listed below gives this information in both grams and ounces:

Amount ofSkittlesGramsOunces

Skittle Calorie graph (for various serving sizes)

Below room the calorie figures for various servings that Skittles, so you can discover the numbers you need. These numbers are based on a traditional fruit Skittle weighing 1.1g each and using the complying with calorie assumption:

A 45g bag contains 41 Skittles and also the pack details confirms this amount is 179kcal, for this reason to uncover the calories of an individual Skittle I split 179 through 41 which provides a figure of 4.4kcal every Skittle. Calories room rounded to the nearest whole number.

Skittle section SizeCalories (kcal)
1 Skittle4
5 Skittles22
10 Skittles44
20 Skittles88
30 Skittles132
45g bag179
Half a 45g bag90
Family fill (196kcal)780
49g serving Size195
Fun-size bag (18g)72

More Skittle FAQ’s

How many Skittles space in a Pound?

Based on an individual skittle weighing 0.039oz, in a totality pound there would be about 410 skittles.

How many Skittles room in a 200g Bag?

The mean Skittle weighs 1.1g, so based upon this amount, there would be approximately 182 individual cones in 200g.

Equipment and also Information offered for Precision Weights

I supplied precision scale that sweet to 0.01 the a gram i beg your pardon is consistently calibrated v a 100g weight. For more information see my encourage weighing scale here.

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To make certain the info in this short article is accurate, ns researched and also cross-referenced assorted sources (as fine as original research) to acquire the exactly weights and calories.

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