Nick Name.The main nicknames that this human include: Ninche, Ninja, Looch, Dee, Trouble, DoeDoe and also French Kote.

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Age.Nina Constantinova Dobreva was born on January 09, 1989 and also in existing time, she is 26 years old.


Born place.Sofia, Bulgaria.

Education.Nina Dobreva visited J. B. Tyrrell Sr. Publicly School, Scarborough, Canada and only then chose to continue her studies in Wexford Collegiate institution for the Arts, Scarborough, Ontario and Ryerson University, Toronto. In 2006 she left it and also started her exhilaration career.

Occupation.Model and also Actress.

Height.5 ft 6 in or 168 cm.

Weight.55 kg or 122 pounds.

Boyfriends.– Ian Somerhalder (2010-2013), which right now is American actor and in this time that is a human with whom Nina was date for the longest period of time. They met because that the first time, top top the collection “The Vampire Diaries” – one fo the most famous TV series, which room rather popular today.


Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder

Derek Hough – American dancer, with whom Nina Dobreva met from respectable 2013 until November 2013.

Liam Hemsworth – Australian actor, meeting with whom, previously were in ~ the level of plain rumors till they were spotted with each other in a edge Tavern bar and also as per an eyewitness, whereby they took pleasure in their time with each other by having actually some sort of drinks. After ~ all, Liam also gave Nina a an excellent night kiss.– Alexander Ludwig – well known actor, the was spotted in horror comedy movie The final Girls and also with whom, Nina were co-stars.– Chris Wood – actor, v whom Nina had an encounter.


With the complying with personalities, Nina relationships room on the level of plain rumors. Amongst them are Zachary Levi, James Marsden, Ben McKenzie,Orlando Bloom.

Hair Color.Dark Brown.

Eye Color.

Dark Brown.


Dress Size.Likely, she might be 2 (US) or 32 (EU).

Bra Size.30C.

Shoe Size.8 (US).

Religion.Bulgarian Orthodox.

Best known For.She controlled to obtain popularity, primarily due to illustrating Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce in the mythological drama TV series The Vampire Diaries, i beg your pardon starred in 2009. Incidentally, the over show was based on the book series with the very same name.

First film.The an initial film, in i beg your pardon Nina Konstantinova Dobreva to be starred to be Canadian teenager drama TV collection Degrassi: The following Generation. In i beg your pardon she had actually to portray Mia Jones in 46 episodes.

Personal Trainer.For a long period of time, Nina deals yoga. She resorts yoga class 3 come 4 time a week. Of course, periodically she takes the help of yoga instructor however often to conduct a complete workout, she don’t need any help, due to the fact that yoga has become a component of her life.

Nina Dobrev Facts.

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1. She speaks numerous languages, amongst which deserve to be attributed French, English and Bulgarian fluently.2. As soon as Nina to be 2 year old, she moved to Canada with her family.3. At this moment, she has actually two pets: 1 dog and also 1 cat.