Tattoo-based truth shows room everywhere, but back in the work Kat Von D"s LA Ink pretty much ruled the roost. The artist, musician, and founder the KVD vegetables Beauty actually began out on another show, Miami Ink, yet her call skyrocketed when she to be the focus. Together People report at the time, LA Ink was canceled in 2011 after four successful periods on TLC, with both political parties claiming the choice had to be made by them. A statement native TLC advised the network had actually "decided" the fourth season would be the last, however Von D argued the wasn"t the case.

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"In an initiative to capitalize on my recent breakup, the network has decided to focus their energy on re-editing occasions that didn"t take place while filming," she revealed, referencing her public split from Jesse James. The legendary tattoo artist noted, "I have no regrets and also am very proud the the initial footage. In mine opinion, any kind of attempt to damage the honesty of that would be an humiliation to my fans and also viewers." even though she was unhappy with just how things ended, there"s no doubting LA Ink upped Von D"s file considerably, and also netting she some serious dough.

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As with many reality shows, it"s complicated to ascertain how much of a paycheck Von D was in reality getting throughout her 4 seasons working through TLC. However, The Richest detailed back in 2013 the the minimum charge for a tattoo at High Voltage Tattoo, the shop featured on LA Ink, was $200 an hour, with Von D herself apparently charging in overabundance of that, obviously depending on size, detail, and the time the piece actually takes to do. Her net worth, according to Celebrity network Worth, is $20 million, which originates from several various ventures however certainly tattooing is a significant part of the income.

Judging through the shop"s FAQ, the minimum invest is tho $200, so need for occupational at High Voltage plainly remains high. Von D"s an individual page on the website advises that she is just one of the most requested artist in the shop, so eager customers are motivated to pick somebody else, on she recommendation, if castle don"t desire to wait to acquire tattooed. In late June 2020, Von D posted on Instagram about being excited to reopen between the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, alongside a photo of her exclusive studio, so clearly tattooing still holds a special location in she heart (and a enormous spot in she wallet).