Studying overseas is a huge decision come make, and it’s important that you have all the info you want prior to you begin your journey with us. Our faqs are split into categories, and should administer you will answers to all your queries.

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If you cannot find an answer to her question, please contact a student advisor.

See our course and accommodation options, with prices, by using our quote tool, which friend can find on our homepage.

You can also download a price perform by requesting a directory download. Our education advisors can assist you acquire the finest price and also advise you about any promotions us are right now running. Contact us to find out more.

Yes, as long as you salary in complete 30 days before your begin date. We will certainly only concern the booking confirmation documents once we have received complete payment.

Note: Some countries require confirmation documents before issuing a visa. Take into consideration this as soon as planning your payment schedule.

Unfortunately, because there space so plenty of variations in prices, that is not feasible to offer the full malfunction on our site. Your last invoice will be emailed to you when you have actually completed the booking form. However, if girlfriend would like the full details of your costs, please speak to your education and learning advisor.

When girlfriend speak to among our college student advisors they"ll be able to provide you with the direct connect to our online payment page where you will be able to make a secure credit transaction card payment.

Yes, friend can book at the school. The sales advisor will certainly be happy to walk you through the booking procedure and take it you come a tour of the school.

Yes. The much more weeks you study with us, the bigger your discount will be. The tuition discount is already included in the price list. Also, check our promotions page for our recent offers.

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