Sometimes the time because that a switcheroo. Okay reorganize mine nonfiction bookcase, or my mother will plant new flowers approximately her house, or my cat will all of sudden start resting on a new corner that the sofa for no reason. You could have factors behind it, or you might just feel prefer a change.

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Maybe because that you—whether for money, maintenance, or simply a level ol’ readjust of pace—your vinyl liner pool is the subject of the change.

At flow Pools we manufacture and install fiberglass pools, andseveral times each year, we change vinyl liner pools v fiberglass units. Our clients are thrilled with the results, and also with fiberglass pools acquiring market share every year, we suppose to take it on more and an ext of these replacement projects.

One that the first questions we hear for any kind of pool task is, of course, “How lot will it cost?”

If you desire a refresher, our cost and pricing overview for inground swim pools compare the upfront and long-term prices for purchase concrete, vinyl liner, and fiberglass pools.

However, replacing an present pool has slightly different methods and therefore slightly different expenses.

Today we’re walking to carry out an overall photo of replacing her vinyl liner pool through fiberglass:

How much the pool project costsHow lengthy the job takesWhether you can replace the pool yourselfHow this replacement can benefit you

The expense of replacing a vinyl liner pool with a fiberglass pool

On average, it prices $50,000–$65,000 to replace a vinyl liner pool through a fiberglass unit.

For reference: it is $3,000–$7,000 more than installing a fiberglass pool normally.

“Why so much?” friend ask, weeping. “I should be saving money. I’ve currently got a feet in the ground.”

Consider these 3 aspects:

Extra room in the ground to fill through stoneLimited accessRemoving the vinyl liner pool (and occasionally the patio)

The thing is, vinyl liner pools room usually bigger 보다 fiberglass pools. Therefore, the hole from the vinyl liner swimming pool is commonly bigger than the fiberglass pool shell. We have actually to bring in additional stone backfill to to fill in that extra space.

Also, the more daunting to obtain to a preexisting pool site. We virtually always have to work about a patio, fence, and also landscaping.

Also-also, we need to remove lot of the vinyl liner pool from that hole, i m sorry is fairly a process:

Pull turn off the linerRemove the wall panelsTake the end patio and also concrete (sometimes)

How long does it take to replace a vinyl liner pool v a fiberglass pool?

Replacing a vinyl liner pool usually takes about the exact same time as a continual fiberglass swimming pool project: 3–6 weeks, not consisting of the time to obtain a permit.

ExcavateSet, plumb, water fill, and also backfill the poolElectrical hookupForm the concretePour the concreteRemove concrete forms/patching/etc.Clean the poolGrade the yardFinal cleaning of poolInstall the cover if necessary

It takes 2–3 days come excavate, dig, set, backfill, and also form.

The concrete pour and kind removal will certainly take an additional 2–3 days. It can be longer for stamped concrete, i beg your pardon is colored and also sealed.

Cleaning, grading, and also covering will certainly take 2–4 days.

Installing a new patio and fancy features fills in the rest of the time, as usual.

Can I change the vinyl liner pool with a fiberglass pool myself?

While this project could potentially it is in a DIY because that someone through a the majority of experience, it’s generally best to have a professional do it for you. This decreases the likelihood that error.

By hiring a professional, you also avoid big stressors such together coping disasters, misleading prices, and also responsibility as basic contractor for permits and also all sub-contractors.

Whether girlfriend go through a experienced pool installer or a DIY project, do all your research and cover all your bases before making that huge final decision.

Benefits of replacing a vinyl liner pool with a fiberglass pool

Should you change your liner pool with fiberglass? the comes down to whether a vinyl liner pool or a fiberglass swimming pool is a better fit for her family and your needs.

If you already have a vinyl liner pool, you understand theyare less high value upfront, and also they are accessible in customized shapes, unlike fiberglass pools, i m sorry are manufactured on preexisting molds.


However, v a fiberglass pool, you no longer need to replace a liner every 5–9 years.

Because there’s no liner (and the accompanying seams), the pool has actually less chance of leaks.

You no longer need to worry around liner punctures indigenous tree branches or dog claws.

You have actually the alternative of integrated steps, ledges, and benches.

You can include other neat features, such together waterline tile, the a liner i will not ~ allow.


A fiberglass pool requires less maintenance and also is easier to maintain. Bonus: this extrapolates come lower lifetime costs.

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At flow Pools we manufacture and also install fiberglass pools in Virginia and Maryland, and also throughout the united state via our dealers.

If you would favor to find a dealer, or if you live in Virginia or Maryland and also would like to talk to us around replacing your vinyl liner pool, wednesday love come hear native you. We’re excited to help you ~ above your swimming pool journey!

Do girlfriend have any other questions around the process of purchase the perfect fiberglass pool? Dive right into ourebook—itincludes every the details you’ll must make the best decision because that you and also your family!