Anyone who has ever before driven along the streets and highways just around anywhere in the united States has come into call with a circle K store. As a customer of this retail chain myself, I have the right to vouch for the reality that the cashiers at the stores always work an extremely hard to shot to obtain you out of there v the commodities you need as conveniently as possible.

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If you’re looking for a project at a convenience store, this sleeve chain is in direct competition through Wawa and Speedway. In bespeak to compare Circle K come these various other stores which are additionally a an excellent choice, I have actually including the complying with information in this article:The mean hourly pay and also salaries for each one K save positionFull-time hours you deserve to expectExamples of change hours you might be assignedThe one K part-time stupid this sleeve chain pays its employees weekly or biweekly and when the pay period starts and endsDoes this firm give its employees raises?The break policyDress code

How lot does circle K pay an hour?

Circle K is a really successful company, therefore it’s surprising exactly how low it payment its entry-level workers. The average brand-new employee makes around $8.50 to $9 one hour.This is i do not have anything close to gift a living wage. In ~ best, if you worked 40 hrs a week at Circle K in ~ the entry-level, you would need to work an additional part-time job for around 20 hours just to have the ability to pay your monthly bills and also cover your various other expenses.On a positive note, if you have your sights collection on a management career, climate a one K entry-level project becomes much an ext attractive.

Circle K full time Hours

Full-time workers are assigned, on average, between 32 come 40 hrs every week. Store in mind that Circle K has a high employee turnover rate and also plenty of employees calling out sick, daily.This means a hard worker has actually the potential to work plenty that overtime shifts during any type of given month. This can lead to a much greater yearly salary also though that takes a most work.

Shift Hours

Examples of transition hours you could work at a circle K are as follows:8 to be to 4 PM12 afternoon to 4 PM12 pm to 7 PM2 afternoon to 10 PM2 pm to 7 PM4 pm to 10 PM10 pm to 8 AM12 midnight come 8 AM

Circle K Part-Time Hours

Part-time workers usually acquire anywhere between 20 to 30 hrs assigned each week. A part-timer who not gaining assigned sufficient work hours to be able to substantiate the factor they room working over there is most likely not fulfilling your potential as an employee. You have to impress administration with your work-related ethic if you want more hours.If you show up to work and also don’t prove you yourself to be a dependable and also hard worker top top a daily basis, it’s very likely the it will take you a lengthy time to end up being a full time employee, if that’s what you are going after.

Circle K Customer service Representative Pay

The median customer business rep in ~ this agency makes around $10.35 one hour. This equals approximately $414 a week and also a yearly salary of $21,528.In this position, you have the right to expect to work quite a couple of overtime hrs when necessary. This will bring up your complete salary to about $23,000-$24,000 a year.

Circle K command Customer organization Representative Pay 

If she a lead customer rep, you will certainly be in charge of the store operations once the assistant manager or store manager is no present. Friend will also have the duty of motivating and coaching your fellow associates.The mean employee functioning this place makes roughly $10.90 an hour. This would provide you about $436 a week and also $22,672 in yearly salary.Employees in this position are also able to occupational a few overtime hrs here and also there. This may put your salary at the level that $26,000 a year.

Circle K Assistant Manager Pay

The mean assistant manager in this agency earns roughly $12.70 one hour. This means you’ll earn about $508 a week and a yearly salary of $26,416.You can additionally potentially earn a yearly bonus of roughly $600-$700.

Circle K Manager Salary

The median manager because that this sleeve convenience chain earns roughly $46,350 a year. This walk not include an yearly bonus somewhere follow me the present of $4,000-$5,000.This value is just about average for this kind of position in a convenience save chain. However, a much better choice to work as a manager would be at Wawa, where the median salary because that this place is over $90,000.

Circle K sector Manager Salary

Market Managers have a task with a most responsibility, liability, and also plenty the travel and excitement. For their efforts, they get paid an typical of $67,900 a year.The average annual bonus for this place is around $8500-$9000.

Does circle K pay weekly?

Circle K employees either get paid weekly or biweekly. You’re walk to need to consult through your details store.The pay duration is pretty continuous throughout the organization. It normally starts ~ above a Friday and ends the complying with Thursday. Climate you get paid ~ above a Thursday or Friday the the adhering to week.

How regularly does this firm give raises?

After the very first 90 job of full-time work, one K will evaluation your performance and offer girlfriend a advanced if that is fine deserved. Usually, this progressive is in the amount of $.25-$.35 an hour.After one full year of work, based upon your performance review, girlfriend will likely be offered an additional raise of another $.25-$.35 an hour. Therefore, one entry-level worker making $8.75 an hour top top his or her very first day could possibly be making indigenous $9.25 one hour come $9.45 one hour ~ a year that work.

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Break Policy

Breaks are very hard to come by when it involves convenience stores. Circle K is no exemption as it provides breaks whenever it’s possible.There are a few states in the us that need employers to offer mandatory 10-minute breaks after every 4 hours that work. Simply carry out a Google search and find the end if your state qualifies because that this.Your best bet is to it is in in constant communication through your management and also perform your project well therefore you have the right to be rewarded with continual breaks. See much more information on the different types of services on the one K careers website.

Dress Code

This company issues girlfriend a red circle K polo shirt, a name tag, and you are expected to purchase the rest of your uniform.You will certainly be wearing black or khaki slacks or black color or khaki Bermuda shorts the hang end the knee. Your shirt has to be tucked into your pants and you need to wear a belt. A red cap can optionally be worn.Here space a few other particular things to pay fist to:For males, if friend wear a beard, it must be neat and also trimmedIn part stores, human body piercings various other than earrings room not allowedFor men and women, fancy hair is allowedAll varieties of tattoos are generally allowed except for offensive ones

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