Use this calculator come estimate roadway base for your driveway, soil for her garden, or various other landscape absent for your yard. This calculator will provide you an estimation of the quantity of product you need for your project. Due to variances in product size, shape and weight, soil preparation, compaction or depressions in her yard, be sure to evaluation your information with a member of our staff prior to placing your material order.

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Most gravel and also crushed rock products have comparable weights per ton. Gravel and sand commonly weighs 2,200-2,700 pounds every cubic yard. In addition, there space 2,000 pounds to a ton. Certain products, choose washed gravel, weigh more like 2,835 pounds per cubic yard. Screened stone (which is very fine) weighs 2,970 pounds every cubic yard. If you"ll be utilizing lava absent for her project, the weighs in at around 1,500 pounds every cubic yard. Load IS a consideration when loading her pickup or trailer, or for the matter, our shipment trucks. DO no exceed her recommended gross car weight rating. It is safer to have North State provide your purchase.
The weight in tons shown by this calculator is an estimate
based upon the mean cubic garden to ton conversion because that each material. Product weight is because that DRY material and can vary during the year. Winter rain can reason material to absorb water and also weigh more. To provide you the ideal value, we sell through the CUBIC YARD, no by weight.
Loading and unloading your pickup have the right to be tiring and lead come aches and also pains. Phibìc State can lug your material to your house in among our trucks. Once estimating her needs consider that the larger loads are much more cost effective. Time is money, therefore if your time is valuable, Pay north State and have material yielded to her jobsite*.

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*Jobsite must be easily accessible to advertisement dump van weighing as much as 40 tons. Make certain your access road is solid and also there is room in ~ the jobsite because that the shipment truck. Northstate make reservation the appropriate to cancel distribution if site problems determine the delivery would be hazardous come staff, devices or customer. While our trucks deserve to handle approximately 15 yards, this measurement is by volume (bulk), not weight. (Example: 15 yards the bark chips weighs MUCH much less than 15 yards of to wash gravel. We can haul up to 15 yards by bulk, relying on the load of the material
function isDigits (entry) return /^\d*$/.test(""+entry); duty isFloat(entry) return !isNaN(entry); role cubicYards (form) { if(form.x.selectedIndex size (In Feet): width (In Feet): Depth (in Inches): select One 3/4" roadway base 1 1/2" drain rock, flow rock, salt pepper 3" drainpipe rock, flow cobble 3/4" Lodi yellow crushed, salt pepper decorative Bark 1/4" pea gravel, Lodi gold pea gravel sand (concrete, plaster, arena) decomposed granite, crusher fines 3/8" Calaveras quartz, gold Granite, Crushed Lodi yellow topsoil Lava rock 3x5" Rip lab Cubic Yards : load (In Tons)
Still no sure around how much material you need, or have questions around your project? ours friendly professionals are right here to help.