Well, that relies on the dimension of the poster and where you want it to be displayed. Plus, file weight and document quality pat a huge function in how the ink will look once your poster is printed.

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So, is there a “best” paperweight for your poster project? over there is, yet it counts on what you want to achieve with her poster. The adhering to will acquire you on the best path.

What does document weight mean?

In an easy terms, it is the thickness of the paper. There is even an acronym, GSM, which stands for the paper’s weight in grams per square meter.

The heavier the paper, the more thickness it will be. So, your residence printer’s standard file will have actually a reduced gsm than what is provided for a date of birth card. 

The gsm is basically a mite of quality; the higher the gsm, the better quality it will be, yet the much more a poster printer will charge you.

Here room some examples

Under 100 GSM = bog-standard office photocopying paper120 GSM = much better quality letterheaded file that a solicitor would certainly use. 170 GSM = file you can find in a an excellent quality hardback recipe book200 GSM = might be uncovered as a covering of a directory with lighter document inside. 300 GSM = this is the boundary at where things progress into card. Above 400 GSM = a an excellent quality organization card indigenous a high-flying CEO.


This will likewise have a an excellent effect on the record you need to use. For example, if they room intended for lampposts, lock will should be irradiate to wrap roughly the lamppost easily. 

Or if they space for poster boards, you have the right to go fairly light also; in ~ maybe roughly 115 gsm… yet make certain the document has blue backing together this stops the old posters reflecting through. 

If you room going guerrilla marketing style and also want come “wheatpaste” her posters transparent the city, friend will want to usage lightweight paper.


I would certainly say the the general rule of ignorance is the larger the poster, the higher the gsm will have to be, up till a suggest because a billboard poster is in reality so huge the gsm load isn’t that high. 

The same design on a little poster that 8.5”x 11” can be yes sir with approximately 150 gsm, yet if you to be to put the same design on a large poster of speak 24”x 36”, you might need something approximately the 200 gsm mark.


If the poster is simply meant to last a mainly on one office bulletin board, then you can probably go together light as you want, as it is disposable and also is not offering or marketing other the general public will certainly see. 

If you want the posters to remain outside for numerous weeks, friend will likely need at least 170 gsm PVC poster paper. This will certainly make the poster a bit much more robust and also will provide it a little of waterproofing. 

You must take into consideration timing, because if you have actually a customer that desires their posters advertised for a month, however you publish it on document that just lasts 2 weeks. Climate you are most likely to have actually an dissatisfied customer, and also you might be liable because that reprinting costs. 

Archival and Collectability

Let’s say you want to create some exceptional fan arts movie posters and sell castle to her circle that collectors. If this is the case, girlfriend will want to usage high quality and heavier record with archival ink.

This method the human being that purchase your works of art deserve to feel i was sure their invest won’t compromise over time and also turn right into a faded napkin.

You will desire to inspect with the press you are using to develop your posters and make sure the record and ink are archival. Castle will understand what’s best, and it’s normally worth it come spend an ext on these types of situations.

We have used the Epson Velvet well Art document in the previous for our imaginative poster projects. It has actually a 260 gsm.

Mailing Posters

You may need to move your posters come your client or whoever to buy them from you. If this is the case, you will desire to read this article:


Poster Design

While ~ above the topic of poster design, you may want to increase your skillset and also become a experienced movie poster designer. If that is the case, girlfriend will desire to sign up because that our online classes committed to movie poster design and taught by yes, really movie poster designers and art directors.

These class are right now in production, yet we suggest you authorize up for our newsletter so that you will be notified when they become available.

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If you space looking to boost your knowledge right currently then we indicate these articles to gain started.


What paper weight to usage for posters can get pretty complicated, nice quick. 

So, if you room unsure then always consult the advice that a professional. Usually, the press you room going come use, simply remember the is their attention to offer you the highest gsm and also most expensive file they can.

Therefore, be strict through the spending plan you have in mental and shot to acquire the ideal deal possible at that price point.