A man and also a little boy look over the lighted screens at the bright Nights 5K roadway Race in woodland Park in Springfield last month. (The Republican file)

A cool way to think around inflation. Examples of transforms in consumer prices. And the product for this holiday (dramatic pause) slide (dramatic pause) show.

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PNC jae won Services team in Philadelphia is out v its 35th yearly PNC Christmas Price Index, its calculation of just how much the "true love" from "The Twelve days of Christmas" would spend on all gifts from the yuletide carol.

PNC's sources encompass retailers, hatcheries -- because that the swans, calling birds etc. -- the Philadelphia-based Philandco dance troupe and also the Pennsylvania Ballet Co. Because that the ladies dancing.


"While we have witnessed much more market volatility this year, consumer confidence remains strong and wage expansion is start to record up v high employment," said Amanda Agati, co-chief invest strategist because that PNC. "The PNC Christmas Price Index mirrors these trends, as we see solid growth in crucial areas."


A Nativity scene was unveiled in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican top top Dec. 7, 2018. The Nativity step is do of sand and sculpted by one international set of artists. Around 700 lots of sand have actually been shipped to St. Peter's Square for the sculpture, which space the centerpiece of the Vatican's Christmastime decorations along with a gigantic tree. (Alessandro Di Meo / connected Pres)


Mostly for the tree -- $199.95, the exact same price together last year. The partridge price $20.18, increase from $20 in 2017.



That's under 9.1 percent from 2017 ~ above falling gold prices. The expense had jumped 10 percent native 2016 to 2017.

That's up 8.3 percent from critical year, one of the largest jumps in price. The price that the geese had not seen boost since 2014.

Maria Servidone, 19, of eastern Longmeadow, is chased by one of the two swans life at legacy Park in eastern Longmeadow in 2011. (The Republican file)

Sophia Zina the Hadley gets prepared to take she entry into the show ring in ~ the 2018 Cummington Fair. (The Republican file)

LCHS Pom Squad offered as the “nine ladies dancing” in ~ West primary school yesterday! pic.twitter.com/F6MopTgzdz

— Lubbock-Cooper ISD (

Dance companies have actually not changed the price they'd fee to send nine females over for a performance.

Songs and fairy tales came to be hidden religious treasure troves once Catholicism was illegal in the 1500-1800's. So the ten lords a leaping in the Twelve days of Christmas were much more than just entertainment - they organized a unique meaning. Have the right to you assumption: v what it was? pic.twitter.com/Bo54yEeTAs

— tranquility Dominicans (

That's up 3 percent from 2017. PNC states this is evidence of lagging earnings getting caught up in a tight job market. Hiring a "lord," but one would carry out that, is getting an ext expensive, apparently, according to PNC's research.

The pen State Blue tape performs at the Fiesta key pep rally in ~ Scottsdale stadium on Dec. 30, 2017. (PennLive.com)

It would cost the true love the the song around 1.2 percent much more to acquire each gift this year contrasted with 2017. That would certainly be around $450 much more in 2018 보다 in 2017 because that a new grand complete of $39,094.93.

That 1.2 percent price hike is much less than the 2.5 percent boost in the wider Consumer Price Index, possibly because "The Twelve work of Christmas" oversamples the sector for live poultry contrasted with various other parts the the economy.

But remember: "True love" repeats a many of presents as the tune progresses. Buying all 364 gifts would call for $170,609.46, up $781.94 from critical year and $66,813.45 from 1984 as soon as a predecessor bank to PNC very first started computer the index.

Sandra Richter of Bernardston buys Christmas presents at Target in the Holyoke shopping center in 2015. (The Republican file)

And it payment to shop in person. Buying all these gifts online would expense your true love $41,165.95. That's $2,071.02 an ext than in-store purchases.

According to Hallmark Cards Inc., London businessman Henry Cole introduced our contemporary Christmas card heritage in 1843 with this card. Around the dimension of a postcard, the hand-colored card had three Victorian holiday scenes and also the message, "A funny Christmas and also a Happy new Year to You." only 12 that the initial 1,000 Henry Cole Christmas cards are well-known to exist today. 2 are held in the Hallmark style Collections.

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