This ramp currently comes v 2 great of plywood skating surface to boost the strength and durability the the ramp.

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Extremely sturdy for any level skater.

*If interested in Skatelite agree this ramp would certainly require 4 sheets.

Get cost-free shipping top top Skatelite Pro through this ramp purchase.



SpecificationsHeight: 26 inchesWidth: 8 feetLength: 16 feetTools Needed: DrillAssembly Time: 4-6 HoursShipping Cost: FREE!Skate Paint: Requires 1 gallon


Shipping & Product Info

Garage Mini ramp halfpipe arrives to your door in the kit form. Everything comes boxed up– prepared to go! Only need a drill come install.

Our instructions hand-operated (with user-friendly photos) makes this ramp extremely simple to build.All products are designed for outdoor use. 

just how to protect & treatment

View much more info on where to ar your halfpipe Halfpipe Foundations

View more info on exactly how to safeguard your halfpipe Protect my Halfpipe

Shipping process

What to Expect

We have actually two teams working roughly the clock to mass produce the beloved kit that are in high demand, after every we company ALL skaters worldwide! The fabrication time in our warehouse starts when you ar the order together the information prints out directly to our team to begin production. After ~ the kit is created, the next process is yes, really transit time. We work-related with number of carriers because that a selection of our assets to help cut down on transit times and also delays. 

Our 4 minutes 1 Pipe kits (4ft large Quarter pipe & larger), half Pipes, and sheets the GatorSkins or Skatelite agree all delivery on a dual size pallet (4ft broad x 8ft long) via freight carrier. As the twin sized pallet leaves our warehouse, the freight carrier will then begin the transit process to obtain your order over to her local delivery terminal. As your distribution arrives in your local area, the freight transport will have actually an meeting setter speak to you straight to schedule an meeting for delivery. As with when you book an appointment v the cable company, you will be provided a 4 – 8-hour window of delivery. 

The freight driver will certainly then come at her residential delivery resolve on the work of your reserved appointment. Please keep in mind that this will be a curbside delivery. The driver will not have the ability to pull right into your driveway or any other requested area on her property. You will desire to be certain to have 2 – 3 able-bodied adults, in total, in ~ your location of residence during the delivery home window to assist with the unloading of this pallet. Listed the size and also weight of this shipments, a liftgate is no permitted and also drivers are unable to help with any of the hand discharge process. The pallet is straightforward to malfunction to execute a hand unloading procedure with yourself and also a couple of additional helping hands. 

The entire unloading process may seem an overwhelming however the is a fairly simple procedure that can be executed within 10 – 20 minutes! Please store in mind that delays may take place with the delivery. We recognize that this can be frustrating. If you experience a let go appointment, please reach the end to us and our team is happy to help. 

If you notice any damages or issues with the order upon receiving, please proceed with accepting the shipment, yet notate top top the delivery receipt through stating “DAMAGE” when signing the shipment receipt. You do not have to itemize any type of material which to be damaged as soon as accepting the shipment. As soon as your distribution has been unloaded and signed, please email our team directly with the damage(s), proof of signed delivery receipt which has been notated together damaged in addition to full length pictures of the material which was damaged. Us will work-related on resolving the issue immediately.

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3. Galvanized steel parts that prevent rusting4. Pre-cut and also Pre-drilled board ensure basic installation
5. Computerized reduced pieces insurance a perfect slope
The internet has actually all species of devastating ideas as to how come quiet or dampen the sound of your skateboard ramp - in details the mini ramps (or halfpipes).

You might read about wives story on making use of insulation, filling the coping v whatever, or include pillows and also blankets behind the ramp. Us are here to clear the air….that is every nonsense.

There are really just 2 proposal to assist quiet her mini ramp.

You deserve to close up the earlier of your skateboard ramp through ¾” special plywood. This will remove the hole sound significantly. Again, don’t read into the bogus information about filling in the empty space before friend close it up with plywood. It no work. Simply closing up the backend will assist with the noise. Part customers will get creative with it- we’ve viewed several put hinges on the backend - making a custom door because that storage, etc. The is completely optional to make use of the space. However in regards to noise levels, close that up.Also making use of a softer gelatin wheel is valuable to give you the incognito vibe your neighbors won’t complain around while shredding your skateboard ramp. Typically the harder the wheel, the louder castle hear ya coming! many skaters have actually multiple skateboards through a different set of wheels, many prefer the more tough wheels during normal street skating usage & then at night us switch over to the gel softer wheel so her neighbor’s can obtain their valuable sleep & you can shred your heart out! no every skater likes speak a gelatin wheel. There are many pros/cons. For this conversation, the greatest pro for having actually a softer wheel is the decreased noise factor. If you have neighbors that room goin to be a narc, simply throw top top the soft wheels!