There space 64 quantities of well-known Japanese manga One Piece. Every copy is about fifty percent an customs thick and also weighs 5.30 ounces. All 64 volumes stacked room over three feet high and also weigh practically 22 pounds. You'd be insane to try to steal every 64 quantities at once.

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But that's precisely what one male did.

One night on Dec. 23 last year, a 26-year-old man gone into a Shizuoka prefecture bookstore, delivering a huge travel bag over his shoulder, report the Yomiuri Shimbun. The 2 clerks functioning at the time thought he appeared suspicious, but, gift a national holiday, the save was busy and packed through shoppers.

It was till the next morning that the employee noticed the damage: One Piece vol. 1 to vol. 64 were systematically swiped native the shelves. The staff checked the defense camera, finding out the 26-year-old male filling his bag through the One Piece manga ten volumes at a time. The clip then showed him leaving the shop in a hurry, comics in tow.


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"I was planning to re-sell them", the young male apparently told the police. Follow to authorities, the value of every 64 volumes is the identical of ¥26,000 (US$340) retail. Used book stores would pay around ¥23,000 (US$300) for them.

"Even in ~ a offered bookstore, these could be offered quickly," defined a book retailer in Shizuoka City. "They're good as new, and even if the used publication shop paid virtually full price, it would still turn a profit." Moreover, One Piece is the best manga in Japan at the moment, i m sorry not just makes it an easy sell, but an easy target.

At this very same bookshop, duplicates of Hunter x Hunter and also other comics were stolen throughout mid-December. Police space investigating even if it is this 26-year-old is behind those incidents.

While countless items at "recycle shops" are marketed by people who purchased lock legally, it's not uncommon for stolen comic publications an video games often finish up ~ above shelves—much prefer stolen items end up at pawn shops in the West. Yet here, the heist wasn't diamonds or stereo equipment, however comic books.

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