Are friend a new chameleon pet owner feather to find out a little more about your reptile friend?

Do you desire to make certain your reptile petis in ~ a healthy and balanced weight?

Knowing whereby your Chameleon have to be atin terms of weight and length is crucial for discovering if her chameleon has actually anillness or not. When you watch this, it’s feasible to gain your pet into the vetright away and fix the problems.

You may uncover yourself wondering:

Howmuch walk a chameleon weigh?

AChameleon weight as an adult depends mostly on a species. There space over 200different chameleon types from a wide selection of sizes. In general, petchameleons will finish up approximately 100-120 grams.

Check out the rest of the article for morespecific info on the load of different types and gender also asthings to execute to aid your pet maintain a healthy and balanced weight.

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ChameleonWeight through Species

In this section, we’ll look in ~ chameleon load by species and gender.

Since there room so numerous species, we’ll invest time looking at the most common varieties of chameleons because that pets.

While these numbers aren’t hard and also fast rules, usage them as a tip to tell if your pet is suffering from malnutrition or is obese.

In both these cases, you may need to take a expedition to the vet or adjust their feedings.

Species Average masculine Weight In Grams (ounces) Average Female load In Grams (ounces)
Veiled Chameleon 85-170 grams (3-6 ounces) 85-113 grams (3-4 ounces)
Jackson’s Chameleon 110-150 grams (3.8-5.3 ounces) 90-130 grams (3.2-4.6 ounces)
Panther Chameleon 140-180 grams (4.9-6.3 ounces) 60-100 grams (2.1-3.5 ounces)
bearded Pygmy Chameleon 12-20 grams (0.4-0.7 ounces) 12-20 grams (0.4-0.7 ounces)
Spectral Pygmy Chameleon 20-28 grams (0.7-1 ounces) 12-28 grams (0.4-1 ounces)
Usambara Pitted Pygmy Chameleon 12-28 grams (0.4-1 ounces) 12-25 grams (0.4-0.9 ounces)

Note: These are simply averages based on adult weight.

Chameleon might be much less or more, relying on a multitude of factors.

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ProperChameleon Diet

One of the finest things to perform as one owner to save your Chameleon at a healthy weight is to feeding them properly.

Feeding chameleons isn’t tough at all, yet you do have to make sure you know what you doing.

Chameleons space insectivores, which means they eat insects together their main resource of food.

In captivity, crickets are one of the ideal staple foods items for chameleons.

Some smaller species (which aren’t frequently kept together pets) may need smaller sized insects.

You likewise may want to adjust the insects if the baby Chameleon is too little to eat the cricket you have available.

Read an ext about how to feed baby chameleons.

For adult chameleons, the actions are nice simple.

You only should feed castle every various other day.

During this feeding, you set aside a 10 come 15-minute period in i m sorry you provide the Chameleon a couple of crickets in ~ a time.

If castle eat every the crickets, girlfriend add much more for the remainder of the time.

After the timer is up, remove the crickets.

Continuing to include crickets for as lengthy as the Chameleon will eat may finish up in one overweight Chameleon.

Obesity can cause as numerous health problemsas an underfed chameleon.

Crickets have to be no larger than the distance in between the chameleon’s eyes.

Any bigger than this and the Chameleon may end up choking on the crickets.

In some cases, the Chameleon can swallow the cricket, but the food may end up affected in the cradle system.

This impaction causes constipation at best, or the may reason paralysis and death in ~ worst.

Always check the dimension of the cricketscompared come the certain size of your Chameleon.

Feeding crickets the the appropriate size and also atthe best time is a significant part of their diet, but you have to do more.

In captivity, reptiles room in risk of arising calcium deficiencies.

To combat this, you need to administer a calcium supplement along with the cricket food.

The many common and easiest method to execute this is come sprinkle a calcium powder complement over the crickets before feeding them to the chameleons.

These additionally are simple to do, and also they occupational pretty well.

We strongly recommend doing this v every solitary feeding.

Go to a pet store or to buy an digital powder supplement designed v reptiles in mind.