In the business of Roofing over there are number of expenses. Shingle disposal is just one of them. Since disposal prices are determined by volume and also weight, the question is exactly how MUCH?

Don’t gain Scared… mathematics Required

Let’s take it a look at the distinctions in determining just how much.

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A couple of the measurement choices would be square footage, shingle size, new shingle weight and every various other item you might wrap your head about but the way we need to recognize weight in a tear off is through Roofing Squares.

Square clip / 100 = Roofing Squares


Roofing square vs. Square footage

One square is same to 100 square feet. Because that example, a 2,000 square foot roof is same to 20 square.

Knowing about how many squares the shingles you need to dispose of makes it less complicated to interact that details to the dumpster rental company, who can then introduce the ideal sized container.

What size dumpster carry out I require for “X” amount the shingles?

Important: understand how countless layers of shingles will be disposed of; 2 class will twin the variety of squares.

Example: 1500 sq. Ft. Roof / 100 = 15 squares the roofing, (or 30 for two layers of shingles.)

Dumpster size recommendations are as follows:

1-5 squares = 10 cu. Yd. Dumpster5-15 squares = 15 cu. Yd. Dumpster15-25 squares = 20 cu. Yd. Dumpster25 and also up squares = 30 cu. Yd. Dumpster

A 40 yard container is not recommended for shingles as the load will likely exceed agree hauling limits.

Now that us have established how plenty of squares the shingles we have and also what size dumpster is most likely needed, let’s see just how much load to expect. See the table listed below for 3-tab shingles and architectural shingles.

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3-Tab Shingles Weigh around 300 Lbs Per Square

3-Tab shingles room primarily much less expensive than architectural shingles when allows them to be more commonly used. They also have a much more consistent appearance so are simpler to install. In most cases, her roof tear-off debris will be 3-tab.

# of SquaresApproximate WeightRecommended Dumpster
10 Squares1.5 Tons15 Cubic Yard
20 Squares3 Tons15 or 20 Cubic Yard
30 Squares4.5 Tons20 or 30 Cubic Yard
40 Squares6 Tons30 Cubic Yard



Architectural shingles weigh around 400 lbs per square

Architectural-style roofing shingles are heavier and also take up a bit much more space contrasted to 3-tab shingles, for this reason you’ll need a slightly larger dumpster to accommodate the extra bulk.

# the SquaresApproximate WeightRecommended Dumpster
10 Squares2 Tons15 Cubic Yard
20 Squares4 Tons15 or 20 Cubic Yard
30 Squares6 Tons30 Cubic Yard
40 Squares8 Tons30 Cubic Yard

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