The Shih Tzu descend indigenous the Lhasa Apso and Pekingese dog breeds. Your distinctive coat and also various coat colour have captured the fist of many. Are you wondering about their cost? Well, take it a look in ~ the info in this article.

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Shih Tzu was a very popular dog breed during the Ming dynasty of China that was later found by the English in people War II. The lusciously flow coat is really elegant and stunning. Shih Tzu method a lion and also hence this each other is additionally called Lion Dog. This bloodline is sturdy, alert and also energetic. Perfect for apartment life, a Shih Tzu deserve to be 11 inch in height and weigh between 9-16 pounds. A long earlier and quick legs means they space prone to spine diseases and injury. Some suffer from skin ailments. Gift a little dog breed, they are not used to rigorous exercise. Be ever before mindful that the amount that you room feeding so girlfriend don’t cause obesity.

Shih Tzus room so playful and social. These attributes have made these companion dog a favorite. They require a many attention and care. Prior to buying a Shih Tzu pup, or rescuing a Shih Tzu it is important to know all about their traits, temperament, and feasible health problems.

Cost of Puppies

Shih Tzu, is a popular small dog breed. There are particular dog lover who desire to own a dog to raise for championship purposes, while some simply want it because that companionship. One of the key objectives of breeding dogs is to keep pure bloodlines and ensure the breed’s an excellent health. Ignorant breeders regularly sell good breeds at a lower price and also do not preserve the records of the bloodline. Top top the various other hand, there are breeders the raise champion dogs however sell their pups in ~ a higher rate. Only to buy a pup from a trustworthy breeder to assure a healthy and balanced animal. take into consideration saving a life and take on a dog native a Shih Tzu rescue! Also, don’t forget to check your neighborhood shelters for a wonderful tiny dog wait for friend to give it a forever home! Buyers who room interested in to buy a Shih Tzu pup should look right into the documents of the pup’s parents. In the US, the price selection of these puppies different from $900 – $2,500.


A price of a pet not only involves the purchase cost but one should likewise consider the expense of grooming. Their lengthy flowing coat requires a good amount of maintain to store it healthy and also knot-free. Over there are experienced groomers that are knowledgeable caring for dogs with lengthy coats. The average price of Shih Tzu organize is around $30. In case you room not interested in handing your pup come a groomer, try doing it at home. However, you should know about the right assets to be able to make grooming exciting for your Shih Tzu pup.

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With regular veterinary care, a nutritious diet for small dogs, proper care because that its coat, to walk in the fresh air, top quality playtime and positive combine training approaches your Shih Tzu and you will enjoy many happy years together.