There is a lot an ext to horse jockeys than meets the eye. Sure, once you space watching them ride around the monitor in human being or top top TV, those to win races make it look so easy.

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All the best professional sportspeople do, though.

Here, we lift the lid on horse jockeys through our perform of top10 points you never know around riders.

1. There Is No Maximum height For AJockey, yet Being little Helps


Jockeys have the right to be as tall as they like, so long as they have the right to make the allotted load for the horses they ride.

While over there is no upper limit in terms of height, taller jockeys are much more likely to battle with their weight – specifically as they get older.

This motivated two-time irish champion flat jockey Donnacha O’Brien, that was close to 6ft (1.82m), to retire from the saddle aged simply 21, and also join renowned father Aidan and older brother Joseph as a racehorse trainer.

The height selection of typical horse jockeys goes indigenous a diminutive 4ft 10in (1.47m) approximately 5ft 6in (1.67m).

Size matters, then, but although tiny as a rule, riders likewise need come be solid to control their mounts.

2. The Tallest ever Jockey was 7ft 7in (2.31m)

Former NBA player Manute Bol make the efforts his hand at gift a jockey in a charity race in Indiana. Standing in ~ 7ft 7in (2.31m), he is the tallest jockey on record to ever ride under rules.

In Australia, the so late Stuart Brown who passed away aged 43 was 6ft3in (1.87m) but still enjoyed victories in the saddle.

Patrick Sankey, a British allude to allude jockey was standing at6ft 7in (2.01m), won a equine race in between the flags in Wales, however carried 10lboverweight in ~ 12st 10lb (almost 80.75kg). The highlights the problems tallerriders face versus their smaller sized counterparts.

The taller you are, then the tougher the is to do theweight.

Jockeys of greater heights are simply at a disadvantage.Riding capacity and talent, as Donnacha O’Brien found out, can’t defend youfrom piling ~ above the pounds v a details body type.

3. There are No elevation Restrictions, however JockeysMust weigh A certain Amount


What a jockey requirements to weigh is determined by the problems of the race.

There might be collection weights or, if the equine is to run in ahandicap, the jockey’s load is identified by the horse’s rating loved one toother runners. The top-rated steed carries the heaviest weight.

If a jockey weighs in irradiate after a race, climate they will certainly bedisqualified.

However, it is not just themselves the go top top the scales tobe checked. A horse’s saddle, tack and also cloth should be lugged into the weighingroom too. The weight of every that tools is added to the jockey.

Riders can be uncovered to sweet in overweight, which no seenas a problem.

There room allowances for amateur and conditional jockeyswhich they claim off the set weights. These start at 10lb (4.5kg) and arereduced in intervals ~ a jockey rides a certain variety of winners.

Once they have 75 win in the saddle, a jumps horsejockey is stated to have actually ridden the end their claim and can no longer take additionalweight off their mount’s back.

On the Flat, apprentice jockeys gain up to 95 winners whichis more generous.

In France, woman riders are permitted to claim a genderallowance and, while this could seem a tiny sexist, it gives them anadvantage end their masculine counterparts.

Never disregard weight allowances as soon as you gambling on a horse race, together this knowledge can give friend an edge.

4. Jockey Weights for Flat and also JumpsRaces space Different

Flat steed jockeys should weigh substantially less than theircolleagues who ride over jumps.

The weight framework for level races in i beg your pardon no obstaclesare jumped can go down to 8st (51kg). When you variable in the saddle and also tack, aFlat jockey should weigh about 108lbs (49kg) in stimulate to do bottom weight.

No horse on the flat should it is in carrying more than 10st(63.5kg).

In national Hunt equine racing over jumps, however, 10st isthe minimum collection weight.

Topweight is rarely above 12st (76kg), although in hunterchases the amateur horse jockeys may have 12st 7lb (79kg). More heavier saddlecloths, regularly with lead sheets in your lining, are supplied for national Huntraces.

With the weight of your tack included, it’s tho importantfor jumps jockeys to keep themselves in shape.

Size helps but, because the weights space not for this reason extremecompared to the Flat, nationwide Hunt jockeys could end up having actually longer careers– providing they stay injury free.

5. Jockeys gain Less 보다 10 Percent OfWinnings indigenous A Race


After risking life and also limb partnering your mounts in a race, steed jockeys room not specifically well compensated for doing the steering.

In jumps races, i beg your pardon after all space riskier than running onthe Flat, the driver receives between 8-9 percent of the prize money.

You room scarcely much better off 보다 a racehorse trainer, withthe owners pocketing the lion’s re-superstructure at about 80 percent of winnings. Manyare kind sufficient to provide the handlers, jockeys and grooms a bonus though.

On the Flat, the portion is even lower for horse jockeyswith less than 7 percent on median going to the win rider.

With put prize money, regardless of the code, the ridergets a measly 3.5 percent. No wonder they shot so difficult to obtain the horses to win!

There are likewise expenses, agent’s fees and also many various other deductions take away from horse jockeys.

They space not also off together you might think, then, and the hazard of injury outweighs the rewards as riders nothing earn as soon as they are facing a assignment on the sidelines.

6. A Jockey’s usage Of The Whip has StrictRules and Limits


This is a controversial topic, yet horse racing authoritieshave constantly taken ~ above board pertains to from horse welfare charities through regardsto a horse jockey making use of the whip.

There space clear rule to follow and also severe punishments for any rider that is uncovered to have damaged them.

In a level race, a jockey might not usage the foam padded, aircushioned whip do of man-made material much more than 7 times.

If lock do, then they will incur one of two people a well and/or asuspension for excessive use. Stewards additionally look in ~ the pressure a jockey puntsinto their use of the whip.

Over jumps, the maximum border is eight times.

The correct place to use the whip is top top a racehorse’s hindquarters, never ever on the flanks.

If a horse does not respond come the whip, among theexpressed functions for utilizing it, then a jockey must take into consideration the wellbeing oftheir mount.

7. Equine Jockeys Aren’t allowed To PlaceBets


Racing authorities take a really dim see of horse jockeysplacing bets and it is seen as major breach the the rules.

Lengthy bans have the right to be handed out, through Hayley Turner rely for 3 months after she was discovered betting while quiet holding a licence to ride. That is a mild penalty by comparison.

In Australia, there is a causing obligation two-year half for anyhorse jockey discovered to breach betting rules. This acts together a significant deterrent andthe authorities down Under room not fear to it is in even much more severe than that withpunishments.

Racing NSW stewards banned Adam Hyeronimus for three years once they found him guilty of breaking the rules. He placed two A$500 bets on steeds he rode, for this reason backing himself backfired.

Authorities have to be tough on this due to the fact that horse jockeyshave within information.

8. Numerous Jockeys Have passed away Or suffered Life-Changing Injuries together A an outcome Of horse Racing


Horse racing is a dangerous sport and, while fatalities are thankfully couple of and much between, life-changing injuries and deaths do happen.

All horse jockeys are compelled to wear security headgear,but much more than 100 riders in phibìc America have died as a an outcome of injuries inraces due to the fact that 1950.

Studies do present that the fatality rates the jockeys in California have decreased substantially after 1980.

While much has actually been done in countries where steed racing ispopular, the risk to both equine and also human athletes cannot be reduced entirely.

As with any type of sport, over there is always a possibility of maintain injuries.

Thin human body protectors, which horse jockeys can insurance claim as partof your equipment, have become much more common in gyeongju riding in recent years toprotect the spine.

9. You i will not ~ See numerous Riders over The AgeOf 40

As it i do not care more daunting to regulate their weight as theyget older, numerous horse jockeys call time on their careers in the saddle afterthe period of 40.

It is definitely rare because that riders to go on past 50, althoughthere are significant exceptions.

Legendary British level jockey Lester Piggott came out the retirementaged 54. Prefer American rider bill Shoemaker, the partnered his final winner inthe saddle in ~ 58 year old.

That is past most jockeys, however, v the late 30s orearly 40s the period at i m sorry most speak to time on your careers.

US room of Fame driver Mike Smith and Japan’s Yutaka Take space both still gaining a foot up right into their 50s.

Frankie Dettori reaches that milestone soon too, yet theweighing rooms the the world look very different come when any kind of of these currentactive horse jockeys began riding.

10. Gender Equality has A Long means To go


Horse racing is by and large dominated by men.

There are noteworthy exceptions the course, and also plenty has actually been excellent to spotlight female jockeys in recent years.

From Lizzie Kelly’s breakthrough grade 1 drive on Tea For 2 at Kempton, through to Bryony Frost winning a height race at the Cheltenham Festival and the recent exploits of Hollie Doyle ~ above the level in the UK, there is plenty to inspire.

However, numerous of these huge race victories room notable since they space firsts for women. There are still so couple of female jockeys.

Doyle ended up being the very first female level horse jockey to victory arace ~ above British champion Day in ~ Ascot and also a group 1 v her memorable double.

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These achievements are hopefully breaking several of thebarriers down.

When woman jockeys have actually been asked, they regularly say they feeling discriminated against.

With such a leading male existence with owners, trainers andweighing room partner all around them, they feel afraid come speak out againstharassment or bullying.