I know what she thinking. I’m just another former CZW staff member complaining around CZW. This is not that column. This is a look back at few of the highest & lowest times of the company. I operated for CZW native their very first TV taping ~ above June 8, 2001 doing odd jobs to being a referee and also finishing up on June 12, 2010. Nearly 9 years for the company…of course turn off & on if you know my history with the company. What this tower will be about are the backstage stories and also things that were either planned come happen, were in speak to happen, stories from the shows and ideas that were brought up and also never used.

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I arrangement on functioning backwards as it simply makes it much easier for mine memory. I’ll it is in talking about “Lines in the Sand” as that to be the last show I worked. That didn’t begin off well for me together I got to the building after leaving work and not see my surname on the lineup. Mike Burns who generally runs the shows was not there as he to be at a marathon. I go approximately CZW’s “esteemed” Owner DJ Hyde and he allow me recognize I was no on the show tonight and that he had texted me the night before that i wasn’t to it is in on the show. Ns let him recognize I never ever received this message message and also he shows me he had actually texted my phone number yet the last digit was gone into twice for this reason it never made its way to me. Ns let him know if that would prefer to allow me work since he to be going come be paying me regardless together I was never told i wasn’t booked on the show.

He was “nice” enough to allow me work and also I refereed 2 matches. One was a typical tag team match between Team Macktion and also Irish Drivebay and additionally a 3-way sign team match between The best Around, AR Fox & Jon Gresham and also the A-Team. The 3-way tag team complement had rules no one can make feeling to me and also I to be the referee so it was just referred to as with 3 civilization in the ring in ~ once…including 2 human being from the very same team could be legal in ~ a time. I could care less of being made come look like a fool considering DJ go a very good job of that previously in the night. They did their match and that to be it.

Later that night they ran an edge after Eddie Kingston & Drake Younger challenged Masada and the recently departed brain Damage wherein Cult Fiction beat increase security. Permit me repaint a photo for you if you’ve never ever seen the display (and i doubt many have.) You have Eddie Kingston…former world Heavyweight Champion…Drake Younger…former world Heavyweight Champion…they were at the moment the CURRENT people Tag Team Champions. They sneak end Masada & Damage and also then the heels were to gain their heat ago by beating the ever loving shit the end of Kingston & Younger. Castle were rather successful in ~ accomplishing the goal. Currently Masada and also Damage to be (and in Masada’s situation still) intimidating males to begin with but when they’re in the ring castle much more intimidating. Kingston and Younger are on the mat down offering for a huge amount of time. Why? since as damage & Masada were laying waste to the defense staff (which were actual security from CZW and also CZW students) the protection staff…WERE acquiring UP. Watching the from the crowd level wherein I was at it to be astonishing to watch. One student obtained hit so tough the whole crowd went “OHHHHHH” and he had a bump on his head after the show. Didn’t stay down and continued to gain beat up. Kingston & Younger to be made come look like fools as world that room not well-known as wrestlers to be showing an ext strength than 2 former world Heavyweight Champions. Clearly this didn’t walk over well with Kingston and that’s why the left the agency shortly ~ (well part of…Mike Burns left ~ this show). The level the unprofessionalism in the ring the night to be what happens when you put either untrained or very inexperienced human being in a ring.

Later that night mine very small pay to be chopped for whatever reason. I agreed come come ago to CZW in ~ a smaller than usual rate due to the fact that Burns marketed me top top coming ago and help out. I gained my envelope…saw that my pay was chopped and also just headed home. When I contacted DJ around it he stated he would provide me what was owed if I pertained to the institution that Tuesday. Cross the bridge from Jersey to philly was walk to price me $4 therefore that seemed pointless to carry out so ns let him recognize moving front if he had no plans on making use of me that we can use as the last goodbye.

I liked DJ once he was a student. The was always helpful and also would carry out as he to be told other than he readily available his opinion a small too much about things the shouldn’t. He was an extremely excited to buy CZW from john Zandig and also I thought he was bordering himself with great people to move the firm forward. That went from being a wrestler to gift an Owner and also found self gaining opponents quicker 보다 he probably also imagined that could. He would certainly talk down to the wrestlers. He would talk under to the staff. He usually stopped being a likable person and turned right into a tyrant.

Next week I’ll be earlier to talk about the disaster the was Fist Fight where John Zandig faced brain Damage to obtain into tournament of death 9…which neither were at.

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Derek Sabato is a former backstage member of Combat zone Wrestling. That is a existing on-air talent because that CHIKARA Pro. The operates and writes for The High Phive…a Philadelphia based sports blog with news & opinions at www.HighPhive.net. You have the right to follow him on Twitter
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