When ns bought Bella, a purebred Boston Terrier, earlier in 2009 we were may be to get her indigenous a breeder for $350.00 in Missouri.

Bella only a couple of weeks old.

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But that was over a decade ago. After ~ a couple of hours of research, below is what I uncovered out regarding the price of Boston Terriers 10 years later.

Looking because that a Boston Terrier puppy? Be certain to inspect out the Boston Terrier Society’s totally free puppy academy to aid you through your search and understanding of Boston Terrier. Click here, Puppy Academy.

How lot Does A Boston Terrier Cost?

The average price for a purebred Boston Terrier puppy online is $1,299.68. The average price of end 137 various breeders across the nation was $1,050. The price have the right to vary madness from as low as $350 to together high as $3,299.

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Where Is The ideal Place To discover Affordable Boston Babies?

Buying a puppy deserve to be expensive, so be sure to carry out your own research online.

The many affordable ar I can find was Craigslist and also shelters & rescues.

Let us talk about rescues and also Craigslist personal below.


Rescues & Shelters

If you are wanting to get a Boston Terrier the best kind that “shelters” come look into would it is in a Boston Terrier Rescue.

Often the expense to take on from a rescue is no more than $400. Ns looked at 10 the the Boston Terrier rescues in the United says that have pricing on your website and the typical price was $336.00.

Want to learn much more about Boston Terrier Rescue fostering pricing, process, and also more? start with this article, exactly how Much does It price To embrace A Boston indigenous A Rescue.

Where To discover A Boston Terrier Rescue

There are a variety of these types of rescues transparent the joined States and also the world.

If you want a complete list the Boston Terrier Rescues in the U.S. & Canada inspect out this list here on my site, Boston Terrier Rescue Directory.

The just thing you may be absent from the sanctuary or Craigslist is the American Kennel club (AKC) registration.

If a purebred Boston is crucial to you, make sure you see and also receive the AKC Dog registration Application prior to buying your new puppy.

For an ext information about what to look the end for when buying an AKC Registered Dog, check out AKC’s article on What Buyers should Know.



The just positive I have actually for finding Boston Terriers on Craigslist is you deserve to often discover an affordable puppy that you can bring into your home and also love on.

However, there space a the majority of reasons not to get a Boston Terrier native Craigslist.

Me (Donnie) and also Bella.

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How ns Did my Research

In act my study for this article, I offered the adhering to marketplace websites:

The Process

I went to every site and also found 30 different breeders come compile an average price of Boston’s for the site.

The only place I was unable to pull 30 breeders from was Craigslist. In Craigslist, ns was unable to verify if the puppies were purebred, so i did not include them in my sample. The Craigslist sample size consisted of 17 breeders.

Final Thoughts…

Buying a Boston Baby must be an amazing time for you. Emily and I drove eight hrs round expedition to buy Bella. A neighborhood pet keep was offering Boston’s for $1,200.00, and also we purchase Bella for $350.00, the weekend journey was worth it.

Do your research and call roughly to see where friend can gain the best price.

If you scoured the web long enough, and also you’re patient, you should have the ability to buy a purebred Boston under $1,000.