As viewers, the is engaging to clock a present like ‘Bering Sea Gold’ as the dredgers make calculated decisions to mine gold from the sea. The fact television collection follows a group of dredgers who brave the odds and troubleshoot mining-related issues in the hope of striking the rich. Castle could confront issues about mining location rights, tools failures, diver safety, and even harsh weather conditions.

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Naturally, the fans acquire curious to know just how much wide range each of them manages to rake in after everything they walk through. The whole procedure itself is dangerous and expensive since heavy machinery and equipment because that mining and also diving perform not come cheap. Therefore, we deserve to see why you would certainly be interested in knowing how rich the actors members of the display are. Below we have actually ranked the cast members according to their network worth to identify who is the richest!

9. Andy Kelly- $100,000


Andy Kelly is a diver who works alongside his father, Brad, and his brother, Kris, in the series. His father is one of the wealthiest cast members that the show; however, Andy and his brother have a long method to go prior to they reach the benchmark your father has actually set. Andy’s net worth has been reported to be around $100,000.

8. George Young- $150,000

Apart from mining because that gold, George Young is passionate about shooting and also adventure sporting activities such together skiing and sailing. Therefore, the is only organic that he offers his skills as a experienced diver in this heat of work. His capability to continue to be underwater for hours has gained him recognition, and now ‘Bering Sea Gold’ has become a far-reaching source of revenue for George. The talented athlete and diver supposedly earns around $100,000 native the show every season. Although no much has been revealed about his extr sources of income, we believe his net worth stand at roughly $150,000.

7. Dave Young- $200,000


George and also Dave are brothers who run their mining service together. The 2 of them likewise had another brother, Scott, who sadly lost his life ~ above the job. However, this has actually not discouraged the hard-working brothers from proceeding their work. When Dave’s exact net worth is no known, we recognize that the display is a major contributor to his wealth. The is likewise in company with Ken Kerr, that owns one of the greatest inland mines in the country. Therefore, we believe Dave’s net worth is approximately $ 200,000.

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6. Kris Kelly- $200,000


Kris joined the present with his younger brother, Andy. They were encouraged to take up yellow mining together a job by their father, Brad. As per some accounts, Kris likewise became the co-owner the the Reaper and also Loko. That is recognized to be competitive and optimistic, and ‘Bering Sea Gold’ is one of the most influential sources of income for him. Currently, his network worth is around $200,000.