Is One Direction touring?See above for all scheduled One Direction concert dates and also click "favorite" in ~ the optimal of the web page to gain One Direction tourism updates and discover comparable events.

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exactly how much are One Direction tickets?

One Direction tickets on the second market deserve to vary depending upon a number of factors. Typically, One Direction tickets can be found for together low together $90.00, with an typical price that $163.00.

how long are One Direction concerts?

Most concerts last about 2-3 hours however can run shorter or longer depending upon the artist, opened acts, encore, etc. One Direction concerts generally last 1.5 hours.

What"s One Direction"s setlist?

While performances have the right to vary between venues, One Direction setlist will certainly likely incorporate the complying with songs: far better Than WordsStory of mine LifeNight ChangesLittle ThingsBest tune EverNo ControlLittle black color DressThrough the Dark18Little White LiesPerfectSteal mine GirlAct mine AgeWhat renders You BeautifulDrag Me Down

room there period restrictions because that One Direction concerts?

Generally if you space under 18, girlfriend may need to be attach by one adult. Some artists and also venues may be unsuitable for particular ages and also the age requirements will be provided next to the occasion above. Currently, One Direction concerts have actually no restrictions.

exactly how to buy One Direction ticket is the best way to browse, find, and also buy One Direction Tickets.

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browser the over listings of One Direction tickets to find a present you would favor to attend. Once you find the perfect date and show time, click the switch on the right hand side of the occasion to watch all easily accessible tickets for the show. Next, discover all available One Direction ticket on the left hand next of the screen. Filter at the peak of the page permit tickets to be sorted through price, or by’s deal Score feature, which ranks tickets through value and tells you exactly how good of a transaction you"re spring at. On the right hand side, friend can explore’s interaction maps to discover the perfect seating section, and also to get a preview that what a check out from a seat in that section will watch like. Come buy One Direction tickets, click the ticket listing and you will certainly be command to’s checkout procedure to finish the info fields. will procedure your order and also deliver your One Direction tickets.

One Direction Ticket Prices

The expense of One Direction tickets deserve to vary based on a organize of factors. You re welcome see below for a look at exactly how One Direction ticket prices differ by city, and scroll up on this web page to see One Direction tourism dates and also ticket prices for upcoming concert in her city.