From an are Marauder come Metal gear Solid, below are the rarest games for the game Boy Color in addition to what each of lock is worth.

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The game Boy color is a handheld console the was released onto the market in 1998. This console was produced by Nintendo and also is part of the video game Boy family. It came out nine years ~ the original game Boy was released and also was different from the an initial console since of the fact that it had actually a full-color screen, fairly than the game Boy"s green dot matrix display.

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The video game Boy shade was discontinued in 2003, yet it saw a lot of of games released for the console throughout its lifetime. This console could play both games that to be released because that the original video game Boy and games specifically developed for the video game Boy Color. Today, the game Boy color is a console that has a the majority of nostalgia for world that flourished up in the 90s and also because the that, many civilization are feather to collection the gamings for the console.

Updated December 27th, 2020 by thomas Bowen: There are many things the can influence the price the vintage video games. A brand-new entry in the collection might bring about renewed interest while a remake or remaster have the right to also cause new fans come splash some cash to choose up the original. By far the biggest influence, however, is time. With each pass year, the prices of classic games continue to climb - v some now worth much more than ten time what they to be at launch. There room plenty the rare video game Boy color games out there, but these room the ones that will set you back the most.

Ghosts "N Goblins was released top top the video game Boy color in 2000. The video game was initially an arcade game that was released in the 1980s and also this side-scrolling platformer was also exit on other consoles like the NES, Atari ST, and also Commodore 64.

In this game, the player controls a article who has actually to fight a range of various enemies like zombies, ogres, and also demons, among other monsters, in order come rescue the princess. After beating the final boss, the player have the right to re-play the game to gain accessibility to a higher difficulty. Acquiring a brand-new copy that this game Boy shade game will set a collector back $195.

The crate for Bomberman search on the game Boy Color
The Bomberman collection has been roughly for what seems favor forever and also has featured top top pretty lot every console under the sun. Its second entry ~ above the video game Boy color strayed quite much from the franchise"s tried and tested formula do it one of the most unique Bomberman games in existence and one the the rarest.

The video game featured elements and mechanics from the action-adventure genre and also was pretty popular with critics. I m so sad though, sales were a little underwhelming definition that duplicates of the game are somewhat scarce today. Collectors will have to stump up what in the an ar of $250 if they want to add a brand-new copy of the game to their collection although deserve to spend a small less if they only want the cartridge.

Return that the Ninja is a video game Boy color game that was exit in 2001. This game was arisen as a successor to the 1990 game Shadow the the Ninja, return it"s not actually a direct sequel come the game.

This stealth-based game has players take it on the function of a ninja that uses assorted different strikes to make their method through the levels and also master the different elements. Players space then ranked at the end of each level relying on their time and how fine they walk battling your enemies. Brand-new and complete, this video game can walk for $275.

The cartridge for Revelations The Demon Slayer top top the game Boy Color
recognized as Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last bible in its aboriginal Japan, Revelations The Demon Slayer is one old institution JRPG that"s not also dissimilar to some of the last Fantasy video game Boy games. Whereby it differs, however, is that players space able come speak with many that the monsters they encounter on your journey.

Perhaps because of it being part of the same series as the hugely famous Persona games, the price that Revelations The Demon Slayer has actually skyrocketed over the past couple of years. A new copy the the game can offer for upwards of $316, which will most likely come together one hell of a revelation come anybody that happens to have actually a copy sitting about at home.

Space Marauder was exit on the video game Boy shade in 1999 in Japan and in 2000 in the remainder of the world. This video game is a colorized version of the video game Boy Game Burai Fighter. Along through being a video game Boy game, Burai Fighter was initially released ~ above the NES.

This game is a side-scrolling shooter that has actually the player take it on the role of one infantryman who has been sent out to an extraterrestrial base. The player has to make their method through the base and take out the enemies. New, this video game goes for up to $320.

despite being remade because that the Nintendo Switch no too lengthy ago, the price that Link"s Awakening DX continues to soar. It"s not rather up there with the original video game Boy variation yet, but for an magnified port its high price is still incredibly impressive.

Collectors looking to obtain their hand on a copy of Link"s Awakening will need to dig deep right into their pockets, as new copies that the game are right now selling because that upwards the $350. Offered that it"s a Zelda game though, the seems likely that its worth is just going to boost as the years continue to roll by so far better now 보다 later.

Wendy: Every Witch Way is a platforming video game that was released in 2001, solely on the video game Boy Color. The video game is concentrated on the comic book and also movie character Wendy who appears in Wendy the great Little Witch and Casper the familiar Ghost.

This game is a side-scrolling platformer video game that has some really unique mechanics that force the player to occasionally flip the video game upside down and take an alternative route with the level in order come proceed. In order to gain a brand-new and complete copy of this game, be all set to pay $419.

Survival Kids was initially released in 1999 and was only ever before released on the game Boy Color. This game is concentrated on making it through on a desert island and also has one open-ended format that enables players to development through the game at their very own pace and also play the video game in their own style. The game"s structure and also ending depend completely on how the player chooses to take it on the struggles that they"re gift throughout the game.

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This game is a pretty rarely one. Just acquiring your hands on the cartridge alone can price up to $70, however getting a brand-new and complete copy is wherein the price really jumps. That will set a serious video game Boy color collector earlier $479.

Metal equipment Solid is a game that was released in 2000 top top the game Boy Color. In Japan, this game was exit under the name Metal Gear: Ghost Babel. Return this is a Metal Gear game, it"s not component of the main canonical storyline that the franchise and is a spin-off that was designed exclusively for this handheld console.

This game is collection in an alternate future the the Metal Gear franchise and is set seven years after the occasions of the very first game in the franchise. When a loosened cartridge that this video game only costs around $55 today, a brand-new copy will certainly run a collector $499.

A Resident Evil video game on the game Boy Color? also though a the majority of the games on this handheld console space platforming games, this horror franchise absolutely made an figure on the console. Resident angry Gaiden to be released ~ above the game Boy shade in 2001.

The video game is unique due to the fact that the exploration has a top-down view, yet that alters when the character that the player is regulating is attacked. Then, the view transforms to a first-person view as the player battles the foe that they"re facing. The game complies with Leon S. Kennedy and Barry Burton as they investigate a virus that broke out on a passenger ship. Today, a brand-new copy the this game prices $537.

Some gamings are rare because of the popular of the series to which they belong. Others, however, space rare as result of how couple of copies of the game were sold once it first release. No are afraid Downhill mountain Bike Racing falls squarely right into the last category.

It"s a reasonably generic hill bike racing game that does little to collection itself apart from the crowd. Even so, a brand-new and sealed copy of the video game will set players back an remarkable $542. No too negative at all for a game that most people have never also heard of!

There are a lot of gamings that obtain cheaper ~ they to be released. As the game gets older, the price drops and also it becomes more and an ext affordable. But any fans the the Pokémon franchise will know that"s much from the instance with this series. Pokémon games it seems ~ to just get more and more expensive as the years go on.

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Pokémon Crystal was released top top the video game Boy color in 2000 in Japan and also in 2001 in the rest of the world. The video game was placed on Nintendo"s digital Console ~ above the Nintendo 3DS in 2018, yet that hasn"t made the physical video game Boy color game any type of cheaper. New and complete, this game will run you up to $585.

If you thought that Pokemon crystal was expensive, just wait until you get a pack of its enlarge brother. Regardless of selling considerably much more copies, its progressing years have actually driven the price that Pokemon Silver as much as an eye-watering $949. That course, this is because that a brand new copy the the game, with loose copies selling for significantly cheaper.

It should perhaps come as tiny surprise that Pokemon Gold isn"t too much behind its silver counterpart. A new copy will collection players earlier around $900 while loosened copies often tend to market for a far much more modest $25. Interestingly, Pokemon Gold and Silver are additionally among the Nintendo DS" rarest and also most expensive gamings although are significantly cheaper in spite of being bundled v a Pokewalker.

Shantae is a game that was released in 2002 top top the video game Boy Color and also is the an initial game in the Shantae series. This game was released toward the end of the game Boy Color"s lifespan and was released just a year after ~ the video game Boy advancement was, i beg your pardon is part of the factor that this game was for this reason overlooked when it was released.

regardless of being overlooked in ~ released, Shantae is a platforming adventure game that has actually still come to be really popular over the years v serious video game Boy color fans. The game adheres to a half-genie called Shantae who has to travel around the world to loss the rogue of the game. Simply a loosened cartridge prices over $400, however a brand-new copy of this video game will collection you back $2,917.

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by far, the rarest and also most expensive video game in the video game Boy Color"s library is actually a restricted edition relax of a game. The limited-edition variation of The Legend that Zelda: Oracle that Seasons and Oracle of Ages was released in 2001 and also is a twin release of both the gamings that to be released at this time.

together with the games, the restricted edition bundle came with pins, skin for the video game Boy Color and also Game young Advance, a t-shirt, a poster, and some various other super unique collector"s items. This rare minimal edition bundle is serious expensive these days. If they"re able come even uncover one, a serious Zelda fan have the right to expect to salary up to $3,971.

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