Today I’m excited to share v you this fun cost-free printable, How numerous words have the right to you make out of Valentine’s work activity. It’s a simple, yet difficult game whereby you shot and make as countless words together you can only using the letters discovered in Valentine’s Day.

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How carry out you beat the “How numerous words have the right to you make” game?

It is a simple, yet daunting word game you can use because that classroom activities, beat at vacation parties, or simply play on her own! Here’s exactly how it works:

At the peak of the page, there will be a indigenous or phrase, in this case the words are “Valentine’s Day.” using each letter just one time, you need to see how numerous different native you deserve to make out of the letter V,A,L,E,N,T,I,N,E,S,D,A,Y.

Here room a few examples:


Write as countless words together you have the right to on the numbered lines below. There room 30 present provided, however, if you have the right to keep going, feel free to rotate the page over and continue writing more words!

Can someone victory the “How countless words have the right to you make” game, or is it simply a fun activity?

It deserve to be one of two people one! It relies who you space playing with and also if girlfriend would like to make it right into a competition. If you are using this task in a classroom, you may just want to have actually your students shot and come up through as numerous words as they can, and that be the end of the activity.

If you are playing at a party, or just want to make points a little more challenging and competitive below are a few ways you can make the video game just a bit more fun!

Make the a timed competition.Set a timer because that 3-5 minutes. If you space playing through younger children, you may want to collection the timer because that a much longer amount that time. As soon as someone states “GO,” every player has to try and make as countless words as they can before the timer walk off. Once time is up, whoever has actually come up with the many amount the words, have the right to win a prize! and also if you’d like to make it even more challenging, you deserve to incorporate a scattergories element to the game. Store reading below to find out how!

Turn the activity into a scattergories game.For this difficult twist, everyone still have to write down as many words together they can throughout the allotted time. Shot and think of the most distinct words the you can.

After the timer runs out, everyone can go about the room and read the end their answers and also compare them. If there is another person that has a duplicate answer together you, you both should cross that word off your list. Whichever person has the most unique answers at the finish of the game, can win a prize!

How numerous words deserve to you make out of Valentine’s work – cost-free Printable Game

This activity is draft to publish onto a standard 8.5×11 inch item of paper or cardstock.

Feel free to download and print out together many duplicates of the activity as you would certainly like. However, please carry out not modify or redistribute the files in any way. This game was produced for personal or classroom use only.


The cost-free download attach is situated at the bottom of this post.

How to make the activity reusable:

If this is an activity that girlfriend would favor to reuse in her classroom or at your yearly Valentine’s work party, you might want to take a few extra steps to conserve you time reprinting every year.

Option 1: You can laminate the games.If you have a lamination machine, you deserve to simply laminate the games and also then usage dry erase markers to compose down the words that you make. Afterwards, you can quickly wipe away your answers and also reuse again following year. This alternative would additionally be good if you room hosting multiple vacation parties or if you space a teacher and would to reuse v all your classes.

This is the lamination machine that ns have and I am sort of obsessed through it! Click here to examine it out on Amazon.

Option 2: use dry erase pockets.If you don’t have accessibility to a lamination machine, friend can additionally use these really cool dry erase pockets. What you’ll carry out is location the printed out activities into the pocket and also use dried erase markers to create down the words that you find. After you’re done, just wipe away the answers and reuse!

Tip: because that both of these options, ns would extremely recommend printing out the gamings onto white cardstock. This will assist ensure that the page is more durable and can stand up to being reused year after ~ year.

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How numerous words can you make out of Valentine’s job download link:

Click right here to download the complimentary printable video game file.