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I ask anyone here, and I ask all people who think the Muhammad, tranquility be upon him, edited and wrote the Quran, to provide me a fair and also convincing answer for this question:

Question: Why is Jesus Christ stated 25 times in the Quran, and also Muhammad, peace be top top him, just 5 times ? and I would likewise ask you to provide, for comparison, the number of times castle are discussed in the holy Bible.


Mohammed is no cited in the Bible, obviously, since all publications in the holy bible predate him.Jesus is named, according to this answer, well over 900 times.

How often they space cited in Quran and also especially why is irregularity here and also you would better ask this question at Islam.SE whereby there are civilization familiar through Quran.


I create from one evangelical point of view making use of the scriptures only as my beginning point.

Jesus alone born of a virgin

According come Islam, Jesus is only person to ever before be born that a virgin :-

And Mary said "Lord, how can I be affected by each other a child once no man has touched me?" (See Quran, "The Imrans", Surah 3:45-48)

Of course, the bible agrees (Injil that Luke 1:34).

Jesus functioned miracles

According to the Quran, Jesus "gave sight to a blind man, cure the leper, and gave life to the dead" (see Quran, "The Table", Surah 5:110-112). Again the scriptures agrees, Jesus go hundreds, much more likely thousands, of miracles that healing, and other miracles, and also even increased some from the dead.

Jesus is the Messiah

According to the Quran, Jesus is the Messiah:-

His surname is the Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary(Quran, "The Imrans", Surah 3:45);

But we must look at the Old Testament, written thousands of years prior to the time the Christ to uncover out where the hatchet "Messiah" is used and also what it way - It method "Anointed". Males were anointed v oil when they were favored by God for a one-of-a-kind purpose, especially those preferred to be High Priest and and those liked to be the King.

Furthermore the Old Testament claims there is someone that is "the Messiah". The use of the term "the Messiah" for a comes deliverer is found in only 2 passages transparent the totality of the Old Testament!

These passage would be terrific place to discover who he is and why he would certainly be anointed. What would certainly be the special job of the Messiah when he comes?

Why do the Gentiles rage and also the civilization imagine a vain thing? The majesties of the earth collection themselves, and also the rulers take counsel together, gainst the LORD, and versus his Messiah, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away your cords from us (Psalm 2:1-3).

It means, the person race would favor nothing much better than to litter off the restraints the God"s, and also his Messiah"s, laws and authority: but it is a vain wish. God cannot be thwarted.

I have collection my King top top my divine hill that Zion. I will certainly declare the decree; the LORD has actually said to me: You room my Son, this particular day I have begotten you. Asking of me and I will give you the heathen for her inheritance, and also the uttermost components of the planet for your possession (Psalm 2:6-8).

According to this passage, written about a thousand years before the resulting Jesus Christ, the Messiah will be from the hill the Zion which is in Jerusalem, definition he will be Jewish. And also the Messiah will certainly be the kid of God himself. And we likewise learn that this Messiah will be thought on by the Gentiles "to the uttermost components of the earth".

Now because that the 2nd passage:

Seventy mainly are identified upon your people and upon thy divine city, to finish the transgression, and also to make an end of sins, and to do reconciliation because that iniquity, and also to carry in everlasting righteousness, and to seal increase the vision and prophecy, and also to anoint the many Holy.

Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment come restore and to develop Jerusalem depend the Messiah the Prince candlestick be seven weeks, and also threescore and also two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times.

And after threescore and also two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, however not because that himself: and also the human being of the prince that shall come shall ruin the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof chandelier be through a flood, and unto the finish of the war desolations space determined.

And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation come cease, and also for the overspreading the abominations that shall do it desolate, also until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured ~ above the desolate.

His special job would be that he would certainly be "cut off", the is "he would certainly be judicially put to death", yet not for himself, that is "not because that his very own sins" since he didn"t have any, however for the sins of others, every his very own people, who would put their trust in him. Through his fatality he would "make reconciliation because that iniquity" meaning he would carry peace in between God and also sinners who placed their trust in this Messiah and also his fatality as a sacrifice for their sins.

And after that he would certainly confirm the agreement of Grace, that us are conserved by repentance and also faith in him alone, "with many", not greatly the Jews yet non-Jews, throughout the whole world.

(Bible, Old Testament, Daniel 9:24-27, written around 535 years before Jesus was born. 80 years later, the decree to rebuild Jerusalem was offered in 458 BC, and also the return of the scribe Ezra from Babylon began on third April 458 BC (Gregorian date) (book of Ezra 7:9) i m sorry was precisely "70 weeks", 490 years, before the resurrection 3rd April 33 ad (Gregorian date), to the very day).

You shall contact his surname "Jesus"

A an extremely striking assumed is the many well known among Muslims - the Quran says he was dubbed "Jesus". Again the holy bible agrees, telling us the angel Gabriel stated to Joseph, Mary"s betrothed,

You shall call his surname JESUS because that he shall conserve his human being from their sins. (Injil of Matthew 1:21)

Unfortunately the Quran never describes what the surname Jesus means. The scriptures shows the Hebrew origin, and also we deserve to see , with a bit of understanding of Hebrew what his name means. The surname "Jesus" method "Saviour": Jesus will certainly be the Saviour of his people, every who placed their trust in him, both Jew and also non-Jew. The surname Jesus is the Greek type of "Yeshua", the i beg your pardon is the Aramaic type of "Yoshua" i m sorry is Hebrew.

But "Yoshua" is the shortened name: the full Hebrew surname was "Yehoshua" (Numbers 13:16) which method "Jehovah is the Saviour". This was the an interpretation when Oshea the son of Nun was offered the surname "Yehoshua" by Moses about 1500 years before Jesus to be born.

But the can additionally mean "Jehovah, the Saviour", and this is its definition when the Angel gave it come The Anointed, the Messiah. This may be what the point of view meant when he said

They shall call his surname Emmanuel which way "God with us" (Injil that Matthew 1:23)

because at any time we contact him "Jesus", even though we can not realize it, we are calling that "the lord (Jehovah God), the Saviour". Together the LORD says :-

I, also I, am the LORD, and also apart indigenous me over there is no Saviour.

(Bible, Old Testament, Isaiah 43:11, written about 700 years prior to the bear of Jesus Christ)

Jesus is the word of God

And then, amazingly, the Muslims call Jesus "the word of God" due to the fact that the Quran claims :-

Allah bids friend rejoice in a Word indigenous him. His surname is the Messiah, Jesus the child of Mary. (Quran, Surah 3:45).

The scriptures agrees :-

And the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us (Injil of man 1:14).

Again, unfortunately, the Quran does not tell us the full meaning of the title, but the holy bible does. Previously in the same passage we check out :-

In the start was the Word, and also the word was with God, and the Word to be God. The exact same was in the beginning with God. All points were make by him; and without him was nothing made that was made. In him to be life; and the life to be the irradiate of men. And the light shines in the darkness; and the darkness construed it not. (Injil of man 1:1-5)

The native of God is eternal. It is from forever to eternity. As such Jesus is eternal, from forever to eternity, too.

Jesus, on the good Day the Judgment

Finally, according to Islam, Jesus will someday come back from heaven to earth for "the job of Doom", (Quran, "Ornaments that Gold", Surah 43:61), the is The job of Judgement, additionally known together the day of Resurrection: "on the day of Resurrection that shall be a witness versus them" (against unbelievers) (Quran, "Women", Surah 4:159). Again the bible says the same, excepting the holy bible says Jesus will be the referee Himself.

Conclusion - do Muslims yes, really know around Jesus?

These teachings the the Quran typical Muslims require to find out everything they perhaps can around the mr Jesus Christ.

Is Mohammad in the Bible?

Muslim apologists case Mohammad is called in the song of Solomon 5:16 :-

His mouth is sweet itself;he is completely lovely.This is my beloved, this is my friend,daughters of Jerusalem.

Those interested can look in ~ youtube or the Christian website Answeringmuslims.com "Muhammad in track of Solomon".

They also claim the is referred to as "another comforter" in Injil of man chapters 14 to 16. E.g. Man 14:16 :-

And I will pray the Father, and also he shall give you another Comforter, the he might abide v you because that ever;

As is repeated so plenty of times this is no referring to Mohammad yet it is introduce to God the holy Spirit. His disciples to be filled with the divine Spirit at Pentecost just a couple of weeks after ~ our mr Jesus claimed these things.

Maybe some think that Moses is referring to Mohammad once he speak of an additional prophet (Deuteronomy 18:15)

The mr thy God will raise up depend thee a Prophet native the midst of thee, of your brethren, favor unto me; unto him ye shall hearken;

Moses is referring right here to Jesus. Maybe Muslims think Jesus was not a prophet and therefore it might not be introduce to him. Jesus to be much an ext than simply a prophet only however he was a prophet together well, pass a blog post from God and being the boy of God: Jesus is sometimes talked of as having three roles, Prophet, Priest and also King; our Prophet come proclaim to us the Gospel, that he self is the promised Messiah/Christ guess in the Old testament by Moses, David and all, and also to teach united state God"s ways; our monk to do a sacrifice that his own body because that our sins; and also our King due to the fact that he rose from the dead to reign over us and all creation, forever.

Salvation is the the Jews

On one chance Our mr Jesus said something critically necessary to a non-Jewish woman:

Ye worship ye know not what: we recognize what us worship: because that salvation is of the Jews. (Injil of man 4:22)

Our Lord stated this to a Samaritan woman and this provides it really significant.

Why? due to the fact that Samaritans were then, and still space today, component Jewish and part Arab.

A scientific examination was performed a few years earlier which proved that the samaritans have hereditary markers in your DNA which display they have actually both Israelite and non-Israelite ancestors: and also that they room descended from a Levitical clan, the Cohanim (eg watch https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25079122). The Levites were progeny of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob/Israel. (In the the people living in Samaria were no pure Israelite they no longer took pleasure in the best to accessibility the Jewish area the the temple of the mr at Jerusalem and also were no treated like fellow Jews by the Jews.)

This mixture the blood of the Samaritans is precisely what we would have expected indigenous our analysis of the Old testimony in the holy bible (2 emperors 17, totality chapter).

The same scientific study confirmed the Arabs and also other semitic groups are no so carefully related come the Jews.

But Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman as a non-Jew, even though she had some Jewish blood in her. How much less, then, walk salvation come from american or the English or Arabs or any type of other Semitic blood group, or any kind of other nation, seeing together this woman, that was part-Jewish through blood, essential to hear around salvation from the Jews!

Even this particular day we still must hear around salvation native the Jewish Old Testament and also the brand-new Testament, mostly written by Jews and also those parts we think to be not written by Jews (Luke and Acts) to be still approved by the apostle who were Jews.

But now salvation, with our lord Jesus, is for all mankind

But the special dealings God had with the Jewish nation were no for their benefit alone, but for the long-term advantage of all nations, every tribes and also all language groups, including the Arabs and also all the various other semitic nationalities.

When God to be making a special agreement with Abraham and also all his descendants with Isaac and Jacob, Abraham prayed come God

And Abraham said unto God, O the Ishmael could live prior to thee! (Genesis 17:18)

And God reply Abraham:

And together for Ishmael, I have actually heard thee: Behold, I have blessed him, and also will make him fruitful, and will main point him exceedingly; twelve princes shall he beget, and I will certainly make that a good nation. (Bible, Old Testament, Genesis 17:20) - Abraham lived about 2000 years before Christ.

What God is promising is that at some point some time in the future, probably the remote future, the progeny of Ishmael would be considerably blessed. Yet it cannot be that this blessing would certainly be without the only blessing the really matters: salvation and peace with God. How could Abraham be happy if Ishmael"s descendants were just materially blessed yet not spiritually?? God to be promising to Abraham that at some point salvation would come to the progeny of Ishmael.

This salvation is with the death and resurrection of our lord Jesus, to who God the father promised with Isaiah the prophet:

It is as well light a point that you must be mine servantto raise increase the people of Jacoband to bring ago the preserved of Israel;I will make you together a light because that the nations,that my salvation may reach come the finish of the earth.

(Holy Bible, Isaiah 49:6, written around 700 years before the bear of Christ).

It is no just agreeing with God"s divine ways the pleases God: God need to punish every sin due to the fact that he is holy. He need to punish every hatred, all cruelty, all selfishness, every self-seeking, all sexual immorality, all lying, all covetousness, all idolatry, and all other sins for

for the lord (God) sees not as man sees; for male looks top top the external appearance, however the mr looks ~ above the heart. (Holy Bible, Old Testament, 1 Samuel 16:7)

There can be no forgiveness of sins by God unless God"s justice have the right to be satisfied, and also his laws totally obeyed. No one deserve to even approach God to pray to him until the trouble of our an extremely offensive sinfulness is taken away: God will certainly not obtain us come hear our prayers!

Jesus Christ, God the Son, involved earth to obey God"s Law, the Law provided by Moses, on our behalf, and to take our penalty upon himself on the cross, so we could have peace with God v believing ~ above him.

But he to be pierced for our transgressions,he to be crushed because that our iniquities;the punishment that lugged us peace was on him,and by his wounds we room healed.

We all, choose sheep, have actually gone astray,each that us has actually turned to our own way;and the Lord has actually laid top top himthe iniquity of united state all.

After this he increased from the dead since it to be not possible for fatality to organize him :-

Therefore ns will offer him a part among the great,and he will certainly divide the spoils with the strong,because he poured the end his life unto death,and was numbered with the transgressors.For he boring the sin that many,and do intercession because that the transgressors.

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(Bible, Old Testament, (Isaiah 53:5,6,11) - written about 700 years before the bear of Jesus the Messiah.