Have you ever before wondered if turtles have actually teeth? since I have, so I determined to take a fast look in ~ my turtle and also see if it is the case. Yet by currently I recognize that turtles deserve to be an extremely different therefore I chose to do some research, and also the results were amazing.

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Turtles nothing have any teeth, instead they have a mine to bite and chew your food. Infant turtles room born v an egg tooth, however this this is different from human teeth and it disappears after ~ a couple of days.

But together you could have expected not all turtle beaks room the same, some of them have pointy sharp beaks, others have a saw-like beak, and other turtles have their mouth full of spikes. So let’s have actually a closer look at turtles and the different species of mouths that they have the right to have.

How turtles Chew your Food

Turtles don’t have actually teeth, rather they have beaks, similar to birds. And also they usage those beaks come bite chunks of your food and eat it. Unequal most animals with teeth, turtles don’t have to chew your food as well much, for this reason they simply bite small bits the they deserve to swallow without any type of effort.

Here is a photograph that mirrors close-ups the a turtle beak, and also a sea gull’s beak.


And below is a video of a very young turtle using its beak to eat a strawberry.

While the turtle in the video clip didn’t it seems to be ~ too effective at biting the strawberry, that’s not the situation for most full grown adult turtles.

In the beginning of the post I mentioned that depending on what castle eat tortoise will have actually different types of mouths, therefore let’s take a look in ~ those mouths and also see why they space different.

The Different types of tortoise Mouths

Turtles are among the most adaptive varieties on Earth, therefore it’s not tough to imagine that based upon their diet they controlled to adjust the shape of your beaks to much better suit your needs.

Carnivorous Turtles

Turtles that space carnivorous will have actually a diet that consists mostly of meat, for this reason they will require a beak the will have the ability to pierce through skin, and be maybe to break chucks of meat. And as a an outcome most carnivorous turtles have actually pointy and also sharp beaks, choose the one in this picture.


Herbivorous Turtles

Herbivorous turtles have a diet that is based mostly on plant matter, therefore they will certainly eat a most fruits, vegetables and vegetation. And also as a result they don’t have actually a require for spicy beaks, rather they need a more powerful beak that can cut through many plants. Some herbivorous turtles also have tiny ridges on their beaks, that assist them cut the plants.


Omnivorous Turtles

Omnivorous tortoise eat both meat and plants, so they will need a beak the is may be to execute a an excellent job in every situation. So they basically have actually a combination from the 2 previous types.


Sea tortoise Mouths

One other kind of mouth the I desire to sheathe is the sea turtles’ mouths. If there room 7 different types of sea turtles, some of them, specifically the leatherback sea turtle, deserve to have really scary mouths, favor the one in this picture.


Leatherback sea turtles room the greatest consumers the jellyfish in the world. And also as we all understand jellyfish have the right to really sting, so imagine what would happen to a sea turtle if it to be to eat one. This is why they have actually those scary spikes, to defend themselves native the sting of the jellyfish.

While this photo can look yes, really scary, this doesn’t adjust the reality that leatherback sea turtles room a cornerstone species of this world. This means that they are vital animal in this world, and without it the world would readjust drastically in a negative way. Leatherback sea turtles are likewise the greatest turtles in the world, even bigger than the famed Galapagos tortoises. However let’s not obtain off the subject right now. If you desire to know more about leatherback sea turtles, and how they defend the entire civilization you should read my article: The biggest Turtle in the civilization (Facts, Photos and also Videos).

Now, over there is one more type of tortoise to cover, the one that has teeth.

Baby tortoise Teeth

The closestly of every turtles, to having teeth space babies. While they don’t have actually too plenty of teeth, and they space not made out of the same material as many teeth, they can be considered teeth.

Baby turtles space born v an egg tooth. It’s dubbed this means because every turtles room born with one, and they usage it to rest the covering of the egg, so that they can obtain out. After the they will shortly shed it.

Here is a video that mirrors multiple turtles gaining out of your eggs. In this video you deserve to spot multiple tortoise that have actually egg teeth.

If tortoise Don’t have Teeth space Their Bites Dangerous?

When we talk around how powerful and dangerous a tortoise bite is we have to look at the components that influence the bite. There are a the majority of turtle species, and they are rather different, even individuals in the same species can be fairly different, so it will be kind of meaningless to talk directly about species, rather we room going to look in ~ the adhering to things: the diet and the size.

The diet. If you want to find out if a turtles bite will certainly be an effective or not, the very first thing that you want to understand is if it eats meat or not. Together we’ve discussed, turtles and turtles the eat meat have sharper beaks that have the right to be a lot much more dangerous 보다 those that space not sharp.

The size is a really important element as well, the enlarge the turtle the more muscles it will certainly have, the larger the jews will be, therefore the bite will prosper in power in addition to the turtle.

At the minute there is no scientific data available around the bite pressure of a turtle, the only data I could find are around snapping turtles. If you want to know more about that you deserve to read my write-up right here: are Snapping turtle Dangerous? (with Bite Facts and also Videos), in this article, as the location implies, ns talk about how danger snapping turtles are, ns give much more information about their bite, and also I likewise explore the factors why they space a lot an ext aggressive than various other turtle species. If you are interested to uncover out girlfriend should inspect the article out.

My Own personal Experience through Turtle Bites

Even If i couldn’t find any kind of reliable information around the power of a turtle bite, I deserve to still phone call you about my first hand experiences with turtles bites.

Before telling you exactly how the bites feel, let me tell girlfriend how large my tortoise is and also what diet it has. This method you will have a better understanding around how those factors come into play. My crate turtle is 6 inches and it has actually a diet that consists of meat, fruits and vegetables.

In basic box turtle bites room not the bad, however the amount of ache you will certainly feel counts on the area that was bitten. The most common places friend can get bitten by a turtle room your fingers and your toes. The fingers can obtain accidentally bitten once you feed them through your hand. And if you save your turtle in an the end enclosure and also you walk through it with slippers on you have the right to expect them to bite you thinking that your toes space food.

When her fingers obtain bitten by a box turtle friend won’t feel too lot pain or any kind of kind the discomfort. You will certainly feel a tiny pain but nothing too bad. You can probably mean to have your skin revolve red for a couple of minutes, however that is commonly all.

If a crate turtle bites her toe then you will certainly feel around the same amount of pain that you would certainly feel if you to be to hit your toe in the table’s foot, and the pain go away simply as fast. It can sometimes leave a couple of bruises however they should most likely go in a couple of hours ,or in a couple of job in the worst instance scenario.

For this write-up I additionally let my crate turtle bite mine forearm, the pain to be a tiny worse 보다 the remainder of them, however nothing that bad. That left me v a couple of signs, yet they walk away soon after.

My crate turtle was a full grown adult when he little me, for this reason a bite shouldn’t generally be an ext powerful than the one ns experienced. If a smaller sized box tortoise bites girlfriend you must experience even less discomfort.

Overall I would certainly say the the pain you feel as soon as your box turtle bites her finger is the exact same pain you will feel if you to be to bite your finger, it’s no unbearable, it’s much more of a discomfort. The biggest difference in between when friend bite your very own finger intentionally, and also when a tortoise bites her finger is that you didn’t mean that. With time I type of gained used to the idea that i can acquire bitten by them, therefore the pain started to be less significant, and I personally think this is due to the fact that the element of surprised is beginning to go away.

So also if lock don’t have teeth, their bites room not necessarily pleasant. But if you want to watch a really dangerous tortoise bite you should examine out mine article: space Snapping turtles Dangerous? (with Bite Facts and Videos), there you will additionally find a video clip of a snapping turtle biting someone’s hand (everything wake up under controlled circumstances).

Related Questions

Are turtle dangerous? No, in general turtles are an extremely peaceful, castle only attack if they room provoked.

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Can turtles recognize their owners? Turtles can recognize you and also they will recognize that girlfriend play an important part in your lives, however they will not feel any kind of familiarity towards you like dogs or cats would. Overall turtles identify their owners but not in a method you would expect. Girlfriend can constantly read an ext about this in mine article: deserve to Turtles identify Their Owners?

Do every turtles need a warmth lamp? not all turtle species bask, so not all of them will need a heat lamp, but most turtle varieties will need one, and also all turtle varieties will require a UVB light.