All mail requirements a delivery attend to and a return address. The adhering to information is encourage in the sequence and also position shown for addressing:



The attend to Area.

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The complete address should be located within this white area (no return address information). Extraneous (non-address) printing or markings should appear as high on the mail piece and as far away indigenous the resolve as possible.Bar Code check out Area. please make sure that this area remains clear of all printing. It"s booked for the bar password that will certainly be printed by the Optical Character leader (OCR).


Address Placement

Envelopes: location of the address on the face of an envelope should conform come USPS specifications as displayed above. For letter size envelopes, the delivery attend to must it is in parallel through the longest edge. On bigger mail pieces, layout the deal with area so the the return resolve is in the top left and the postage is in the top right, family member to the delivery address.Labels: labels for use on parcels, packages or huge envelopes need to be addressed follow to the format presented above. The deal with must it is in complete. Improperly all set labels will be went back to you for correction and/or completion. Use labels parallel come the bottom (long) leaf of the envelope for processing by automatically USPS equipment.

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Type or machine-print all address information. Do sure print is clear and sharp. Ensure deal with characters don"t touch or overlap. Black color ink top top a white lift is best. Preserve a uniform left margin. Use upper-case letters Omit every punctuation encompass floor, suite and also apartment numbers whenever possible. Placed the city, state and also ZIP code or ZIP + 4 code in the order top top the critical line. Use conventional two-letter state abbreviations. Once using home window envelopes, make sure the complete address is constantly visible, also when the insert moves. Leave one an are between words and two spaces in between the state abbreviation and also the ZIP + 4 code.

You will obtain the best feasible service if you:

Use typical abbreviations because that street names and suffixesEliminate every punctuation (except the hyphen in the ZIP + 4 Code)Use 2 letter state abbreviationsUse ZIP + 4 CodesMake certain the location (not office # or suite) where you desire the mail delivered shows up on the line immediately over the city, state and ZIP code line; i.e.:

123 W main ST STE 400orP O crate 125