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The trick home is an extremely weird place uncovered North that Slateport City on route 110. The object in each of the 8 challenges is to find the cheat Master, find a scroll and also get to a door. ~ you"ve completed each challange the Trick master will give you an item for her troubles. Prior to you can do each an obstacle however, you require to complete a certain component of the game. Below is a guide for each challenge, reflecting where the Trick grasp is, what trainers lie in the trick House, just how to complete the challenge, what HM"s you may need to finish the difficulty and likewise what item girlfriend receive:Challenge 1:

Badges Needed: 1HM"s Needed: CutWhere is the trick Master? Under the table. Challenge the table as soon as standing on the top- right cushion and press "A" to uncover him.

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What Trainers have to I battle?
Person Pokémon Level
Lass Sally Oddish 16
Youngster Eddie Zigzagoon 14
Zigzagoon 16
Lass Robin Skitty 14
Marill 14
Shroomish 14

How deserve to I complete the Challenge?Cut the tree to your right and also fight Lass Sally. Cut the following tree and also then reduced the one over you. Reduced the next one to discover an Orange Mail. Go back to the beginning and also cut the 2 trees above you. Then reduced the next three tree on the right and fight Youngster Eddie. Look in ~ the scroll by pressing "A" ~ above it. Cut down the remainder of the trees and also fight Lass Robin. Work your way to the door and go through. The Trick master will price you through a rare Candy.Challenge 2:Badges Needed: 3HM"s Needed: NoneWhere is the cheat Master? Behind the tree on the right.What Trainers need to I Battle?
Person Pokémon Level
college Kid Ted Ralts 17
institution Kid Paul Numel 15
Oddish 15
Wingull 15
institution Kid Georgia Shroomish 16
Beautifly 16

How have the right to I complete the Challenge?This is among those places where you have to push down buttons to close holes in the floor. Collection the wave Mail, climate head right and also battle college Kid Ted. Push the button and go earlier to the beginning. Go throughout the hole, down, and push that button. Go up and also defeat school Kid Paul and walk previous him to acquire a harbor Mail. Go earlier to the first button, cross the bridge and also and fight School kid Georgia. Go left, and then go down and push the button. Go earlier up and also cross the feet to push the critical button. Now work your means to the scroll, and also then to the door. The Trick understand will provide you a Timer Ball.Challenge 3:Badges Needed: 3HM"s Needed: absent SmashWhere is the cheat Master? In the dresser.What Trainers must I Battle?
Person Pokémon Level
Picnicker Martha Skitty 23
Swablu 23
Hiker Alan Geodude 22
Graveler 23
Nosepass 22

How can I complete the Challenge?Smash the rocks in former of you and also press the button. Go left, up and battle Picnicker Martha proceed on to get a hardwood Mail. To walk right, around the trainer, left and also smash the rock. Action on the button and look in ~ the scroll. Climate go back around, up and smash the other rock. Step on the button. Go towards the other trainer and press the button. Hit Hiker Alan. Don"t push the button below you. Go about it and press the one below that. Go down, left and also press the button. Walk right and also up to obtain a shadow Mail. Go down and also left to push the button. Go near the Hiker again and also press the button. Work your means to the door to insurance claim your difficult Stone.Challenge 4:Badges Needed: 4HM"s Needed: StrengthWhere is the trick Master? Beyond the Left Window.What Trainers will certainly I Battle?
Person Pokémon Level
black Beld Yuji Makuhita 26
Machoke 26
battle Girl Cora Meditite 26
fight Girl Jill Breloom 27

How have the right to I complete the Challenge?Push the left boulder increase one space. To walk around and push the middle boulder down. Push the 3rd boulder come the right. Walk up avoiding the next boulder. Fight Black Belt Yuji and get a Mech Mail. Go earlier and push the boulder right a space. Fight battle Girl Cora. Don"t touch the bottom boulder! Go around the boulder and also down. Walk right and push the boulder down. Then go up and also push the boulder 5 spaces up. Fight fight Girl Jill. Go up and also left and also look in ~ the scroll. Then come back and press the middle boulder right. Your prize is a smoke Ball. Challenge 5:Badges Needed: 4HM"s Needed: NoneWhere is the trick Master? In the Left Plant.What Trainers will certainly I Battle? NoneHow deserve to I finish the Challenge?This is the new version the Blaine"s gym in R/B/Y. You need to gain a concern right off every human to win. These space the questions and answers:One of this Pokemon is not uncovered on course 103? which one is it? NincadaIn Prof. Birch"s bag in ~ the beginning of the game which Pokémon was at the far right? MudkipSell one to escape Rope and buy one Antidote. How much money is left? 175One of these Pokémon is not of the Grass type. Which? NincadaThe Devon Researcher was searching for which Pokémon in Petalburg Woods? ShroomishDo one full Heal and one good Ball cost an ext than one Revive? They cost lessIn Dewford hall were there much more men or women? MenHow plenty of bikes does Rydel have actually on screen outside his shop? 8Which Pokémon was offered for a trade at the Pokémon Trainers School? SeedotRustboro Gym Leader Roxanne provided a Geodude. To be it masculine or female? FemaleHow many people give you berries at the quite Petal Flower Shop? 1The an initial Trainer in Dewford gym was male or female? FemaleOne of these Pokémon uses Scratch. Which? NincadaWhich costs more: 3 Pokéballs or 1 supervisor Potion? Super PotionHow many signs room there in Lilycove City? 8Eventually friend can acquire to the scroll and go through the door to receive TM 12- Taunt.Challenge 6:Badges Needed: 6HM"s Needed: NoneWhere is the cheat Master? In the best side the the cupboard.What Trainers will I Battle?
Person Pokémon Level
Bird goalkeeper Benny Swellow 36
Pelipper 36
Xatu 36
benidormclubdeportivo.org Ranger Sebastian Cacturne 39
benidormclubdeportivo.org Ranger Sophia Swablu 38
Roselia 38

How have the right to I complete the Challenge?Remember those annoying bars in Winona"s Gym? They"re back again. Press the an initial bar left. Go earlier around and also walk up. Go right, then press the very first bar left again. Go up with the two bars.Push the lower bar to the right, then go ideal through the top bar and also push the lower one ago down again. Pass through.Go up through the 2 bars. One down and push the bottom bar left, then go with it native the ideal side. Walk right and push the bottom bar down, thenpush the next bar down. Press that exact same bar indigenous the ideal side to put it back in its original position. Go through the best bar, climate go through it from the height to put it back in itsoriginal position. Currently do a full counter clockwise circle through the bars toend up in the very same spot. Memorize the scroll, and also fight the trainer if youwant. If not, relocate on by walk left. Fight Bird goalkeeper Benny. Walk up and also through the bar and also battle benidormclubdeportivo.org Ranger Sebastian. Go down but don"t push the bar. Hit benidormclubdeportivo.org Ranger Sophia. Head directly up. Acquire the splendors Mail, climate come back down. Go right and also pushthe bottom bar from the bottom. Go into the top one native the top, walk down, and also push the bottom bar left again. Go ago up and push the optimal one left. Go v the door and claim a Magnet.Challenge 7:Badges Needed: 7HM"s Needed: NoneWhere is the cheat Master? Behind the window on the right.What Trainers will certainly I Battle?
Person Pokémon Level
Psychic Joshua Kadabra 41
Solrock 41
Hex maniac Patricia Banette 42
Psychic Alexis Kirlia 40
Xatu 40
Kadabra 40

How have the right to I perform the Challenge?Step top top the much left arrow. Upper and lower reversal the switch, then walk left and also down to end up atthe beginning again. Step on the right arrowhead that points up, and also battle Psychic Joshua. Go up and around, and also flip the switch. Walk right, and flip the switch. Go down, and also memorize the scroll. Flip the switch. Action on the telepad to warp earlier tothe entrance.Weave your means right until you concerned two arrows pointing left. Action on thetop one, climate weave your means up and also around, then action on the one pointingright. Flip the switch, then action on the arrow below the red arrow. Go under andright. Upper and lower reversal the switch, then go up. Do your method back come the switch close to thered arrow, but this time, action on the red arrow. Fight Hex lunatic Patricia. Collection the tropical Mail, and also hit the switch. Go as much as land close to the door. Fight Psychic Alexis and also go with the door to obtain a PP Max.Challenge 8:Badges Needed: 8. You likewise need to loss the Pokémon League.HM"s Needed: NoneWhere is the cheat Master? Hiding underneath the bottom- left cushion.What Trainers will I Battle?
Person Pokémon Level
Cooltrainer Leroy Mawhile 46
Starmie 46
Cooltrainer Elaine Lairon 45
Manectric 45
Cooltrainer Vincent Sableye 44
Medicham 44
Sharpedo 44

How have the right to I perform the Challenge?It"s the infamous ice. Start on the left side and go: up, right, up. Fight Cooltrainer Leroy. Go earlier to the start (down, left, down). Begin on the right side and also go: up, right, down, left, up. Battle Cooltrainer Elaine. Go ago to the start (down, left, up, left, down, left, down). Start on the appropriate side. Go: up, right, down, right, down. Battle Cooltrainer Vincent. Go earlier to the beginning (up, left, down). Begin on the ideal side and also go: up, left, up, right, down, right, down, left, up, left, down, left, up. Gain the Bead Mail and move on. Move: up, right, down, right, down, left, up, left, up, right, down, left, down, right, up, right, down. Memorize the scroll. Now go: up, right, down, right, down, left, up, right, up.Go v the door and claim your last prize; A red/ blue tent depending upon your version. Congratulations, girlfriend have defeated the cheat House! many thanks to Typhlosion for this fantastic guide!

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