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The question has been plaguing me for years… One Forever rubber stamp or two? If friend fold an ext than two letter-sized sheets of paper into a traditional envelope with only one stamp, I’ve constantly felt that all bets space off. Three sheets… you’re advertise it. Four sheets… certainly not.

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But I’m no a person scale! exactly how is a human being really supposed to elevator a letter, raise it up and down in the palm of your hand a couple of times and also somehow number out if it’s under one ounce?

So for sure I’d simply throw top top the extra stamp, simply to be sure.

And what happens to her letter if the a smidgen end the weight limit? It’s an alleged to get returned to you, right? The following day? The next week? The following month?!

It’s favor a kindergarten-style ‘time out’ for her letter. That’s a big-time punishment you really desire to avoid!

Stop the MadnessAnd it every feels like such a service model holdover indigenous 1847 as soon as U.S. Postage stamps were first issued.Punishment because that trying to mail an extra sheet of paper?!

If girlfriend ask me, the United states Postal organization should come up v its own Amazon Prime-style shipping model, whereby you salary a fee to the government once a year to leveling your letters’ mail costs. Wouldn’t that be so much easier? yet for now, we’re ~ above our very own to find a solution.

Technology to the Rescue?I’ve finally determined this need to not proceed to be one of the countless mysteries in my personal universe…

In an age where technology has made our lives easier on so plenty of fronts,(and an ext frustrating on simply as countless others)…can’t a little tech aid us out here?

Well, thankfully, I’ve currently solved the conundrum of keeping up my stock of stamps in ~ home.(I just order them online…)

Scale UpI think the noticeable next action would be to acquire a scale…

And granted, I understand anyone can collection themselves up together a mini an individual post office, complete with postage printer and big scale. Yet I don’t should start my very own package delivery company… I simply need a tiny range to manage the sometimes letter.

Sure… scales have actually been roughly for years…nothing cut edge about that, yet I just require a really small digital one. Something slim that deserve to be stashed away favor a publication on a shelf.(I’m not providing up any kind of real estate because that permanent desk placement.)


The Price is RightI took a look at on Amazon, and also of course, yes sir a whole an option of postal scales wait for friend to click on them.

The following question is price… Sure, the nagging ‘one or two stamp’ inquiry can finish up wasting a 49-cent Forever rubber stamp every now and also again. But is it really worth the expense of investing in your very own scale?

Well, the great news is friend can get a tiny scale for under twenty bucks.

I found this DYMO 3-pound Digital Postal range for $18.44.Its load is simply over a pound, through the svelte size of 9” x 7.8”.

…Not bad!

Granted i don’t require it to weigh an object upwards of 3 pounds.(A pair ounces is all ns require.)Nevertheless…

At this footprint and price point, ns think anyone should have a little scale at home. Why not?!


How many Sheets have the right to One Forever rubber stamp Handle?Here space a couple of Forever rubber stamp guidelines I instantly discovered after using my new DYMO scale:

3 sheets the 20 lb 8.5” x 11” record weighed just .65 oz in a conventional envelope and also a Forever stamp.4 sheets to be .80 oz.Even 5 sheets made the 1 oz cutoff at just .95 oz.

Who knew all of this can be taken on by one Forever stamp?!(All the those double-stamped envelopes i’ve wasted end the decades!)

I’m certain individual performance can vary… depending upon the load of your envelope and record stock…

Check the Off her Bucket List?People have actually their very own bucket lists. This really shouldn’t be on anyone’s.

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That said, there are those nagging day-to-day nuisances that have the right to follow you approximately your whole life. They’re normally not important enough to spend the time fixing. Yet when girlfriend do, it in reality feels all of sudden sweet.

Case in point:Now, I’ll need to save a stamp with my new DYMO scale at least 38 times simply to break also on the deal…