This device converts years to seconds and also vice versa. 1 year = 31556926.000001 seconds. The user have to fill among the 2 fields and the counter will come to be automatically.

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1 year = 31556926seconds

Conversions years to other units

Year to MillisecondYear to SecondYear come Minute
Year to HourYear come DayYear come Week
Year to MonthYear to DecadeYear to Century

Time Conversions

Millisecond to SecondMillisecond to MinuteMillisecond to Hour
Millisecond come DayMillisecond to WeekMillisecond to Month
Millisecond come YearMillisecond come DecadeMillisecond to Century
Second come MillisecondSecond to MinuteSecond come Hour
Second to DaySecond come WeekSecond come Month
Second to YearSecond to DecadeSecond come Century
Minute to MillisecondMinute to SecondMinute come Hour
Minute come DayMinute come WeekMinute come Month
Minute to YearMinute come DecadeMinute to Century
Hour come MillisecondHour to SecondHour come Minute
Hour come DayHour come WeekHour come Month
Hour come YearHour come DecadeHour come Century
Day to MillisecondDay to SecondDay come Minute
Day come HourDay to WeekDay to Month
Day come YearDay to DecadeDay come Century
Week come MillisecondWeek to SecondWeek to Minute
Week to HourWeek come DayWeek come Month
Week come YearWeek come DecadeWeek to Century
Month come MillisecondMonth to SecondMonth come Minute
Month come HourMonth come DayMonth come Week
Month come YearMonth to DecadeMonth to Century
Decade to MillisecondDecade come SecondDecade come Minute
Decade to HourDecade to DayDecade to Week
Decade come MonthDecade to YearDecade come Century
Century come MillisecondCentury to SecondCentury come Minute
Century to HourCentury to DayCentury to Week
Century come MonthCentury come YearCentury to Decade