Where come Sit in ~ The Pepsi Center

The Pepsi facility has been residence to the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche and also the NBA’s Denver Nuggets since 1999. The arena doesn’t acquire a ton of fist in the sports world. Particularly when compared to arenas choose the Staples Center, united Center and also Madison Square Garden. The Pepsi center is, however, located in the heart of downtown Denver and is an amazing place to see a Nuggets or Avalanche video game when either team is act well.

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Our staff wanted to carry out fans through an evaluation and malfunction of the Pepsi facility seating graph so that you’ll be an ext knowledgeable that the arena’s layout before purchasing her Nuggets or Avalanche tickets. We’ll start with the most expensive seat at the Pepsi Center; the club Lexus seat on the loge level.




100 Level (Loge Level)



Club Lexus

The courtside sections are as follows.

VCS (Adjacent come Denver Nuggets bench and also scorer’s table).HCS (Adjacent come visiting team’s bench and scorer’s table).CS 110 (Rows are CS1-CS3).CS 116 (Rows space CS1-CS3).CS 136 (Rows room CS1-CS3).CS 140 (Rows space CS1-CS3).OCS (Located in prior of sections 122 and 128. Rows are CS1-CS3).PCS (Located in former of part 124 and also 126. Rows are CS1-CS3).


For Denver Nuggets home games, club Lexus ticket will market the adhering to amenities.

Courtside seats.Complimentary food and also drinks before, during and after the game.Concierge service and also an in-game wait staff that will lug your food and drinks come you.Complimentary wine and beer if in her seats during the game.Free personal parking and also a exclusive entrance to the arena.Cushioned seat with an ext leg and elbow room because that fans.A an are to view the players together they leaving the locker room and also take the floor.Upscale food offerings in the concession area.


For Colorado Avalanche residence games, society Lexus ticket will offer the adhering to amenities.

Seats alongside the glass.Complimentary parking and valet service.Complimentary food and also beverages.Private concierge staff.Access to personal bars and upscale food offerings, high-top bar seating in the lounge area.

To learn an ext about society Lexus, you re welcome visit PepsiCenterClubLexus.com.

The loge level seats at the Pepsi facility consists of part 102 through 148 but all of the part are also numbered. For Colorado Avalanche residence games, the Avalanche shoot double on the net in front of part 134 and 140. The bench the Avalanche players use is in prior of ar 102. The bench the visiting team offers is in former of ar 148. The penalty box sits in former of part 124 and 126.

For Denver Nuggets residence games, the Nuggets bench is in prior of ar 148. The visiting team bench is in prior of ar 102. The tunnel the Denver Nuggets players run out of is located in between sections 130 and also 132. The visitors tunnel at the Pepsi facility is surrounding to part 106 and also 108.


There space 22 rows in many sections on the loge level of the Pepsi Center. This rows room numbered 1 through 22. For Denver Nuggets home games, sections 110, 116, 136 and 140, will have foldout chairs that space not current for Colorado Avalanche residence games. This is because the ice cream rink is so much larger than the basketball court. So for Nuggets house games, rows AA with JJ will certainly sit in prior of heat 1 in these sections. Part 110, 116, 136 and 140 are all located behind the basket.

Additionally, because that sections 102, 104, 146 and also 148, rows AA and also BB will be the an initial two rows in those sections. Row 1 will be the third row.




Luxury Suites

The luxury suites in ~ the Pepsi facility are located on both the reduced level and also the society level. The suites in ~ the Pepsi center are one of the few arenas in experienced sports wherein fans deserve to regularly rent suites if they pick not to purchase one for the whole season.

If you purchase a suite for an entire season, you’ll receive the complying with amenities.

Access to her suite for every event held at the Pepsi facility including games and also concerts.Two HD televisions in each suite.Access come the height Pub House.Complimentary VIP parking.Early accessibility into the Pepsi Center.Catered gourmet food.Wide theatre-style seats.Your own suite attendant.Private enntrance gate to your suite and the Pepsi Center.Exclusive access to the KeyBank club bars and restaurants. 

If you rent a suite for a Nuggets or Avalanche residence game, you’ll get the complying with amenities.

20-40 ticket to the game.Early access into the Pepsi Center.VIP parking; one pass for every 4 fans.Catered gourmet food.Wide theatre-style seats.Your very own suite attendant.Private entrance to your suite and also the Pepsi Center.Exclusive accessibility to the KeyBank society bars and restaurants. 






200 Level (Club Level)

The society seats, likewise called the KeyBank Club, are a famous seating area amongst Denver area businesses that wish to entertain their employees, clients and also potential partners. The club seats consist of of sections 202 with 260. Over there are 4 rows of seat in each club section; numbered one with four.

Amenities because that the KeyBank Club incorporate a wait employee will carry your food and drinks to you, preferred parking, a exclusive entrance come the area, accessibility to upscale food and also drink offerings too as accessibility to a exclusive concourse. V club tickets, you’ll have a much shorter wait during restroom and also concession visits contrasted to pan sitting on other levels the the Pepsi Center.





300 Level (Balcony Level)

The top level of the Pepsi facility has a really strange layout. There are two areas that consist of the balcony level; the reduced balcony and the top balcony. The top balcony sections room where pan will uncover some that the cheapest Nuggets and Avalanche tickets.

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The reduced balcony seating area consists of sections 301 with 379 but all of the sections space odd numbered. There are three rows of seats in the lower balcony sections; all numbered 1 v 3. Over there are numerous seats in the reduced balcony seating area that room obstructed by assorted railing so it’s best to select an upper balcony seat if possible.

The upper balcony seating area consists of sections 302 v 380. In the upper balcony sections, row 6 is in reality the very first row that seats since the lower balcony seats consist of the first few rows. Row 15 is the last heat on the upper balcony level. Row 4 will be the an initial row in some upper balcony sections.

To learn more about the Pepsi center seating chart, you re welcome visit our Denver Nuggets seating reviews page or ours Colorado Avalanche seating evaluate page.