Buyers paid $1.4 billion for around 14,000 arena seatsRemovable building infrastructure marketed for $150,000Arena likely to be demolished by finish of 2019


All of the Joe luigi Arena seats, from which fans observed the Detroit Red Wings victory Stanley cups in 1997 and also 2002, have been sold ahead of the building"s looming demolition.

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About 14,000 chairs from the 39-year-old arena were marketed for roughly $1.4 million since the process began on may 1, said Robert Levy, chairman of Bloomfield Hills-based commercial asset auctioneer Robert raise Associates LLC. The staying chairs in ~ the 20,000-seat arena were unfit for sale.

Additionally, a metro Detroit agency called SEN metals & equipment LLC paid around $150,000 in a seal-bid auction for significant arena infrastructure such as electric wiring distribution, pumps, chillers, HVAC, lighting, water distribution, utilities, and also anything rather that could be removed without demolition come the building, raise said.

"It to be anything through resale or scrap value," the said.

The center-hung scoreboard is supposed to be cut apart because that scrap because it was too big to remove and too outdated come recycle at an additional facility, levying said.

In enhancement to the online seat sale and the sealed-bid auction, a unique one-day online public auction on Oct. 23 for arena item from seats to indicators to suite fixtures and to urinals netted $33,614 in sales, according to the city.

In the general sale, the seat were marketed in pairs since they"re connected by a common armrest, an interpretation there were around 7,000 sales. They to be bought through fans, who were able come request particular seats they may have had as season ticket holders, that for which organized special storage such together a marital relationship proposal, levying said.

"There was no negative feedback. Everybody to be really, yes, really happy. Us did not want to offer a lot to re-sellers. We want to acquire them right into the hands of the community. I think us were effective in getting to the end users, the fans that would evaluate them."

Levy did lament no having much more time to market the seats ahead the the holidays and hockey season ramping up. The city asked the sales finish by this mainly so the could start the process of remediation front of demolition, the said.

"People choose to buy that type of thing and hockey season is earlier in play. That refocuses people"s attention earlier on hockey," he said.

There additionally were bulk buyers together as united Shore Financial solutions LLC, which bought 40 seats for the everyone mortgage company"s brand-new headquarters in Pontiac.

Seats originally were priced in ~ $150 for a an easy linked pair, but were later on discounted come $50 as the process neared the end.

Crain"s broke the news in October 2016 the the city and also the Red Wings" service unit, Olympia Entertainment, to be in talks to develop an auction come dispose that the arena seats, which are most regularly bought by fans, sporting activities bars and also even barber shops.

The city is offering the seats and fixtures since the Red wings left the structure last year come play at new Little caesars Arena throughout town. After ~ the team gotten rid of what it owned from the building, the city hired Levy and also Byron Center-based appraisal and auction certain Miedema heritage Management team Inc. To take care of disposal the what"s left.

Levy previously handled legacy auctions for the city throughout bankruptcy, offering vehicles and equipment, and also for significant corporate sales such together for eastern Airlines and also Chrysler Corp.

Terms the the deal in between the Detroit building Authority, i beg your pardon operates the arena because that the city, and also the auctioneers weren"t disclosed. Levy told Crain"s earlier this year that the deal is a "cumulative tiered structure" because that sales fees, however deferred any kind of comment on specific financials come the city. The mayor"s office hasn"t disclosed the jae won arrangement.

The city has said it will use auction proceeds to balance out its expense of preserving the arena, such together utility and also security costs.

The structure likely will certainly be razed in around a year.

"Right now, we room in the last stages of choosing the contractor that will carry out the ecological remediation at the Joe luigi Arena to prepare it for eventual demolition," Tyrone Clifton, manager of the Detroit structure Authority, stated in one emailed statement with the mayor"s office. "We expect to have this contract in location in November. Most most likely in January we should have identified and hired a demolition contractor. Once they have the received an alert to proceed, they deserve to begin energetic demolition. The entire demolition process, from beginning to having the debris removed and also the site final-graded, need to take about 10-12 months."

Detroit spent $57 million to build the arena, which opened up in 1979 and also was called for the well known heavyweight champion boxer who once lived in the city.

The Red wing won 4 Stanley Cups during their residency in ~ Joe Louis, and also had a streak of 25 consecutive playoff periods — helping build a loyal fan base that includes civilization willing come buy seats from your team"s old home. The team"s that company parent, Olympia Entertainment own by the Ilitch family, last year removed everything owned through the Red Wings and also moved it to the brand-new arena, put it right into storage or auctioned it.

The just involvement native Olympia through the sale was ensuring the auction details was dispersed to the team"s roughly 7,000 season ticket holders, levying said. Season ticket holders got a opportunity to to buy seats before the publicly sale started May 12.

The building"s an initial event to be a university basketball game in between the university of Michigan and the university of Detroit on Dec. 12, 1979. The Canadian rock band Rush to be the an initial JLA concert, in 1980, and also the arena also hosted the Republican nationwide Convention the year. The Pistons played games there in 1985, and also old Arena football League"s Detroit Drive averaged 14,000 a game during their 1988–93 tenure there.

The arena will certainly be demolished and also the site redeveloped as component of Detroit"s deal leave from municipal bankruptcy in 2014. Gotham Motown restore LLC, a subsidiary of brand-new York City-based financial Guaranty insurance money Corp., has actually until January 2020 to send to the city its advancement plans because that the 9-acre riverfront site.

The seat and also building facilities sale at Joe Louis wrapped up front of the Red Wings and their roommates at small Caesars Arena, the Detroit Pistons, launching a seat replacement task at the brand-new venue. It was announced critical week the the 18,000 seats would have their red exterior replaced with black color vinyl, which supposedly will provide a much less stark optic of north seats during games top top TV as both teams battle to fill them as they rebuild. The red seat exteriors and also interior foam will be recycled. The steel seat frames mounted to the arena"s concrete internal don"t have to be replaced. The job will begin in December and also take number of months.

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The last sports venue chair sale locally was in 2014 when the private owner the the since-demolished 82,000-seat Pontiac Silverdome — the Detroit Lions" home from 1975-2001 — auctioned fixtures indigenous the crumbling, vacant stadium. Some seats offered for $100-$385 and the auction generated about $500,000 from the revenue of fixtures and also equipment, consisting of urinals, signs and also copper wiring.