Thinking about taking a pilgrimage to central Florida? probably you desire to visit the coast and also soak increase the sun. Everything the case, if you’re to plan on spending any type of amount the time in the Sunshine State climate you really should think about visiting a Florida river.

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Famed for their clear water, every Florida river has something distinct going because that it, whether it’s the stunning places along the banks, the water sports or also just the background behind every area. Since of that, you’re sure to find a Florida flow to suit you. If you’re a thrill-seeker, a wildlife lover, or also just looking to make some unique memories with a household member.

Florida likewise has some of the finest weather in the country, and stunning local flora and fauna that’s utterly unmissable, especially if you have an attention in wildlife. Why not consider taking a digital camera v you or pack a sketchbook and also some pencils so that you can record some of the wildlife together you check out it?

We’re not right here to to convince you of the virtues that visiting among Florida’s plenty of rivers due to the fact that we think the idea sell itself. Still, picking the end the finest destination have the right to be difficult, particularly if you’re a first-time visitor. That’s why we’ve excellent the research study for you. Below are just a few of the Florida rivers that are worth going out of your means for.

The optimal Rivers in Florida

1. The Suwannee River


The Suwannee River is one of the most renowned rivers in the entirety of Florida, and also for good reason. The beautiful blackwaters large for nearly 250 miles and are known and loved for every little thing from your rapids come the stunning limestone follow me the banks. If you’re plan a visit, it’s a an excellent spot because that watching the wildlife or for canoeing along the river. You can also follow it all the method along to the Gulf that Mexico.

2. St. John’s River

Also recognized as the Rio mountain Juan in Spanish, the St. Johns flow is the longest river in Florida, bordering twelve counties. The St Johns flow is likewise one of the slow rivers, which provides it perfect for swimming and also casual water sports. It likewise runs together the Kissimmee River, meaning that girlfriend can easily visit both that them in ~ the very same time.

3. Apalachicola River

The Apalachicola river runs for less than fifty percent the length of the other two that we’ve mentioned, but it’s still worth a visit if you’re in Florida. Extending along the Gulf the Mexico, it’s navigable transparent the year, despite you’ll desire to examine the ideal routes to take, based upon the season.

It’s also a must-see due to the fact that it marks the state line in between Florida and Georgia, near the town of Chattahoochee, i beg your pardon you could have heard of because of the Alan Jackson song. And if that’s not enough, it likewise passes v a variety of stunning forests. Definitely one come think about if you desire to shed yourself in nature.

4. Crystal River

Ever wanted to swim v a manatee? Of course you have! Fortunately, this stunning river is one of the only areas we’ve ever before heard of whereby you have the right to legally swim v a manatee when chilling the end in the Florida sunshine. Far better still, you deserve to legally swim with a manatee in its natural habitat.

The river has clear water too, which you probably guessed native its name, with warmth temperatures transparent the year. When you’re there, think around stopping through the 3 Sisters Springs Wildlife Refuge come stroll along the boardwalk that stretches the end over the river.

5. Santa Fe River


What deserve to we say about the Santa Fe River that hasn’t been stated already? This is background as well together geography, and also the iconic river’s watershed is so comprehensive that it follow me for almost 1,500 square mile throughout Colombia, Suwannee, Bradford, Gilchrist, and also Alachua county. That’s rather impressive, considering the is only 75 miles long. It’s a stunning part of Florida and also one the the highlights the the joined States, however it can also get nice busy because it’s no a really well-kept secret.

6. Tranquility River

The peace River is… well, peaceful! stretching along the southwest coast of Florida, it’s well-known for that stunning inlets and streams, and its rich history. It’s the only ar in the whole of the United claims that we know around where you can float along the river or walk digging for megalodon – yes, megalodon – teeth.

That renders it a particularly an excellent place to visit if you’re traveling as a family, especially if one or much more of your youngsters is a budding scientist or a crawl young archaeologist. But even if you just want to acquire away indigenous the crowds when still enjoy it the Florida weather, it renders for a great destination.

7. Ichetucknee River


This stunning spring-fed river is in phibìc Florida and also only follow me for 6 miles or so, making it the shortest river on this list, but still worth the visit. The vast bulk of the river is within the Ichetucknee Springs State Park, and also its pristine waters are so clear that you have the right to see all 5 feet down to the riverbed. In fact, the water is therefore pure that you can probably drink it, back we’d advise against it. Simply stretch the end on the riverbank and also soak up few of the Florida sun instead.

8. Kissimmee River

This fully navigable flow is in the direction of the south of Florida and passes v a number of lakes until it reaches its final location of Lake Okeechobee. It’s well-known for the diversity of its wildlife, making the a good destination for wildlife photographers and birdwatchers, and also there are also plenty the amenities surrounding for girlfriend to make a holidays of it.

It’s additionally worth pointing out that the Kissimmee flow is right now undergoing restoration and also conservation after ~ some historic mismanagement. Because of that, the can assist to think that it together a work in progress.


There room plenty of various other rivers because that you to check out if you’re visiting Florida, and so even if it is you’re continuing to be in Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, or Orlando, it’s precious spending some time looking in ~ which rivers are surrounding so the you deserve to spend some time ~ above the water. We haven’t even mentioned the Myakka flow or the Withlacoochee River, because that example.

If you’re plan on visiting Florida to check out few of the rivers, it’s likewise a an excellent idea because that you to visit a State Park or two while you’re at it. The two tend to attract world of comparable backgrounds and interests, and also there’s a reason for that. There’s a most crossover, particularly if you’re into walking, safety time among nature, and also seeing the stunning selection of flora and fauna on screen in the state of Florida.

Now that you know simply a few of the peak rivers to check out throughout your trip to Florida, the following step is for you to begin planning the end the remainder of the details. Figure out wherein you desire to visit, even if it is you want to meander through main Florida or even if it is you want to hang the end by the Gulf the Mexico, and see what your availability is favor in your planner.

Once you have your destination in mind, you deserve to start to check what’s nearby, bearing in mind any kind of special needs you could have. If you setup to walk camping top top the financial institutions of the Myakka River, because that example, climate you’re going to must look for a campground. Otherwise, examine out regional hotels and also Airbnbs.

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The good news is, girlfriend now have actually all the info you should start planning her Florida holiday, and also with lots for you to see and do all throughout the year, there’s no excuse no to salary the state – and also its rivers – a visit. Happy travels.