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BoysLacrosse RulesBoyslacrosse is a call game played by ten players: a goalie, 3 defensemen, 3 midfielders and also three attackmen. The thing of the video game is to shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal. The team scoring the many goals wins.

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Each team have to keep at least four players, including the goalie, in that defensive half of the field and also three in its attack half. 3 players (midfielders) might roam the whole field.

Generally, high school gamings are 48 minutes long, with 12-minute quarters.Youth games are 32 minute long, with eight-minute quarters. Every team is offered a two-minute break in between the first and second quarters, and the third and 4th quarters. Halftime is ten minute long.

Teams change sides between periods. Each team is allowed two timeouts each half. The team winning the coin toss chooses the finish of the ar it desires to safeguard first.

The players take their positions ~ above the field: four in the defensive clearing area, one in ~ the center, 2 in the soup areas and three in their strike goal area.

Boyslacrosse begins with a face-off. The round is placed between the sticks of 2 squatting football player at the facility of the field. The main blows the horn to begin play. Every face-off player tries to manage the ball. The football player in the wing areas can operation after the ball once the whistle sounds. The various other players need to wait till one player has obtained possession the the ball, or the ball has crossed a goal area line, prior to they deserve to release.

Center face-offs are likewise used in ~ the start of every quarter and after a score is scored. Field players need to use their crosses to pass, catch and run with the ball. Only the goalkeeper might touch the ball with his hands. A player may gain possession of the ball by dislodging the from one opponent’s crosse through a stick check. A stick inspect is the controlled poking and also slapping that the stick and gloved hands of the player in possession that the ball.

All body call must happen from the prior or side, above the waist and also below the shoulders, and also with both hand on the stick. An opponent’s crosse may likewise be stick confirm if it is within 5 yards of a loosened ball or sphere in the air. Aggressive human body checking is discouraged. No take-out body checks are allowed at any type of MBYLL level. No kind of body inspect is allowed at the U9 or U 11 level.If the round or a player in possession the the sphere goes the end of bounds, the other team is awarded possession. If the round goes out of bounds after an not successful shot, the player nearest to the sphere when and also where the goes the end of border is vested possession.

An attacking player cannot get in the crease around the goal, however may with in through his stick to scoop a loosened ball.

A referee, umpire and field referee supervise ar play. A chief bench official, timekeepers and scorers assist.

Boys' Youth Lacrosse Rules

• 2019 boys Lacrosse rule (Online)Men's field Printable Diagram(PDF)• Sportsmanship CardThe following rules are written through the us Lacrosse Youth Council together exceptions to the nationwide Federation of State High institution Associations' (NFHSA) 2019 Boys' Lacrosse Rules. Every rules no modified listed below are come be considered standard Youth Rules because that the 2019 lacrosse season. Youth rule are published in the back of the NFHS 2019 guys Lacrosse rules Book.

Age DefinitionAs declared in the Bylaws of the us Lacrosse Youth board of directors (USLYC), eligibility because that participation in U-15 events sanctioned by us Lacrosse and its Youth Council will certainly be based upon the complying with criteria:

Youth players will be period 15 years and also under in great 8 or below and also further qualify as complies with in stimulate to take part in USLYC sanctioned youth lacrosse activities: (a) player has not attained 15 years of period as that December 31st in the year coming before a USLYC sanctioned event; and (b) the player has not participated in any type of high-school regime as a member that a high institution freshmen, junior varsity, or varsity team.

Leagues may be arranged by age or grades. Physical maturity need to be considered when group players. If your program has enough players, the age/grade groups should pat separately. The adhering to is one example, v ages determined as that December 31st in the year coming before the USLYC sanctioned event:

Rule1 - The Game, field & EquipmentPrintable field Diagram(PDF)

Number of Players

10 players every side ~ above the field, but games can be played with as couple of as 7 per side top top the field if coaches agree. Every USLYC sponsored occasions will it is in played v the regulation 10 players per side.

NFHSA ascendancy 1, section 2 — The FieldThe lacrosse playing field shall it is in rectangular, 110 yards long and between 53 1/3 and 60 yards wide.


Play ~ above regulation size field is preferred; yet the coaches and also officials can agree come play on any kind of size field available. USLYC sponsored events will be played on regulation size areas for all groups.

NFHSA rule 1, section 6 — Equipment: Crosse - DimensionsThe Crosse shall be an all at once fixed length of one of two people 40 to 42 inch (short crosse) or 52 come 72 inch (long crosse), except for the goalkeeper's crosse, which might be a length of 72 inch or less.

NFHSA ascendancy 1, section 12 — game AdministrationGame administration - Spectators and also Teams top top Opposite sides of Field

RULE 1 ar 12.

Spectators and also fans will certainly be placed on the opposite side of the ar from the table and bench areas. If the ar is laid the end in a manner the does not allow spectators and fans come be located on the far side of the field, the referee have the right to waive this requirement. When stands or seating framework are not detailed on the opposite next of the field, spectators, fans, and also parents will certainly observe the 6-yard spectator border line top top the much side of the field.Rule2 - video game PersonnelNFHSA dominance 2, ar 4 — residence Team’s obligation RULE 2 section 4.2a. House teams room responsible for contrasting jersey colors and also will wear pinnies if needed.

Responsibilities the the residence team

b. Sideline supervisors - every team will be asked to administer a designated Sideline Manager (one adult every team, ~ above site, every game-day contest) to aid encourage, maintain and also manage the sportsmanlike actions of spectators and fans. See the "Boys’ Youth rules Addendum", below, for more information.Rule 3 - Time Factors and Scoringa. Senior & small Division- four quarters, 10 minute protect against clock, and sudden success 4 minute overtime periods will it is in utilized.

b. Lightning and also Bantam Divisions- 4 quarters, 12 minute to run clock, and one overtime to run clock period of 15 minutes, no sudden victory.

c. Overtime- in the event of a tie, 2 (2) four (4) minute (sudden victory) overtime periods will be played. If, after 2 (2) overtime durations the score is tie, additional sudden success overtime periods might be played till a winner is determined; listed time permits and coaches and officials room in agreement.

National Federation of State High school AssociationsRule 3 - part 1, 3 and 4

d. Timeouts-two (2) timeouts are allowed per half.

National Federation that State High college AssociationsRule 3, section 28 - Team timeoutsRule 4 - beat of the GameThe video game is to be played with focus on the proper development of stick, team, and also sportsmanship skills:

a. All divisions will follow NFHS rules v the complying with exception:

No 20- or 10-second count

National Federation the State High college AssociationsRule 4, ar 14 - proceeding the ball beyond the defensive-area lineRule 4, section 15 - proceeding the ball into the score area

b. Youth Division. Time serving penalties room enforced and also man up situations are permitted in all divisions except the Bantam Division, wherein there space no time-serving penalties; instead the player have to be substituted and also the sphere awarded to the various other team in ~ the point of the infraction.

National Federation of State High institution AssociationsRule 7, part 1,2, &3

In any game and also at any allude during a game when over there is a four-point lead, the team the is behind will certainly be offered the round at the midfield heat in lieu of a face-off as long as the four-point command is maintained, unless waived by the coach that the rolling team.

National Federation the State High school AssociationsRule 4, section 3 - facing offRule 5 - personal and Expulsion Fouls

NFHSA dominance 5, ar 3 — Illegal body inspect NOTE: SpearingNFHSA dominance 5, section 3.1 — body checking in ~ 5 yards of a loose ball

Body CheckingRULE 5 section 3

Body checking is allowed in senior and small Divisions; however, no take-out check are permitted by any player. A take it out check is identified as any check in which the player lowers his head or shoulder with the force and also intent to put the various other player top top the ground.

Players in the small and an elderly divisions may make call in one upright position within 5 yards that the ball. No body checking of any type of kind (including man/ball "clear the body" kind pushing) is allowed in the Lightning and also Bantam Division. If a loose ball is not moving, the referee may re-start play adhering to the alternate possession rule.National Federation that State High institution AssociationsRule 5, ar 3 - Illegal body inspect NOTE: SpearingRule 5, section 3/1 - body checking within 5 yards the a loosened ball

NFHSA ascendancy 5, section 6 — SlashingSlashingRULE 5 ar 6

Personal Foul/Slashing - because that Lightning and also Bantam Divisions: any type of poke examine making contact with an adversary (other 보다 the gloved hand while holding the stick) will be taken into consideration a slash. Also, any kind of one-handed check will be taken into consideration a slash for the Bantam Division.

NFHSA dominion 5, ar 9 — Unsportsmanlike conduct

Personal fouls room to it is in taken seriously. In enhancement to the NFHSA rules, any type of player or coach who provides derogatory or profane language (starting with "damn") top top the field or bench, whether addressing a player, coach or referee might receive: first offense, 1 to 3-minute non-releasable unsportsmanlike command penalty; second offense a 3-minute non-releasable expulsion foul.

NFHSA dominion 5, ar 11 — Ejection

Ejection FoulsRULE 5 section 11

Players illegally playing down to any department will it is in ejected because that the season and the team will certainly be eliminated from any playoffs and also ineligible for any kind of titles or awards.

Rule 6 - technological FoulsNFHSA ascendancy 3, ar 10 — attack stalling

Offensive stalling shall be imposed for the junior and an elderly Divisions; but this dominance will it is in waived because that Lightning and Bantam Divisions.

NFHSA preeminence 3, ar 3 - final two minutes of regulation playNFHSA rule 6, section 10 - offensive stalling

Senior and Junior Divisions: the team with the lead need to keep the round in the score area throughout the last 2 minutes that the game. Lightning and Bantam departments are excused from this rule.Rule 7 - penalty EnforcementNFHSA dominance 7, sections 1, 2 & 3

Time serving Penalties

RULE 7 part 1, 2 & 3Time serving penalties space enforced and also man up cases are allowed in all departments except the Bantam Division, whereby there room no time-serving penalties; rather the player have to be substituted for and also the round awarded come the other team at the point of the infraction.

Game Termination

Boys'Youth rule Addendum The us Lacrosse Youth Council has endorsed the enhancement of the complying with guidelines plan to address the problems of ideal conduct both on and also off the ar at boys' youth lacrosse events. This guidelines space designed to assistance the type of setting for ours youth athletes the will save them play lacrosse and administer them with such a positive experience that they will stay in the game and later give back to the sport as coaches, officials, and parents who encourage their own kids to play. The guidelines are considered completely in force for the 2008 lacrosse season, and US Lacrosse is supporting them v training and expert resources found at the united state Lacrosse web site at http://www.uslacrosse.org/official/sportsmanshipcard.phtml.

Guideline 1 — Game management (Refers to preeminence 1-12)

Spectators and also Teams on Opposite political parties of Field

Guideline 2 — video game Personnel

Sideline Managers

Guideline 3 — video game Personnel

Auxiliary Officials

Guideline 4 — video game Personnel

Game Termination

Officials will have authority to end a boys' youth game in solution to flagrant action of unsportsmanlike habits by coaches, athletes, spectators, or fans. A game termination will certainly be the last will in insuring the players' safety and also preserving the verity of the game. If possible, game officials will concern at the very least one solid warning that the game is in hazard of being terminated. However, that is conceivable that games may be terminated top top the an initial instance of a flagrant unsportsmanlike act. Every effort should be taken to avoid video game termination, including the enforcement of currently rules because that team-conduct penalties, unsportsmanlike-conduct penalties, and also ejection fouls. Mechanics because that terminating a game for flagrant unsportsmanlike actions can be uncovered at the us Lacrosse webpage referenced above. All games terminated by a us Lacrosse Official, will an outcome in a 1-0 victory for the team the is innocent of the terminal offense(s). That is recommended that the game should count in organization statistics as a complete game, and all goals, assists, saves, and other team statistics need to count towards team and also league records.Each youth lacrosse team will be asked administer one adult that will be trained as an assistant Youth Official. In the occasion that one or both that the booked officials walk not appear to execute officiating duties, the auxiliary Official(s) would be asked come referee the game. The assistant Official could be an active parent attending his or her child's game or an additional adult affiliated v the company or town hosting the event. The Auxiliary official will have actually completed us Lacrosse Level 1 public representative Training for boys'/men's lacrosse and have active membership condition in united state Lacrosse as an official, but will certainly not it is in assigned a schedule of organization games.Each youth lacrosse team will certainly be inquiry to provide a designated Sideline Manager (one adult per team, on site, every game-day contest) to help encourage, maintain and manage the sportsmanlike habits of spectators and also fans. These adults would be responsible because that insuring the the spectators and also fans assistance the athletes, coaches and officials in a positive manner and also refrain from behavior not in conformity v the us Lacrosse password of Conduct. The Sideline managers will obtain training prior to these contests through reviewing the document "Sideline Manager job Description" listed by united state Lacrosse and the us Lacrosse - positive Coaching Alliance, easily accessible online at: http://www.uslacrosse.org/official/sportsmanshipcard.phtml, or by requesting a document copy of this record through their local US Lacrosse Chapter. Sideline managers will introduce themselves to the officials before the coin toss, and also follow those measures outlined in the Sideline Manager task Description, discovered at the referenced us Lacrosse website location. Sideline managers will inform an unruly fan or spectator that unsportsmanlike habits may result in ejection and/or a video game cancellation by the officials, under game Termination - pointer 4.Spectators and fans will certainly be inserted on the opposite next of the field from the table and bench areas. If the field is laid out in a manner the does not allow spectators and fans to be located on the far side of the field, the referee can waive this requirement. As soon as stands or seating infrastructure are not provided on the opposite side of the field, spectators, fans, and also parents will certainly observe the 6-yard spectator limit line on the much side of the field.Officials will have actually authority to terminate a boys' youth video game in solution to flagrant action of unsportsmanlike habits by coaches, athletes, spectators, or fans. Check out the "Boys’ Youth rules Addendum, below, for more information.

RULE 3 ar 10

Unsportsmanlike ConductRULE 5 section 9RULE 1 part 6 & 9.Equipment will certainly conform come NFHSA crosse dimensions and equipment requirements, consisting of NOCSAE — authorized helmets, through the adhering to modifications:

RULE 1 section 2. RULE 1 section 1.

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NFHSA preeminence 1, ar 1 — The GameLacrosse is play by two teams of 10 football player each.