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Sloppy Joes for a crowd. This is a recipe from our old Church cookbook for Sloppy Joes to serve a large group. This recipe from the book is titled Sloppy Joes for 60. So if you’re looking for a recipe for Sloppy Joes for a crowd for your next party, this will fit that bill. Let’s take a look.

Step 3Step 3: Once all of the ingredients are in the big soup pot, add remainder of the ingredients and simmer for at least 30 minutes. If the mixture seems dry, or needs a little punch of flavor, I add a little bit of your favorite bottled bbq sauce.

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Important Note: Please make sure to check the notes in the recipe card below, depending how the amount served per bun, this recipe can be a recipe for Sloppy Joes for 50, if using 1/2 cup servings per bun, or 1/3 cup servings will give you a Sloppy Joes Recipe for 60. And then there’s always that Sloppy Joe Sliders equasion.

The History of Sloppy Joes

When I decided to prepare this recipe, I wondered about the origin of the name “Sloppy Joe”, so I Googled “Where did the name Sloppy Joe come from” sure enough I was rewarded with answers:

One web site claims: The Original Sloppy Joe Sandwich was invented at Sloppy Joe’s Bar in Key West. The original is still available and consists of ground beef in a sweet rich tomato sauce, with onions, peppers and spices.

Hence the sandwich was named for the establishment, not the consistency, as suggested by the Manwich recipe people.

(Ok now this really bothers me, what’s up with those Manwich “people” starting ugly rumors?)

Another web site suggests that it was named after a Green Bay Packer team member Joe Krzrwinski … aka “Sloppy”, a nickname given to him for hisinconsistent play on the field. The first creation was made with ground sausage during 1930.

According to another story, the sandwich was named after the Sloppy Joe’s Bar in Havana, Cuba which was the first to serve a sandwich of this variety.

So depending onif you’re a Cheese Head, or a Parrot Head you’ve got your answer.

Even James Beard, the 20th Century Godfather of American cooking wrote about Sloppy Joes: “This is a product of the modern age, and though it is not a palate-tingling delight it has a large public.”

Perhaps Beard’s generous use of a 1/4 cup of Worcestershire sauce in his version of Sloppy Joes had something to do with his unenthusiastic view. Plus I think it’s a slap in the face to white-trash food. Just who does he think he is??? (Oh, that’s right, he’s the 20th century godfather of American Cooking.)

Sloppy Joes for large group gatherings are an easy way to feed that crowd.

Sloppy Joe Recipe For Large Crowd

Sloppy Joes are a super easy way to serve a main course to a large group.

I hope you give this Sloppy Joe Recipe a try next time you’re hosting. And if you do, please come back and give the recipe a star rating and leave a message about your experience with the recipe.

And if you have a recipe for feeding a large group, let me know, I’d love to give it a try. I host our yearly block party and am always looking for recipe ideas.

What Side Dishes Go With Sloppy Joes?

Looking for side dish recipes to serve a crowd with these Sloppy Joes? Just double or triple these recipes. Pioneer Woman’s Best Pasta Salad, Classic Potato Salad, or a big pot of Calico Beans.

More Sloppy Joes Recipes

Are you a Sloppy Joe Fan? Take a look at this unique Asian flavored version and my recipe which I think is just about a perfect combo of sweet, savory and tangy.

And if you’re in the sandwich mood, don’t miss my Sandwich Category. You’ll find lots of fun ideas. Including the most popular sandwich recipe on my site for Dr Pepper Pulled Pork Sliders.

These sliders are another great recipe to feed a large group. I made these for a block party a few years ago, and I can’t tell you how many times I was asked for the recipe.

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